Oleh Holyzov

Oleh Holyzov

Graphic Designer, Music Composer and Screenwriter

Ternopil’, Ukraine

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February 2021
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About Oleh

Hey there! My name is Oleh ( Oleg ). Heard some people in here might want to bore themselves to death with my personal back story.

I was born into a pretty poor family in arguably the poorest area of the whole country, in a household where almost everyone draws for some reason... Well, I couldn't draw for a long time myself so I was more interested in other creative endeavors such as making up stories. When I was a kid I even invented what I guess regular people know as a tabletop role-playing game (???) (Yeah, we didn't have those, so I didn't know they had already been invented). To put it crudely, as time went on I built up so much experience writing stuff as a kid that a lot of people commenced telling me that my writing was suspiciously adequate for someone who has never had anything published before and that I definitely need to make money doing exactly that. So I listened to them and started writing professionally, or so I thought... To be absolutely transparent, no, it didn't really help me much in my search for a job. The problem was and still is that no one really cares that you've been writing something under the table for the last 10 years, people usually desire something already favored, a published work, and generally, a writer wrapped in a gift box yet underpaid.

I started drafting short stories as a hobby as far back as 2008 and by 2012, I finally found some chip job as a comic book writer, which ultimately failed, yes. So currently, as a screenwriter, a self-proclaimed one, mind you, I create mostly experimental sci-fi horror. I am interested, however, in all kinds of weird stories. Big X-files and Doctor Who fan, which has had a huge impact on my work.

I also operate as a part-time graphic designer with my left hand so to speak, so, if anyone is curious, all the images uploaded here are apparently made by me. (???) I even do some composing, mainly for personal projects, but we're not talking about that here...

Unique traits: I like to use "over the top" and "out of there" concepts.


  • The Lightning Eater

    The Lightning Eater Budget: $5M - $10M | Mystery Horror With the arrival of an abnormally strong thunderstorm, an old apartment building becomes the venue for a chain of mysterious murders somehow connected to a secret government experiment for restoring eyesight. Digging up the truth, the FBI officials and local inhabitants begin to realize that someone influential is trying to conceal the killer's identity at all costs, and they are all now targeted.

  • Those Who Built The Weather Machine

    Those Who Built The Weather Machine Budget: $5M - $10M | Mystery Horror Following a seemingly unrelated rise of mental illness in the region, a fringe psychiatrist hired as a last-ditch effort to help a schizophrenic recluse allegedly haunted by the otherworldly entities soon realizes that he is now mired amidst the heart of a covert quantum experiment aimed at studying the long term effects of changing weather on human self-consciousness.

  • The Bodybags

    The Bodybags Budget: $5M - $10M | Sci-fi Horror Late for class, a group of teenagers realizes that everyone inside the building of their high school has now mysteriously vanished, leaving the corridors strewn with odd, out-of-place items. Upon discovering that local law enforcement officials are on the trail of a murderer who somehow managed to preserve his victim's body inside a small cube displayed during an art exhibition, the classmates come to the conclusion that all their missing friends may still be inside the building of a school.

  • Dreaming Of Satellites

    Dreaming Of Satellites Budget: $5M - $10M | Sci-fi Horror Losing contact with Earth, the astronaut carries out a massacre, killing himself and almost all members of the crew while leaving the only survivor paralyzed. Every night, seeing himself in vivid dreams on Earth, the last dying man comprehends that he can somehow contact real people through an imaginary telephone booth.

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