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Tom Sanford
Screenwriter seeking filmmakers for concept discussions

Greetings and good day to all you creative folks out there. I am an as of yet 'undiscovered' screenwriter who enjoys the art of storytelling above all else.

With that in mind I feel that some storytellers exceed exceptionally in certain genres/areas but not as much in others and that some storytelle...

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Tristan Hutchinson

adding the detective was in the special victims unit may help with the story.

Kinney Scott

jack of all genres like that quote great keep the mind and fun active great

Tom Sanford

Thank you Kinney Scott.

Tom Sanford

Anybody else want to throw out some random ideas to start another round?

Eric Sollars

You could go down the path like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and rewrite history in a better light. Music stars that died of bad habits or accidents (Buddy Holly) are good targets for reinventing history.

Everett Hood
Camera Preference

Filmmakers - what’s your preference of camera for shooting a high quality film? Pros and cons? Thanks in advance.

Andrew Sobkovich

To shoot high quality film I usually choose either; Panavision, the Millennium of a Platinum, or Arriflex , either the Arricam or the 535.

Everett don’t apologize for dreaming, its the very core of cr...

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Tom Luca

Good morning JB, everybody. You asked for preference Everett, well, I personally love film, celluloid, that tried and true photochemical process that's been around for one hundred and twenty five year...

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Tom Luca

An oldie but a goodie camera that still holds up these days. Aside from Panavision, Arri is the best. YouTube footage of the 16SR3

Tom Luca

And the workhorse 435 Xtreme

Tom Luca

Kodak demo which the subject matter is a little romantic but you can learn subtle variations about film differences and terminology of Cinematography.

Ken "Fan Jedi" Lowson
The Man Who Broke Ticketmaster

Isn't it time that Fans knew the truth about how Ticketing is a Rigged Game?

Don Riemer
Free editing for your short film! Really!

Greetings! I'm an award-winning film editor of long experience, and I'd like to teach myself DaVinci Resolve. Learning new software is always so much easier, and more enjoyable, when one has a real project to work on. So give me your project! You can ship me a drive with your media. I will share rou...

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Don Riemer | Writer - Director - Editor | Airworthy Productions LLC
Don Riemer | Writer - Director - Editor | Airworthy Productions LLC
Duke Farms, an organization that promotes education on environmental sustainability, created the TALON progam to let inner city teens experience nature first hand. Produced by Tanya Sulikowski. Shooti…
Leontien Parlevliet

Do you want us to share a specs or a shooting script?

Debbie Croysdale

Thanks for offer @Don one day will hit you up on it!

Don Riemer

Thanks Debbie!

Doug Nelson

I won't be shooting anything for awhile - after I'm vaccinated. Do you want a basic picture lock and all the coverage? Audio sweetening? Score?

Don Riemer

Doug, I'm not sure to whom you're directing this question. I don't need editing, I"m offering editing. But I'm with you on shooting. It will be a while yet. Cheers.

Andrey Smekhov
Pre-production stages

Video production can be divided into several mandatory steps:

• Pre-production

• Shooting

• Post Production

In order to understand what a reference is, we will analyze the stage of preproduction in more detail. In fact, a lot of time is sometimes spent at this stage, since people who produce films a...

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Karen "Kay" Ross
Paris Je T'aime for Wishful-Thinking Wednesday?

LET'S PLAY A GAME! If you could choose any location in your city to film a short film that highlights a unique or iconic part of your city, what location would it be and why?


Apparently planning for a vacation is just as satisfyi...

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Roger Hewett

Karen "Kay" Ross suggested I visit here. I wish I could nominate 3 friends but I'm a little too new to impose!

I would mention the quirky little town where I now live though.

Leamington, Ontario is a...

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Karen "Kay" Ross

Oh, that was PUNNY, Roger Hewett!

Richard Thrift

Roger Hewett I am from Leicester in the UK and live in Manchester NJ (lol) and my mother was born in Leamington Spa in the UK. Lol

Roger Hewett

Richard Thrift ...Wow! Now there's a random string of parallel coincidences!

Tanatswa Taruvinga

I'd love to make a TV series in Cape Town, South Africa and a movie in France (not in Paris), I'd like to explore other parts of France and show the world that it's not just the city of love but the country of love.

Avery Rouda
Stage 32 Short Film Contest Winner Reflections

Filmmakers - I wanted to share a bit about my journey with Stage 32. When I heard about the Stage 32 Short Film Contest, bells rang in my heart. I had already been a member of the Stage 32 community, but to submit my work to the fantastic panel of judges and to connect with the executive staff, and...

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Avery Rouda

Thiago, still dying to put a Director's face to the film, DUKE. What a wonderful story. So well shot. Thanks for the message and congrats right back! Cheers to all the success ahead, my friend. Look forward to meeting soon.

Allen Lynch

Congratulations Avery!

Tasha Lewis

Congratulations and thank you for your testimony!

Aimiende Negbenebor Sela

Congratulations, Avery! :)

Vasco Saraiva

Congratulations!! And here is a toast to: Being led by love!!! Wish you a great journey from now on.

Student Cameras

I'm looking for a reasonably cheap film camera for my son during his final year at college. I intend to get him the 6k black magic pocket camera for University, but I have to sell a kidney first. Until then, I have to get him something a little cheaper. I was looking at the Black Magic 2.5k which he...

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Karen Stark

Thank you David. I will take a look at the Sony. Bo I see what your saying but it won't teach him much about proper camera usage.

Tobias Vees

Hi! I can´t recommened the GH5 enough. It shoots in 4k, Slowmotion - I used it for my short films, but also music videos, weddings, .. The price should be below 2000$ by now. And it´s the perfect allr...

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Karen Stark

No Tobias, not at all. I have not yet made a decision. I had thought so but there's a lot to get right. The GH5 has been recommended to me and I agree it's a nice camera.

Souvik Chakraborty

You can choose one from the Sony Mirrorless camera range too!

Cumberlain Rattlesnake

In the good old days, MIRRORLESS == CMOS camera … now I look anew … and I find that MIRRORLESS == CMOS. WOW! Nothing has changed, except the price and pixels and frame rate. (the highest frame rate ca...

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Jean Pauley
The production of a TV series

I'm looking for TV script writers who will partner with author

Russell Davis

What's it about? I've written a couple of TV pilots and spec scripts.

Jean Pauley

We will have to make time to talk on phone

Learning quick because playback is a bitch

Hello folks, I've been at the film game for two full-time years and hit the road running, skipping school and getting projects wherever possible. While I enjoy the small unit, small scale productions of any duration my experience has included manning RED cameras, 5k lights, scaffolding and other rig...

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Sandrene Mathews

You should never feel fully comfortable with projects thrown your way. One of the beautiful things about filmmaking is creating order in the unknown. When you get too comfortable is when you start mak...

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David Leonel
Sharing a Teaser

Guys where should I share a teaser here?

Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

in your stage, your profile or on your wall

Dima Sounder
Developing as a music video maker: Mainstream Vs Creativity

Will try to keep the story short and very much interested in opinion of professionals.

Majority DIY (low budget) and even top studio's music videos focus on showing a musician and the band. A good luck if a specific story is being told on the background. Majority - musician is playing, singer is sing...

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Layooluwa Bidemi Afun


Shawn Speake

My man.... The only music vid rule I know is: thou must entertain. Do u, bro. Your band does lack energy around the 1:00-minute mark. Either liven up or make cuts quicker. You guys are so cool you look bored. Just my humble opinion. I do like the song! Hope this helps. Always here for U.

Dima Sounder

Thanks David - this is a good example that you gave, where the song is not very top-pop but the story keeps you playing the video to the end...

Shawn, thanks for your input. Entertainment has a very wide meaning. Agree, 1 minute intro may be too long ..

Vital Butinar

Well this is a very interesting topic that I've thought about a lot since I have done a few music videos.

One thing that has always bothered me has been this exact problem. Why do so many bands and mu...

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Oscar Ordonez

Vital Butinar That looks like a bar I'd want to be at. Also pretty neat showing the Perfect Girls' dual life. The song fits the story. I'm in the process of making a rap music so that will be interest...

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