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Don Zorbas
Screen writing coaching

Hi. What are your thoughts on hiring a screen writing coach to help develop a script and help master the craft?

Monica Mansy

Hi, Don! Great questions... I think it's a great idea to learn about scriptwriting and then go off and try it for yourself... get your hands into it, so to speak. Check out the "Education" tab here on...

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Dan MaxXx

sure, if you can afford services without being financially stressed. I paid a gym trainer for 8 workout sessions and I learned a lot. Then after I went solo and the trainer moved on to next client.

Clayton Dudzic

At times I can be a slow learner. Self taught has been my best way. I read about the craft. Soak myself watching films as well as educating myself in the Industry. Finally surround myself with good li...

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Jim Boston

Don, I can't afford to hire one.

In fact, I'm content- VERY MUCH content- to learn on my own, mainly by reading other people's screenplays and other people's teleplays.

And, of course, just diving in a...

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A.C. Patterson

The one time I tried this years ago when I was getting started, it turned out to be essentially a con, and didn't help me much at all (other than teaching me the lesson to never do something like it a...

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Krista Crawford
Question about bio for someone with no credits yet

I've been working on my bio and I'm curious as to what I should include if I haven't had any projects made. I did option a script for an ultra low budget company that I've been working with, just sent in my third and final draft but no guarantee it will get made. Other than that, I don't have any cr...

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Kiril Maksimoski

Krista, have you heard that one that writers actually price themselves to sell their work? Well, use your bio to get some credit(s).

CJ Walley

Personality goes a long way. Industry members care a great deal about who they work with as working relationships are often close, intense, and long-term.

My recommendation is that you start by writing...

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Julia Petrisor

one fun thought is to include all the stuff you ARE or how you are instead of what you do - and to possibly ensure that the "how you are/ how you do things" speaks to qualities that are sought out in...

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Dan MaxXx

Carol Kirschner, Director of WGA Showrunner Training Program & CBS Diversity Writers Program, hosted a clubhouse talk about "telling your story" in sixty seconds. "Story" meaning who are you, where yo...

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Tasha Lewis

I have 3 resumes and bios (academic, corporate and performing arts). Take your resume and extract the traits that make you more marketable in the entertainment industry.

Kacee Diehl DeMasi
My Series has been Greenlighted!!!! {4.9.21}

I started pitching by cold-calling producers in July 2020, then did verbal pitching on this platform after thorough research of producers. 

 Today I had a zoom call with producers to who I originally did a verbal pitch in January 2021 - I also sent them my prequel reel, sizzle reel, amazing pitch dec...

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Vanshdeep Singh

So happy for you! This is just the kind of success story I wanted to hear for inspiration :) Do tell when it gets completed :)

Myriam B

Nice! good work. *** happy dance ***

C. S. César

Amazing! Congrats! :D

What do you mean by verbal pitch? Did you pay for the pitch sessions and 1-to-1 call? Or was it throughout the contests?

Brent Bergan

Congrats!!!! That's so cool.

Anne Cattaruzza

That's amazing! Exciting time indeed!

Zorrawa Jefferson
How to write better scenes?

I find myself struggling to write scenes and I would just like to know how to improve.

Tasha Lewis

See Stage Blog and Education or Webinars. The lounges along with the Writers Room.

SherLann D. Moore

I started out as an author. I suggest that you use a pen and paper to write several portions of your story without thinking about script structure. Using that technique will allow your scenes to unfold more organically.

Evelyne Gauthier

Everything in the story has to have a function, serve a purpose. If you find what is the purpose of the scene, it should be easier.

Michael LaVoie

One way is to intentionally write the worst scene you can think of. Just make it your goal to fail and write something truly awful. You'll be surprised how many times that actually leads to something great.

Kamran Hakimi
I have a fiction/Suspense/Thriller Screenplay

I've wrote a 45 page screenplay for a pilot hoping Netflix or Amazon would pick it up. I'd like to know if you would like to read the first 8 pages and see if this intrigues you or if you think it's worthy enough to be picked up. I'm up for a script exchange as well. Thanks.

Kacee Diehl DeMasi

Please make sure it is registered or copyrighted before you send it out.

Marty Howe

Dont pay money to anyone. Your script and logline are not ready. Supreme Punish, is not correct english phrasing. Should be Supreme Punishment (if that is your intended meaning) The Oracle is already...

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Marty Howe

Here is an example of white space, vs big chunks of text. Page 1 of my screenplay. A fast, easy read for producers.

Kamran Hakimi

Thanks Marty, this is great advice and tips. Much appreciated. Can I send you the full script once it's complete?

Kamran Hakimi

Thanks for the tip Kacee

Christiane Lange
The American (old Clooney film)

I've been watching random movies on NF with a view to sussing out what works and doesn't work in a feature script. This because I am writing a feature version of my TV series, and finding the two formats different in unexpected ways.

So, one of these films was The American, in which Clooney plays a g...

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David C. Velasco

Never heard of the movie but the script looks interesting. Thank you for sharing the link.

Dan MaxXx

I like The American. The subplots with the local Priest and Hooker held my attention

Kiril Maksimoski

It's a solid movie, but has "European" glance to it, as most continent movies tend to be deprived of dialogue. I myself am a talkie lover when it comes to movies (maybe 'cause I believe writing dialog...

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Kenneth Adrian Ellis
'go shine likewise film & t.v. creatives here at stage 32!'

I have a copyright registered Hollywood Book-To-Film/Hollywood Book-To-Motion Picture/Hollywood Book-To-Screen/Hollywood Book-To-Cinema/Hollywood Book-To-Movie Theater script composed by a Writers Guild of America (WGA) screenwriter with decades of Hollywood experience; through my publisher's Book-T...

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Salvia Hart
Hi everyone!

So nice to be here, I am salvia hart and I have something that I may need help with. You see, I have a film synopsis but I don't know what to do with it. I was supposed to be entering a competition but I was super busy. I mean if anyone has any suggestions it will be amazing! Thanks in advance. :>

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Dominic Wisdom

If you are not busy anytime,try to convert those synopsis into screenplay for the next competition

Barry John Terblanche

Hi Salvia. Always best to start with a bio and a non-avatar pic on your profile page

Hussni Mörsare
Final draft problem

Hey people, so I'm sitting here about to start writing for the day and when I opened Final Draft12, there are letters and numbers that has appeared next to each of the Scene Header.

Has anyone had this? And if so, what is it and how do I get rid of it?

The only thing I know is that it appeared after...

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Mayank Mahajan

May be Mark up had been turned on. Go to the review section and select no mark up.

Hussni Mörsare

Hmm can't seem to find the "No mark up" in the review section

Sille Larsen
Happy sunday

Hi guys, just found this picture, I think its very relevant for us in her! never stop fighting for your goals! 

Have a great day 

- Sille 

Marty Howe

Only takes 1 person, to say yes.

Sille Larsen

Marty Howe Exactly!

Dan MaxXx

Author Don Winslow is active on twitter with plenty of writing advice. I think he was in his 40s, close to quitting, when he got his 1st book deal paying him a liveable wage to write full-time.


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Barry John Terblanche

It goes to show... the power of persistence!

Simangele Lekhuleni
Writing my CV


I work a full-time job, I'll call it my support job, and on the side working on becoming a Screenwriter. I have limited experience working on that. The goal is to one day work as a full-time Screenwriter.

I would like to find a job related to film and TV where I can use the skills I've gained...

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Barry John Terblanche

Simangele. Nog n' Said Africaner- Lekker man. Ek is fun Port Elizabeth.

Christine J. Whitlock
Mon. June 07th - FREE Zoom Meeting for Scriptwriters & Filmmakers

Mon. June 07th - FREE Zoom Meeting for Scriptwriters & Filmmakers - bi-monthly, 7 pm. EST (2 hours). Any genre – thriller, romance, horror, family, drama, comedy, children’s, etc. Any format – feature, TV, short, and web. Directors, producers, distributors, and agents are welcome – tell us what you...

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Matthew Fasken

Hi, I didn't find a registration link for the next zoom meeting on June 7th anywhere. Please advise.

Nicole F. Burney

Hello. I tried to find a link as well, but couldn't find one for the 6/7 zoom session.

Tasha Lewis

Sounds like a great way to network!

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