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CJ Walley

CJ Walley

Script Revolution | Rebelle Rouser
Screenwriter and Producer

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

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November 2013
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About CJ

I’m here for the gritty movies, the rebellious movies, those films that pack a punch far harder than their budgets would suggest.

As a spec script writer, I love to create pulpy thrillers, mostly with female leads, that feature strong themes, hard action, witty dialogue, and twisting scenes that have characters vying power or falling for one another.

As a producer and writer-for-hire, I’m production savvy, budget conscious, and market orientated, able to write in a variety of styles and genres with the ultimate goal to entertain viewers while turning profit for investors.

2012 was the year I started screenwriting from Staffordshire, England and it’s been a hell of a ride, from my early scripts being featured by Amazon Studios to recently penning the LA based features BREAK EVEN (starring Tasya Teles, James Callis, and Steve Guttenberg) and DOUBLE THREAT (starring Danielle C. Ryan, Matthew Lawrence, and Dawn Olivieri).

I’m all about the craft and all about the love. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s Tarantino or Twilight, I always look for the good in everything. I’m not here to take centre stage, I’m here to knuckle down and prove myself in the hope the teams I join go on to grow with our audience.

As a huge fan of American New Wave films of the 70’s and a child of the Independent Cinema Movement of the 90’s, my big dream is to make cult films that showcase strong female characters in the truest sense of the term – strong in character – with the rebellious tone and gritty aesthetic of those eras. This is something I’m in the process of doing through my production company Rebelle Rouser.

I’m also here to help change the industry too, in any way I can and for the better. In 2016, frustrated by the costs and cliques that screenwriters and filmmakers face when trying to share or source material, I started the free script hosting website Script Revolution which now boasts an average of over 250 scripts uploaded and over 4,000 downloaded every month. Together, we’re moving the needle and getting stronger every day.

That sound cool? If so, let’s talk.


  • Oversteer

    Oversteer Comedy Crime When their getaway car crashes en route to a critical rendezvous point, a bank-robber finds herself desperately searching for transportation along with her lover, her mentor, and an injured gang member who’s rapidly turning psychotic.

  • State Reserves

    State Reserves Budget: $1M - $5M | Thriller Adventure In an America that’s succumbed to martial law, a small town police force struggles to maintain the peace while discovering it’s located near a top secret military super weapon.

  • For Your Dreams

    For Your Dreams Budget: $1M - $5M | Action Adventure Comedy Thriller Crime A hardy country girl with nothing to lose is forced to transport drugs by Texan drug lord, but instead she double-crosses him in a last ditch bid to fulfill her sister's dreams in Vegas.

  • Blueberry Special

    Blueberry Special Budget: $100K - $1M | Independent Thriller Comedy Crime Drama Mortally injured following a deal gone wrong, a small-time drug dealer finds herself holed up in a diner restroom with her friends long gone and her attacker closing in.

  • '64 Malibu

    '64 Malibu Budget: $100K - $1M | Thriller Crime A stringer's investigation of a washed up celebrity at a seedy motel descends into chaos when she unwittingly draws assassins toward the woman she idolises.

  • The Saggar

    The Saggar Budget: $0 - $100K | Crime Drama Following a long stretch inside, an ageing gangster leaves prison to find he’s been double-crossed and his daughter doesn’t want him in her life.

  • Hell's Belles

    Hell's Belles Budget: $5M - $10M | Action Adventure Comedy When they stumble upon a small town terrorized by a drug lord, an unruly all female army crew feel it’s their duty to rescue an innocent young girl from his grasp.

  • Interstate Juggernaut

    Interstate Juggernaut Budget: $10M - $30M | Action Thriller War In a post-WWIII world, a drifter helps a farm girl search for medicine, but they find themselves caught up in an action packed feud between a crazed ex-colonel at the helm of a massive traveling war machine and what remains of the nearby city's military.


  • Break Even

    Break Even (2019 - 2020)
    Film by Shane Stanley (Action and Thriller) Writer Four adventurous friends find 50M in cash at a remote island only to discover it was left by the DEA for the Cartel in a rogue deal.

  • The Cable Guy

    The Cable Guy (2018)
    Film Writer

  • Southern Decadence

    Southern Decadence (2018)
    Film (Action and Thriller) Writer

  • Like Lightning From Heaven

    Like Lightning From Heaven (2016 - 2017)
    Film (short) by Priscila Zortea Writer Upon finding someone who’s contemplating a crime, a charming young woman tries to do what she thinks is the right thing – talk them into going through with it.

  • Devil's Little Angel

    Devil's Little Angel (2017)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Writer Enslaved by her therapist and forced to kill, a girl fights to shake his hold over her mind and spare the life of a visiting female detective.

  • For Whose God?

    For Whose God? (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Writer Handcuffed to a bag of explosives and reflecting on a hostage situation gone awry, a white supremacist woman and Arab man debate their potential afterlife.

  • Bring This All Together

    Bring This All Together (2015)
    Film (short) by Yurena A de Dios (Crime and Drama) Co-Writer Following a desperate act of self defence, a drifter finds herself tied into the runaway life of two petty thieves, one of which she cannot help but fall in love with.

  • Toughest Role

    Toughest Role (2013)
    Film (short) by Sandra Mitrovic (Drama) Writer A suicidal young actor narrates a brief tour of her life of fame, success, isolation and depression.

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