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By CJ Walley

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller, Crime

A hardy country girl with nothing to lose is forced to transport drugs by Texan drug lord, but instead she double-crosses him in a last ditch bid to fulfill her sister's dreams in Vegas.


Imagine Thelma & Louise meets True Romance; country charm, colorful characters plus plenty of gunplay and car chases to boot. This is good old-fashioned entertainment with a slightly pulpy twist. Savannah Johnson is a deep and loving protagonist, a hardy country girl, multidimensional with a rich and compelling backstory. Reeling from the loss of her father and struggling to cope with an alcoholic mother, all she has in the world is her adoringly innocent and vulnerable younger sister Ginger. That is until a good deed for some hitchhikers results in Ginger being thrown in jail and Savannah finding herself in the pocket of a local drug dealer. Tasked with making a drug deal out of town, and given a brand new muscle car to complete it in, Savannah double-crosses both the police and her antagonist by bailing Ginger out and taking her on the run with one simple plan; to never come back and head for Ginger's childhood dream, a dream to dance. But with every penny spent, they decide to try to complete the drug deal themselves, resulting in a tense stand off they barely scrape through, and worse still, only lands them in more trouble. Issues run deep as the girls battle on. Pursued by a ruthless drug lord, it seems nothing can go right for them and a dark side of Savannah gradually surfaces as she becomes more reckless and emotionally vulnerable. But the experiences toughen the Girls and, with gas money running dry and their pursuers looming in the rear view mirror, crime soon seems the only way forward. A stand out piece in a gas station sees the Girls seemingly meet their match, a heroin addicted veteran with an axe to grind won't give in so easily. Tension escalates to a dramatic stand off where Savannah has to make the ultimate sacrifice; but there’s a bad-ass streak of country girl attitude here that just won’t give in. Ranked as a notable project on Amazon Studios, quarter-finalist in Page International Screenwriting Awards, and second-rounder in the Austin Film Festival. Professional coverage comments include: "Fun writing - escapism at its best with a tinge of 1970s carsploitation films." "Given the relatively low budget needed, the solid bad-ass roles for 2 up-and-coming actresses, and the amount of gunplay and car chases, this would seem to have excellent prospects as a small-scale action film." "This script has clear roots in THELMA & LOUISE, but distances itself enough by its unique and well rounded characters to make it feel unique. The recent surge of female-driven movies would allow this the find its place in the current market. The strong female characters would be an enticing pull for many actresses, further augmenting the potential of being an attractive property." "The script owes an obvious debt to films like THELMA & LOUISE or even the TV show THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, but FOR YOUR DREAMS not only distinguishes itself from its tonal predecessors, but cleverly plays on their genre conventions" “The closing scenes were the best of the story, reminded me of Pulp Fiction.”

CJ Walley

Hi Lyse. Thanks for the kind words and sorry for the delay responding. I just got back from my trip to the states. You just made my day! As far as I know, Amazon only own rights for the initial six week option period. If they want to extend that option they can do so indefinitely at $10K per annum.

CJ Walley

Pdf now uploaded so you can read this straight off Stage 32.

Ashley Kynessa Rivers

I love the concept of this movie! The idea of more girl powered movies are getting more iconic! I am currently reading the script! There is so much character and I haven't even gotten to page 7!

CJ Walley

Wow Ashley! Thanks for so much for writing that it means a lot :)

CJ Walley

New draft uploaded. Changes include: All scenes condensed. Whole new second half to Act 2. Completely new ending. Story now stays on the road and doesn’t go back to activity in home town. Theme better established and brought out. Ginger stronger. Mr Robinson character gone. Colt and Jessie now a couple and not siblings. Colt a more formidable drug lord and Jessie more off the wall. Plot twist now negates incredulous coincidences.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Wow, this one sounds AWESOME! I love it that they're all female characters! And here's me writing mostly male leads....

CJ Walley

Thanks so much for that, Sarah. We need more women writing men and more men writing women so it's great to read about your love of writing male leads :)

Lendell Wallace

When I get a chance I will read this script CJ, congrats and keep on writing.

CJ Walley

Thanks for that, Lendell :)

Ann McDowell

The logline doesn't tell me what her sister's dream is. Showgirl? Blackjack dealer? Nanny to the stars? Call girl? Cocktail waitress? Tour guide?

Nathaniel Baker

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Katherine de Bois

Thank you CJ Walley for letting us read this script. Action packed and strong female characters. I am learning from reading. With all the demand for strong women, how is this going?

Gen Vardo

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Nate Rymer

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E. M. Watson

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