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Logline:  When a rebellious, nomad inherits his grandmother’s house, he realizes, it may be more than even his free spirit can bear.

I Dream of Calypso

A period piece set in the 1950's to 1990's exploring the stories of three women of differing ages and races as they discover the potholes that line their way on the road to success in the male dominated art form of calypso .

Wagers of Fate

A young heir to the throne flees in an attempt to gather 108 righteous heroes to save the empire from the usurping general

Prime Ministress

A retired CIA agent becomes the Head of Security Services for the newly elected female Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago, along the way he uncovers a dirty secret spanning generations of the nation's political history as well as continents, will he be able to protect the principled newbie politician?

The Good Mother

Three women from three different walks of life are facing marital problems in their homes, they are each forced to make a life altering decision when their worlds collide.

The Digits - The Secret Is In The Numbers

A science fiction thriller about an acknowledged scientist, a statistician thatbegins to lose his mind because he starts believing that reality is not what it seems tobe and as he sets off on a journey to discover the truth, his life gets more and morecomplicated when he discovers that he just might be right. The coincidences thathappen to all of us some of the time just might be an indication that reality might notbe random but an artificial construct. On the other hand the main character could justbe going crazy and writing his journals as part of his therapy or is he? Our reality justmight be a program running on a computer like a simulation and there is no way youcould know about it or maybe the story provides a clue whether anything is real ornot.


Neil, an ingenious geneticist, discovers that the company where he works; "The Corporation", directed by Nick Gordon, clones big businessmen, politicians, movie stars, among others, to then be eliminated and replaced by their copies and thus maintain control of their interests. All this to create a new world order.


Matt, a genius and tycoon of a robotics corporation, suffers the loss of his wife and decides to isolate himself on an island. The corporation sends an android, Winie, to assess his mental health. But Matt ends up falling in love with the machine causing a fatal outcome.


During the Mexican-American War, Lieutenant Ulysses Grant falls in love with a young Mexican woman who helps American slaves escape bondage. The war separates them, but years later they meet again when the woman is dispatched to the United States to seek an alliance to prevent the French from conquering Mexico and becoming an ally of the Confederacy.

The Shop Around the Corner (Series)

Series Logline The quirky owner of a small flower shop fantasizes about a more adventurous life despite her tendency to hide amidst the day-to-day demands of her business. Unbeknownst to her, the shop is a paranormal portal that links the spirits of past patrons to present day, leveraging its current tenant to relay messages to the living. Meanwhile, a mysterious regular customer shines a light on her longing for family, unlocking a glimpse into her future.⁣ Pilot Logline When a vaudevillian dancer who frequented the shop in the 1900s returns in spirit form, she aims to relay a message to a living relative, while Sophie is unaware she's facilitating communication between the dead and the living.

Seraphim's Miracle

A grieving reporter encounters an extraordinary supernatural story while cynically seeking 'miracles' to debunk.


In the 1960s, an actress on a popular TV show comes to terms with success not coming the way she expected it.

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