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Adam and the Aliens

When Adam encounters a friendly robotic alien who crashlands in his backyard, he is whisked off on a fantastical adventure to save the alien's friends from peril!


A mystery chockful of murder, sex and comedy! Film noir has been turned on its head!!

Winning Love for Valentine's Day

Can winning the lottery bring you love?

Gina Complicated

Dave, a struggling film student, resurrects the career of iconic Italian film star Gina Lolaghetti in his graduating film only to discover that she is transgender.  Silicon Valley meets The Danish Girl. 


Two next door neighbors, one needing to get somewhere and the other to get away, set out on a road trip across America that will redefine what they want from life and from each other.

The Theory of Moral Relativity

Four people are locked in a room with the promise of one million dollars reward in case they complete a series of tasks. They have nothing in common but a desperate need of money.


In the future, every interplanetary criminals serve sentence in one and only prison called Kryse, a gigantic floating cube. After bringing back his bounty, Kane get unfortunately locked up inside of Kryse and must do anything he can to stop Frost -- a sort of space Che Guevara -- from bringing back the universe into chaos.  


A pacifist NYPD cadet and a maverick detective investigate the source of a new street drug, leading them to a notorious dealer, a politician and an enigmatic Russian gangster.

Declarations Under Duress

A crisis-fueled confession leads Xenia to a startling revelation about her relationship with her girlfriend.

My Man

After a hit-and-run accident, a man succumbs to amnesia and forgets he’s gay – something which allows a woman to trick him into falling in love with her!

The Jar Keep

Distraught over her father’s debilitating Alzheimer’s, a young musician is given hope when she learns of the existence of the “Jar-Keeper”—a man in rural Italy who curates a mystical collection of jars alleged to preserve memories.

Lies and White Lies

Sara is excited to meet her boyfriend Nick's parents... until she finds out Nick's dad is the man who broke her heart ten years before when he decided to go back to his wife.

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