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New In The Family

Jake meets and starts living with his new foster family, but he faces new experience with this family.


Aristotle vs Alexander: an Oedipal Struggle for the Ages

Vanished Existence

Everett Crenshaw and Quincy Kingston are two detectives who are hot on the trail of an infamous criminal, when they are suddenly drafted into the war.  During what was supposed to be a routine helicopter turns into a fight for survival after their only means of transportation crashes behind enemy lines.   Now they are forced to survive with their remaining squad.  Not knowing they have an enemy in the group.  Switching from past to present throughout.

War film about the citizens of war.

A house of two brothers, two women, an infant, and a mysterious man attempt to survive in their war torn country.


A group of surfers think they’ve discovered the perfect secret surf spot - until the once friendly locals turn on them... into werewolves!


A claustrophobic man is tested in more ways than one when he becomes trapped in a MRI machine after an earthquake.


An isolated desert community struggles to survive a devastating onslaught of mutant cacti. It’s William Castle meets Robert Rodriquez.


The beautiful Tempe Walsh finds herself in the middle of kidnapping and murder, romance and a musical in Mumbai, India.

C.T.W, #1: Battle of the Felidae Blood [2021 Miniseries]

Amun, the first Metahuman, is destined by the Incarnated Angels, known as the Sun-Rays, to conquer & rule Empyrean & revive Humanity as the new Homo Superiors, from the desecrated planet Earth; as well as to be their "par excellence" champion & shining beacon of greatness. In a fight against the heavenly evil, in the form of the Fallen, of biblical proportion. Based on the Novel and Graphic Novel, but with a different twist to it. 

The Santa Chair

A troubled, colorblind little girl makes a Santa Chair that grants wishes for others to save her mom’s tiny mountain town café from closing before Christmas. 

Fall Peak

An anxious resort worker’s life is violently intensified when he finds a mysterious woman hiding in a mountain home.


The night after a romantic encounter, a video blogger and a makeup artist are forced to fight for survival after witnessing their wealthy boss murder a supermodel in Ibiza, Spain.

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