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World War 3

Taking place in the coming future, the new Allied Nations must face off against the new Communist Organization and the fate of the world will rest in both fronts.


A billionaire uses people as pawns to test a theory in a deadly game.

Flight 305

Two flight attendants face their fears as they protect passengers from a mysterious passenger known today as DB Cooper.


Days after the 2016 election, a naïve immigrant seeks a better life in America, but first he'll have to survive New York City.  In 2017, Sing Don't Cry, placed among the Top 15% of all entries in the Academy Nicholl competition.

Cusseta Rd. , baby!

Two close close friends are torn apart after time and an unexpected turn of events bring them closer together.

The Syrian Jewelry Box

An adolescent girl discovers a shocking family secret arising from her mother’s clandestine past in post-World War 2 Germany. The forlorn 15 year old must struggle with her desire to move from a sense of betrayal to forgiveness while traveling with her family on a three-month road trip in the 1970’s, where they encounter Bedouins, the PLO, and other adventures as they drive together from Saudi Arabia to Paris.

UnModel me

The insecure and shy fifteen years old Stella thought the opportunity of becoming a fashion model could change her life and win the respect from her distant mother but what she finds beneath the allure of the modeling life hides an ugly truth, now she needs to save not only her image but also her own body.

Camp Noose Lake

At summer camp, kids sneak out all the time during the night to engage in illicit activities. But what if one of them is missing come morning? 


A lawyer, thinking he’s protecting his family, secretly joins the KKK, but his revulsion toward the group along with his wife’s participation against the Klan, throw him and his son into mortal danger.

Until The Day

When the daughter of a greedy doctor is told who to marry during the 1880s gas boom, she fights corruption, prejudice, and betrayal trying to hold the man of her dreams.

Class of 79

Four high school girlfriends meet in Colorado to attend their 30th high school reunion only to find themselves trying to resist their past pleasures and realizing they can't go back, but can work on changing their futures.


After the tragic loss of his wife, an alcoholic mortician on the verge of suicide accidentally resurrects an obnoxious clown giving the devil the chance to raise an army of the undead and conquer the world.

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