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Daytime In Paradise

Nightime on Earth the Saints and Elves appear on Earth and run about and play Halloween scaring the Lord into people with Elveheads  


Most ultra-runs are designed to push a runner's limits. The Barkley is designed to make them fail. In this fictional telling of a real event we follow five runners who grapple not just the brutal course but their own demons as well.


Sophie Tindall, a single bipolar mother, embarks on a journey through deep depression to great success as she copes with her estranged husband, the loss of her mother, and raising three daughters in a world rife with stigma and misunderstanding.


Rosemoore is a small, idyllic, Bible Belt GA town brought to its knees by a festering underbelly of sin…corruption, sex, greed, human trafficking, and murder…and that’s on the good side of the tracks.


In a future where beauty is everything and the secret to eternal youth is near, a scientist’s life unravels when he falls for a mysterious woman.

Liffey - 3

The former Viking-warlord turned monk, Isaiah aka Ingvar negotiates a peaceful resolution with the vengeful Ciaran, then he himself turns violent when confronted by assassins.

Liffey 2

Isaiah's daughter crosses the Atlantic looking for him, angry that he became a Christian while at the same time abandoning her and her mother, and everything Viking.

Liffey - Pilot

Likely being denied the opportunity to be the liaison between the Irish and Norse Kingdom of Dublin, Abbot Thomas returns to St. Molaise and hatches a plan to get rid of the one-time Viking chieftain-turned-monk, Isaiah aka Ingmar.

What We Did This Summer

What We Did This Summer is a coming-of-age drama set in the mid-1990's. It tells the story of three 12 year-old boys who, during a week long camping trip in the woods near their home, end up getting lost in the uncharted part of it and are forced to put aside their personal differences and rely on each other to get out of there. Along the way, the boys learn about friendship, survival, and growing up. It's mostly inspired by the famous coming-of-age films from the 1980's such as The Breakfast Club and Stand By Me.

The Vatican E.T.

Medieval scholar, Maria Fennini's quest to validate Vatican Library sketches of an extraterrestrial autopsy by Michelangelo, challenges her life, her career and her sanity.


An ambitious Chief of Staff advocates for her healthcare bill but a FBI investigation embroils the incompetent administration threatening to throw the entire political world into chaos. 

An Echo in Time

“A thunderstorm forces a group of modern day friends to seek refuge in a small town, where they have to fight off an assault by old west villains, who are determined to steal a beautiful woman's gold.”

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