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PINKERTON GIRL: "Child of a Cherokee Woman"

A 16-year-old half-Cherokee girl fears her education and skills are wasted in the gender confines of the 1860s, until she's recruited by the Pinkerton Detective Agency to help protect the Lincoln family.

Fairy Tale High

As the 70's disco era comes to a climax, a sexually-confused teen befriends a gender-ambiguous punk exchange student who encourages him, against his family's staunch Fundamentalist beliefs, to shed all inhibitions and be himself.

How to get away with Murder

When a crime writer murders a convicted serial killer during an interview for her new book, her shocking secret life is exposed.

Path of a Dragon

In the near future, a skillful but grief-stricken teen must fulfill an inherited promise, to fight the Dynasty, an evil from the past.  


Two fates, differing outcomes, one fateful decision, a life hangs in the balance as a knife wielding young man is confronted by two strangers on his way home from work.

Step Seven

A woman in an addiction recovery center must decide if the ghost that haunts her each night is a delusion or a spiritual warning of the fate that she is about to suffer. 

La Loteria

A missing grand prize lottery ticket is the key to solving a series of murders in a gang-infested Los Angeles neighborhood.

Shipping Out

A billionaire launches a cruise ship for the terminally ill to take their last voyage.

Nun The Wiser

A nun and a prostitute take a cross-country road trip to discover whether either of them chose the right profession.  

A Night on the Town

When the Devil comes bearing an unexpected offer for a rising Hollywood star, the night turns out to be something neither of them expected. 

Straight To Inheritance

In a future where male birth control is mandated and becoming pregnant without a license is a criminal offense, a gay, playboy bachelor must illegally produce an heir to inherit his dying grandfather’s billion-dollar toy-making fortune

Meeting The Other Woman

A grieving widow learns the truth about her own life when she finally meets her husband’s mistress, just hours before that woman is executed for his murder. 

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