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Hearts Want

Two former lovers who reunite for a play face the consequences of a secret that threatens to tear them apart forever.


A woman-of-no-means becomes embroiled in the quest of an obsessed researcher when sock puppets begin attacking the residents of her small town.


When a Never-Trumper's home address gets leaked on social media, five Neo-Nazis show up at the house to blow it up and post videos of their handy work on their website, but not if the spirit of the Never-Trumper's late cousin has anything to say about it.


A sheltered college student must escape from a psychotic secret admirer who targets her on a online swipe dating site.

A Vacation of Innocence

An elderly gentleman decides that as life comes to an end that the desire to live an enriched life - complete with romance, and opportunity, is the only solution for the melancholy that comes with old age.

The Olympians

When a self-centered ruler is stripped of his power, he must build alliances with his skeptical subjects to take back the throne.

Everyone Loves Jack

Jack is a young virgin who struggles to find love, but after he sleeps with his best friends mother, he gets more love than he can possibly handle!


(An interpretation of the infamous D.B. Cooper story) A flight attendant must comply with the demands of a dying criminal seeking infamy in history's only unsolved plane hijacking.

The Ghosts of Sundown

An aging woman with a dark past must confront a small desert town's corrupt distribution of 3D-printed guns.


Plagued by the loss of her husband, a woman discovers an experimental drug that allows her to see him again, but the threat of abuse invites otherworldly entities that threaten her safety and sanity.


A young woman lives in isolation on a desolate farm, consumed with remorse from a long-ago fire she sparked that killed her sister, battling with her state of mind and in perpetual torment as the phantoms of her past burn brightly.


A quirky, imaginative little girl with the world on her shoulders won’t speak, but she does have a plan, and in the course of a day shows her exhausted mum and wine-soaked friend exactly what’s important in the world: simple living, being themselves, and chocolate, because in her view they’re bothering with all the wrong things.

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