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Relics of Jericho

When a battle weary Air Force Ranger, just returning home from Iraq discovers the truth about his heritage, and is plunged into a new war between Angels and Demons, he must quest to retrieve and protect the six holy relics of power before they are claimed by the Devil’s henchman that will cover the world in darkness.


Captain Jacob Holloway and his First Mate Davlin McGreggor lead the crew of Hades' Fall on an obsessive quest to find the fabled fortune of Santiago.

Moralin Season 1 (TV Series)

Season 1 writing in progress. Click to see episode descriptions.


Marzanna Wolfe counts down the bullets in her murdered father’s service pistol. A single, tarnished bullet remains… but when her last hit goes terribly awry, the race is on to tie up loose ends before Yakuza and Homicide Detectives hunt her down.


a short film about rebuilding loving relationships after accidental brain injury.

Squeal Team Six

A group of high school freshmen try to recruit a former Navy Seal to help them steal the mascot of their rival high school, but when their efforts are hindered at every step by their own principal and gang of nerds bent on dominating the school, will they be able to bring home the bacon?


On the verge of financial collapse, a brilliant musician attempts to rescue his career with a wildly ambitious TV show—a sci-fi musical about virtual reality; but in his desperation to succeed, he must avoid becoming trapped in the imaginary world of his creation.

It's F.A.T.E.

Meet the Boys in the Office who control your Fate

Monsieur T

Monsieur T has his way into the lives of others

The Man With a Killer Sphere

"A man followed by a sphere killing people at random finds allies in his quest to unravel a poorly forged world and ultimately seek a way out".

Madness and Fury

"Corey, a nine years old boy from 1985, travels through time to fight demons and by that mean prevent the end of the world."

The Absurd but Powerful Mind of Sarah Holystein

«What if, lost in your own mind, you would need someone's help to show you the way out? »

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