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A group of savvy and intellectual high school students who all happen to be experts in the horror film genre, find themselves being stalked and menaced by an unknown stranger who begins making increasingly threatening phone calls. It isnt long before they realize that a fictional character they thought only existed in the movies, has left the big screen and been brought into the real world as someone wearing the iconic Ghost Face costume starts playing a deadly new game of their own. Remember… ITS JUST A MASK. Anyone can put it on.

When A Stranger Calls

When bullied and self-loathing teen Jill Johnson reluctantly agrees to babysit for the Mandrakis family, what was supposed to be a quiet and routine night quickly becomes every baby-sitter’s worst nightmare when she starts getting harassing phone calls from a heavy breathing stranger that quickly become increasingly more threatening. Locked in with the lights out and the curtains drawn, a panicky Jill phones the police who trace the calls - only to inform her that they’re coming from inside the house. A slick re-imagining of the 1979 horror classic “When A Stranger Calls” and a contemporary update to the well-known suburban legend, “The Baby-Sitter and the Man Upstairs”.


When a talented high school artist, who dreams of escaping from the confines of his conservative hometown, becomes the victim of an unforgivable act of cruelty and permanently loses the use of his hands, powerful psychokinetic abilities are unleashed to help his body and mind process and cope with the trauma. Ultimately, a deadly chain of events is set into motion as the lives of everyone connected to that day are forever changed.

Closet Monster

A former high school jock is terrorized by a killer wearing a life-like mask of his own face after posting a video of his ‘coming out’ announcement online.

Survive The Night

Survive the Night. Its the kind of party where everyone gets wasted. Fresh out of rehab, a 19-year-old reluctantly allows her best friend to talk her into attending an illegal underground rave called ‘Survive the Night’. Once there, she must do battle with more than her own inner demons when a sadistic killer decides to crash the party.

Inner Demons

A group of teenagers find themselves in way over their heads when what was supposed to be a harmless prank goes horribly wrong and they inadvertently unleash a demonic horror that possesses the unwitting victim of their prank.

White Rabbit

A promising young filmmaker, still haunted by the traumatic and tragic events in his past, delves into a brutal nightmare wonderland of sex, drugs and violence, his mind tearing itself apart as he seeks out vengeance against those responsible for his pain, along with anyone else who crosses his path or gets in his way.


The Gen Z answer to SCREAM, ‘Hashtag’ introduces us to a group of seemingly familiar teenagers who are confronted with a series of brutal social media slayings when a tech-savvy killer who assumes the persona of an internet urban legend, begins to terrorize the small Midwestern town where they live.

Boy, Interrupted.

Drugs. They consume mind, body, and soul. Once you’re hooked, you’re hooked. Based on a true story, the film chronicles the brutal, shocking and often painful account of one gay teenager’s unmerciful, devastating, and life-altering addiction to heroin and methamphetamine. Experience the events that serve as the catalyst for his gradual, then sudden descent into the dark and dangerously seductive world of drugs.

Light'em Up

A prose short story. A space "Robin Hood" attempts one of the biggest heists in the galaxy and must avoid capture by three organizations out to collect his bounty. Light'em Up - Coverfly


A rogue GENERUNNER named J takes on the biggest gig of his life; stealing from the overlord of the most lawless city on the planet, Lunessia. Can J and his team successfully pull off the impossible or will their genetic material be harvested and used by the upper elite.


A woman who has super-hearing; hears her life to be threatened by thieves on the way home from work. Afraid; she reports this to the police who don't believe her; and call her delusional. On the day she fears her death; she notices the power of super-strength protecting her for the first time.

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