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Twisted Sisters

Lucifer the despised one turns on women and makes the kill there kids in this horror epic where the beast is slain in heaven and they stop throwing the kids out and the snake laughs until I write double dragons where the snake makes dragons of peoples souls behind them that seduce everybody and I cut of there heads and God in Heaven notices and makes it all nice with love and peoples girls double dragons get there heads cut off and the kids come back to Heaven and all the people that were pimped out get out of hell and the sold out that helped lucifer burn after looking perfect to everyone and trying to use it to cover up there homo men

Shannon Meets Beau

A hook-up goes awry when Shannon realizes that the man she meets is actually a ghost and mistakes her for his ex-girlfriend that murdered him years ago and wants revenge.

The Chocolate Shop

A woman with Alzheimer's starts to remember who she is when she walks into a Chocolate Shop.

Gargoyles on the Case !

When their friend is kidnapped, common rooftop gargoyles ROCK, SANDY & CHIP embark on an adventure over the rooftops of New York to rescue her from the fiendishly sarcastic demon gargoyle, CLAW and in doing so, discover a whole new world of the gargoyle clans, secrets & mysteries in this hilarious family animation.

Through The Valley

After a dire cat-and-mouse game against a cunning adversary in the mountains of Afghanistan, two battle-weary bomb technicians are forced into the foreign landscape of civilian life and search for peace in the trout-laden waters of Montana.

The Moon People-WGA registered

A father's secret revealed thrusts his family into a Galactic war and a fight for their survival as they travel through the universe, with help from their Moon friends


Who can learn the secret of life and foil 2 alien empires which battle over the spoils of Earth? Frank Ponder and the Doomsday Clockwatchers. When their field agent is killed, Frank must grow from a back-office analyst into a special op’s soldier. His fear is amplified by the demands of his commander, his rookie trainee and the threat of global annihilation. Under mounting pressure, his lump-of-coal soul must become a diamond or burn.

Walk through Cold Fire

Unhappy with her mundane suburban life after the loss of her mother and her father’s remarriage, sixteen-year-old Desiree Valentine longs for freedom. A fateful summer vacation in Breechwater provides her with adventure and a sense of belonging when she falls in with a group known as the Outlaws and falls in love for the first time. A tragedy forces her to choose between her middle-class values or her newfound friends, a decision that will determine her future. 

The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele

A fiery female train engineer relentlessly pursues the ruthless outlaw who has stolen her one-of-a-kind locomotive to pull off the biggest heist in US history.

The Cheeseburger(short screenplay)

Sometimes, a cheeseburger makes all the difference.

A Pattern Of Predictable Behavior

A woman, hiding in plain sight, must stop a serial killer that may cause one detective to uncover her dark secret.

Devils Diner

When two young men partake in the festivities of Mardi Gras. They bite off more than they chew!

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