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Waiting for Happiness

A military veteran returns home after his father passes away, taking over his lawn care business and tackling racism, while dealing with his own grief and forming a tentative romance with a woman who has escaped an abusive relationship. Big Break 2019 Quarterfinalist. Advanced to the Second Round (top 20%) in the Drama category of the 2018 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition. A 2019 Scriptapalooza Quaterfinalist.


Wil builds a spaceship in the garage, with the help of his father, after discovering a new and improved fuel formula. He manages to take off the ship and leave the planet causing alarm in all governments that want this technology at any price.


Adam is mysteriously taken to a deserted exotic island where he meets a fish-like woman. He discovers that he is there with an enigmatic purpose: "A NEW BEGINNING AROUND COSMO".

Old Glory

Dan Murray, a former New York Yankees player, accused of using steroids, hires Mike Donovan to be his chauffeur and assistant, who was once a great executive at a company that went bankrupt. Both discover that they have much in common where everything you have can be lost in a moment.

Catch The Bullet

A US Marshal, aided by an Indian scout and a bigoted town deputy, ride into hostile territory to rescue his kidnapped son from an outlaw gang that is lead by an increasingly psychopathic killer.

John the Baptist - Speak the Unspoken

Jesus did not come to die, and John the Baptist failed his mission.

The Edge

A struggling and drug fueled college student seeking easy cash takes on an odd job which becomes an inescapable nightmare.


In the hot Mexican desert, more things can kill than the heat.

Rainmaker (Australia)

Australia is burning. A young mixed-race professor on the run seeks to loosen the fatal stranglehold the mega-drought has inflicted on the desperate inhabitants of the New South Wales. [60-min TV Drama; Ask for the Series Bible]

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