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Living Testimony

A family’s grim past is strangely uncovered after a young boy’s battle with newfound spiritualism threatens his future.


An odd couple stumbles upon befitting targets of the community after their tumultuous and murderous relationship results in a mass body pile-up throughout the city.

One Foot Out

A young mixed ethnicity kid trapped in the Jehovah's Witness religion starts to question his family's culture & steps outside of his comfort zone looking for answers.


It’s not fitness, it’s life. Except when fitness is your life. So when three group fitness instructors are all fired from a celebrity Manhattan gym chain, they decide to disrupt the industry that’s paid their bills with hilarious consequences in this comedy about entrepreneurship and identity. Sundance New Voices FinalistNashville Film Fest FinalistTop 1% WeScreenplay RatingWillamette Writers TV Cohort 2022 

Lobo Tren

When a female werewolf and a Norteno aficionado board a luxury European train, they enjoy fine dining, romance, and murder. The world needs more leaders of the pack.

The Exchange Students

In a town known for food trucks , strip clubs, and cannabis shops, a couple down on their luck, fakes an application to host rich, highly sheltered Japanese exchange students in exchange for money.


After a serious car crash Frank Paradiso wakes in the iconic “Sears” department store on Christmas Eve, 1977. He must change the course of events to prevent his wife's death in the future. Time is only an illusion.

Chasing the Buzz

Three strangers form an instant connection, when unfortunate events push them to chase their 1980’s British band idols.

Vampires of the North End

“ The Sopranos” meets “Cheers”. Everyone knows your name, but they may want to kill you. A family of Italian overweight vampires is about to level the playing field.

Vampires of the North End TV Pilot

When a serial killer puts a sick twist on The Great Molasses Flood of 1919, a family of Italian overweight vampires takes back Boston's little Italy.


After witnessing her family's slaughter, a young girl disguises herself as a boy and flees across the Wild West, escaping dangers and discovering her true identity.

An Unbalanced Line

After a female football prodigy saves a failing collegiate team, she defies the odds and becomes the first woman head coach in college football history, but a secret relationship with a rival player threatens to destroy her legacy.

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