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After witnessing the wholesale massacre of Jews on the Russian Front, a Luftwaffe pilot reassesses his allegiance to Nazi Germany. The fateful decision he makes as a result propels him into uncharted territory and brings unforeseen complications.


A young mother, desperate to raise the money for a life saving operation for her daughter, seeks out a legendary get-a-way driver of whom it is said: "NEVER LEAVES A MAN BEHIND"

The Duchess and the Black Widow

The story of the rivalry between female pool players and champions Allison Fisher and Jeanette Lee.


A man who refuses to face his past is visited by his future daughter, with a desperate plea: confront his childhood tormentors, before they kill him and enslave the world.

Deja Voodoo

After crossing paths in the ER, a pill-popping, busted-up biker must convince his pretty, law abiding female emergency room doctor that they knew each other in the past and he must stop her from making the same mistake she did centuries ago.

Zombie, California, the prequel

After a misadventure leaves them battling a trigger-happy black site security team, an adventurous dad strives to save his son from exposure to a contagious strain of radioactive rabies.  

Pedro Negro, Keeper of the Naughty List

With a week until Christmas, time is running out for a psychologist and detective to investigate a trail of youth suicides, and find out if Pedro Negro, the storied guardian of Naughty List, is the killer.

The Last Hit

Sometimes you need an assassin in the family...

Prometheus Factor

Some call this guy Bill a coo-coo in the head, eccentric, but Bill doesn't care, he likes to play his fiddle especially the "Jealousy Tango" vehemently on top of his mast as his self steering sail boat plows through the ocean. With his girlfriend he comes upon an uncharted island and there manages to steal from the aliens there something they value, and which every country including the US will do most anything for a piece of that magic technology.

Broken Wings

A poor Indian girl dreams of winning gold at the Winter Olympics with her best friend, but when he dies because of a competitor's jealous parent, she must find justice to honor his memory before it's too late.


Days after the 2016 election, a na├»ve immigrant seeks a better life in America, but first he'll have to survive New York City.  In 2017, Sing Don't Cry, placed among the Top 15% of all entries in the Academy Nicholl competition.

Delicate Things

Set to inherit billions, Andrew is getting nowhere in the New York dating scene, always hooking up with shallow women that just want his money, so he and his best friend disguise themselves as regular Joes, seeking that perfect girl, along the way learn more about life, friendship and love than they could have imagined.

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