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The Tall, Hideous Monster

As a young girl watches a cursed Horror movie, the villain comes through the TV, and she tries to escape from it.

Gut Feeling

As a single mother waits to be interviewed at a lab that's owned by an evil scientist, she ignores a gut feeling that warns her something isn't right.


Following the death of his wife, a robotics tycoon isolates himself on an island to grieve. His concerned corporation send a female android to retrieve him but instead they fall in love putting the company in jeopardy.

For the Children

After years in Isis occupied territory, a young mixed race Muslim couple with children return to her hometown in the US seeking a new start, but a simple disagreement about where and how to live leads to a fatal backlash.

BLACK CANDY: The Promised Land

Fanoo’s dream for a better life in Darwin turns to a perilous adventure where he struggles to keep his promise to his wife and his four children. Having stepped down to car detailing Fanoo applied for 700 jobs to beat the statistics but an accident happened the day he landed his dream job..


An extraterrestrial scout trooper abandoned on earth to guard a time controlling capsule and a biomechanical engineer have to stop time reversal.


After a life–defying accident, a young man has a drastic life–style change.

The Line

A crew of line cooks have been abducted from Earth and forced to work at a restaurant in space.

Adam and the Aliens

A close encounter with a likable robot from another solar system leads to a star-crossed friendship and an impossible intergalactic mission to save the robot’s friends— despite overwhelming odds.   

The Magic

A teenage boy must spend his summer caring for his dementia stricken grandfather, but after a shocking turn of events it turns into the most meaningful time of his life

Incarnate: Revelations

Unknowingly trapped in a tragic cycle of war, death, and rebirth,  a reincarnated warrior spirit must once again fight impossible odds and break free from the terrible cycle once and for all.

"The Party"

A passive Jewish man must thwart his overbearing grandmother's attempts to prevent the engagement to his long-standing Greek girlfriend and subsequent conversion to Orthodox Christianity.

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