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An artificial intelligence software program embedded into an electronic device saves a down on his luck IT worker from certain doom.

Strong House

A young man and his brothers are reunited by the death of their father and are forced to live with each other in the house that their father left them as part of their inheritance.

Best Case Scenario

A suspicious wife trying to find a way to explain her husband's accidental death to authorities finds a little help along the way.

Ground Below

An addicted father, struggling with his daughter's recent death, discovers she exists in the basement.

Beaten Path

A group of adventure-seeking campers decide to test a local wives’ tale by venturing off a wooded path only to get slaughtered one by one.

Doing Business As

A small town shy and pious housewife discovers her husband has just disappeared with her church’s money. Afraid of the shame it would bring, instead of going to the police, she decides to replace the money her husband stole before anyone knows it’s gone by opening the town’s first male strip club with help from the town’s only lesbian.


A woman returns from the dead after her family got brutally murdered. Now, she believes to be sent by God to seek revenge. Instead, she has to learn to forgive.

Mountains Like Five Fingers

MOUNTAINS LIKE FIVE FINGERS tells the story of a young American couple holidaying in the paradise island of Cyprus. She wants an abortion; he doesn’t. 

Her Ruby Heart

Carole Lombard, January, 1942: after a successful War Bonds tour, Carole rushes home to husband Clark Gable, whom she doesn’t trust – but then the unthinkable happens.

The Kaboom Boys

Captain Edward Hume leads a volunteer-only, misfit squad of bomb disposal soldiers with a 10 week life expectancy to become unexpected international heroes in France during WWII.

Twenty Four Little Hours

A desperate but optimistic pregnant Muslim teenager, escaping to a new life in France, is hindered by her best friend and accidentally murderous little sister.  


A comedic take on War of the Roses. In the midst of a vengeful divorce, an old school couple must work together to stay alive and survive a group of pilfering pirates. Will the hateful couple kill each other when the opportunity strikes or is this another prank gone wrong?

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