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Texting Santa

Long after her mother is killed in a car accident, an extremely withdrawn third-grader must come out of her shell before her school Christmas break or her father may never find love again.

The Last Nighttime Story

When bickering twins, Alec and Brenda, discover bedtime storybooks throughout their neighborhood are disappearing, they're forced to confront a mean, old junkyard owner, or no one in third grade will hear a bedtime story ever again.

The Last Nighttime Story (set in China)

When a bickering Chinese boy and his sister discover bedtime storybooks in their home are disappearing, they're forced to confront a mean, old junkyard owner, or no one in their school will hear a bedtime story ever again.

Innerstate 70

If the high school graduates voted “Least Popular Girl” and “Least Likely to Succeed Boy” don’t complete an ill-fated, less-than-epic road trip across Colorado, they may be defined forever by what others think of them. [Also written as a micro-budget one-hour TV Pilot]

The Prisoners of Tiny House

It’s Christmas Break, but when a judge orders a bickering family to three-weeks of lockdown in a two-hundred-square-foot “tiny house” in a forest, they must have faith in each other to find a new lease on life, love, and Christmas. Optioned June 2019. No longer available.

Off Switch

When a likable binge-drinking high school science teacher is sentenced by his wife to a strict Catholic rehab center, he must rebel against authority and religion to find his "off switch” and return to his family.

Haven Gotta Clue

When unscrupulous crime scene investigators from around the country convene in a casino in Colorado, it’s up to small-town Sheriff Ellie May Lyons to solve a mysterious murder.


A detective in the middle of a nervous breakdown, recently fired from the Los Angeles police department, finds himself on another mission, to look for an American baby boy who has been taken by a Mexican immigrant, who is risking a re-crossing of the Mexico-United States border. My pilot was selected for Round 2 of the MACRO Episodic Lab powered by The Black List, headed by Lena Waithe and Eva Longoria. MADE IN AMERICA advanced to the quarterfinals in the 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition.

Black Widow Journalist

When a young conniving journalist trespasses to interview a multi-millionaire recluse at his Lake Tahoe fortress, she is shot, imprisoned, and unwaveringly determined to get her story, before one of them dies. This is a fictional “exit interview” with a real-life Lake Tahoe multi-millionaire George Whittell Jr., 86 years old in 1968.

Unacceptable Cargo

When a young Nigerian woman gets a temporary work visa in the U.S. for a better life, she finds slave-like labor conditions and a ring of human-traffickers, leading her to escape home to exact revenge. [In partnership with Arthur O. Thomas, Main Man Films, LLC.]

Mountain Mysteries: The Case of the Gold Cat

When the town historian is shot, and a priceless gold nugget is reported missing after 130 years, a young, unconventional county sheriff must survive a hornet’s nest of liars, thieves, and murderers to solve the crimes. [Written in Feature-length (or MOW), and one-hour TV Pilot formats]

Stray Bullet

When a stray bullet from senseless gun violence claims the life of a ten-year-old storyteller, her Irish-American mom must fulfill her daughter’s dying wish to have her ashes spread on a ‘fairy tree’ in Ireland, or the mom will never find closure, and the daughter’s stories will be forgotten forever. [In Feature and MOW formats]

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