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Pitch Becca Cammarata (Wednesday, August 21st 2019)

Becca Cammarata

Credits include: The Strange Ones, Patti Cake$, A Ciambra, Stronger, Beasts of No Nation, Hello, My Name is Dorris

8 skype spots left
Wed, Aug 21

Stay Gold Features

Becca Cammarata, Director of Development. Becca Specializes in All Genres of Features.

Pitch Daniel Kendrick (Thursday, August 22nd 2019)

Daniel Kendrick

Credits include: The Book of Life, The Lego Movie, Spongebob Squarepants, Robot chicken

Thu, Aug 22


Daniel Kendrick, Literary Manager & Development Executive. Daniel Specializes in Animated Features & TV series. He's also interested in Latin-American scripts, and Genre Material

Pitch Brandon Hill (Saturday, August 24th 2019)

Brandon Hill

Credits include: Tomorrow You're Gone, Good Ol' Boy, Man in the Chair, Run for the Border

6 skype spots left
Sat, Aug 24

Good Deed Entertainment

Brandon Hill, Director of Acquisitions. Specializes in Comedy, Horror and Thriller Features.

Pitch Agustine Calderon (Saturday, August 24th 2019)

Agustine Calderon

Credits include: Ready Player One, San Andreas, Rampage, The Revenant, Truth, Rush Hour, Mad Max: Fury Road, Assassin's Creed

9 skype spots left
Sat, Aug 24

Agustine Calderon

Producer & Development Executive. Agustine Specializes in Horror, Comedy, and Action-Comedy Features and TV of All Budgets - No Fantasy.

Pitch Matt Kniaz (Saturday, August 24th 2019)

Matt Kniaz

Credits include: Chicago Fire, Wanted, Wreck-It Ralph, Requiem for a Dream, Secretary, Arrow, Orange is the New Black, Gilmore Girls

5 written spots left
Sat, Aug 24

Industry Entertainment

Matt Kniaz, Manager. Matt is looking for all genres and formats of feature and television. He's especially interested in television comedies and thriller/horror features. Please no Sci-fi.

Pitch Audrey Knox (Saturday, August 24th 2019)

Audrey Knox

Credits include: "Grey's Anatomy", "The Blacklist", "Law & Order: SVU", "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", "The Vampire Diaries", "Sons of Anarchy", "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Psych", "Bones", "Mad Men", "House M.D.", "That '70s Show", "Chicago P.D.", "Family Guy", "Castle", "Community", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "The Brave", "24", "Californication", "Friday Night Lights", "Veronica Mars"

7 skype spots left
Sat, Aug 24

The Cartel

Audrey Knox, Literary Manager. Audrey specializes in all genres of features and television. 

Pitch Steve Longi (Saturday, August 24th 2019)

Steve Longi

Credits include: Hacksaw Ridge, Double Take, Charlie Bartlett, Prayers for Bobby, Youth in Revolt

Skype spots sold out · 8 written spots left
8:00 PM PDT
Sat, Aug 24

Longitude Entertainment

Steve Longi, Founder/Producer. Steve specializes in all genres of feature screenplays.

Pitch Sissy Denkova (Sunday, August 25th 2019)

Sissy Denkova

Credits include: Mary Shelley, Brian Banks, Last Vegas

Skype spots sold out
Sun, Aug 25

Gidden Media

Sissy Denkova, Development Coordinator. Specializes in True-story, Drama, Sports, Romance, Comedy Features and TV. Especially aspirational, inspirational, culturally-relevant, and social -impact stories

2 skype spots left
Sun, Aug 25

Circle of Confusion

Antonio D'Intino, Literary Manager. Specializes in All Genres of Features & TV; especially Horror, Sci-fi, and Thriller Features and One-hour TV Pilots.

Pitch Skydance Media (Sunday, August 25th 2019)

Skydance Media

Credits include: Annihilation, Baywatch (2017), True Grit, Mission Impossible, World War Z, Jack Reacher, Star Trek Into Darkness

1 skype and 4 written spots left
Sun, Aug 25

Skydance Media

Skydance Media, Development Executive. This Development Exec Specializes in features in the genres. Please no television projects.

Pitch Sam Schulte (Saturday, August 31st 2019)

Sam Schulte

Credits include: The Expendables, The Hitman's Bodyguard, Olympus Has Fallen, Hunter Killer, Hellboy, 211, Loving Pablo

Sat, Aug 31

Millennium Films

Sam Schulte, Coordinator. Sam Specializes in all genre features including action, drama and considering Rom-Com.

5 skype spots left
Sat, Aug 31


Alex Solano, Associate Producer. Specializes in Reality and All Genres of Features & TV, except Horror.

Sat, Aug 31


Alex Solano, Associate Producer. Alex Specializes in Reality and All Genres of Features & TV, except Horror.

Pitch Jon Hersh (Sunday, September 1st 2019)

Jon Hersh

Credits include: This is Africa, Felix, Runt

7 skype spots left
Sun, Sep 1

Housefire Management

Jon Hersh, Manager. Jon specializes in all genres of features and television with low- to mid-range budgets. He is interested in writers with unique voices and stories with strong conceptual hooks.

Pitch Pat O'Brien (Sunday, September 1st 2019)

Pat O'Brien

Credits include: Fury, Borg McEnroe, V for Vendetta, Thor, The Intern, Outbreak, Face/Off, Flatliners, I, Robot

Skype spots sold out
8:00 PM PDT
Sun, Sep 1

John Crosby Management

Pat O'Brien, Literary Manager. Pat specializes in all genres of features, especially Biopic, Drama, Thrillers and Romantic-Comedies.

Pitch Jim Young (Saturday, September 7th 2019)

Jim Young

Credits include: The Words, Lovelace, Life of a King, The Man Who Knew Infinity

Sat, Sep 7

Animus Films

Jim Young, Owner/Producer. Jim specializes in Drama, True-story, and Thriller features. Please no sci-fi or horror. He is also interested in procedural TV Pilots.

Sat, Sep 7

Premium TV Channel

Private (1026). This Executive Specializes in Dark, Witty Comedy TV Pilots - Live-action or Animated.

Pitch Nat Topping (Sunday, September 8th 2019)

Nat Topping


Sun, Sep 8

Amasia Entertainment

Nat Topping, Creative Executive. Nat Specializes in Drama, Comedy, Thriller & Horror Features, and All Genres of TV!

Pitch Dan Ingram (Tuesday, September 10th 2019)

Dan Ingram

Credits include: Hannibal, Army of Darkness, U-571, The Last Legion

Tue, Sep 10

The De Laurentiis Company

Dan Ingram, Head of the Story Department. Dan Specializes in Drama, Horror, and Thriller Features & TV.

Pitch Jason Piette (Saturday, September 14th 2019)

Jason Piette

Credits include: The Merchant Of Venice, Head In The Clouds, Perfect Creatures​, I Melt With You

9 skype spots left
Sat, Sep 14

Disrupting Influence

Jason Piette, Producer/Founder. Jason specializes in all genres of feature film and television.

Pitch Justin L. Ross (Saturday, September 14th 2019)

Justin L. Ross

Credits include: Stranger Things, The Americans, DISTRICT 9, THE CRAZIES, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY,THE BLIND SIDE, Daredevil

Sat, Sep 14

Bohemia Group Originals

Justin L. Ross, EVP of Development. Justin specializes in all genres of features and television. 

Pitch Erin Larsen (Sunday, September 15th 2019)

Erin Larsen

Credits include: Jumanji, Runaway Bride, On the Basis of Sex, Something the Lord Made, A Year Ago in Winter, Against the Ropes

Sun, Sep 15

Robert Cort Productions

Erin Larsen, Creative Executive. Erin Specializes in Rom-com, Character-driven Horror, Grounded Sci-fi, and Thriller Features under $8MM.

Sat, Sep 21


David McInerney, Manager. David Specializes in All Genres of Features, except Fantasy.

Pitch Dan Scheinkman (Saturday, September 28th 2019)

Dan Scheinkman


Sat, Sep 28

Kickstart Entertainment

Dan Scheinkman, Head of Scripted Content. Dan Specializes in all genres of feature, and Comedy and Drama TV, including Animated Series for all ages.

Pitch F. Miguel Valenti (Saturday, September 28th 2019)

F. Miguel Valenti

Credits include: Cadavra, The Graves, Eyes of the Woods, Vig, Master of the Manor

Sat, Sep 28

Angry Mob Productions

F. Miguel Valenti, Producer. Open to all genres of features and television, specializing in Drama, Off-beat Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi and Horror. Please no RomCom.

Pitch Chris Sarfin (Sunday, September 29th 2019)

Chris Sarfin

Credits include: La La Land, Hacksaw Ridge, The Expendables,. The Hunger Games

8 skype spots left
Sun, Sep 29

Storyline Entertainment (NBCUniversal)

Chris Sarfin, Creative Assitant/Producer. Chris Specializes in ALL Genres and Formats, but is especially interested in Horror Features.

9 skype spots left
Sun, Sep 29

Cobalt Media Group

Kevin Christoffersen, Executive Producer. Kevin Specializes in Lower-budget, Art-house Features in the Drama, Dark-Comedy, and Sci-fi Genres.

Sun, Sep 29

King Without A Crown Productions

Wes Ambrecht, Producer. Wes Specializes low budget Comedy, Drama, Contained Horror/Thriller, Family Drama, and Teen Romance Features.

Pitch Rebecca Quinn (Sunday, September 29th 2019)

Rebecca Quinn


Sun, Sep 29

ShowKat Productions

Rebecca Quinn, Creative Executive. Rebecca specializes in all genres of features. She is especially interested in Action, Thriller, Noir, and High-concept material.

Stage 32 Pitch Sessions

If you have a script that you feel is ready to go out to the market and you've prepared a professional pitch, Stage 32 provides you a unique way to get feedback and hone your pitch (film or TV) directly with a variety of development executives, producers and managers. You will be rated by your Pitch Delivery/Format, Clarity of Pitch, Set up of Protagonist(s) & World, Obstacles & Conflict, Clarity of Tone, Originality of Concept and Strength of Voice. 

You will pitch directly to the executive listed live over Skype or phone, or by way of a written pitch, and receive feedback from them. 



Stage 32 Pitch Sessions are for educational evaluation purposes only. 

You may only pitch ONE project per reservation, NOT portfolios.

You must have a completed script available for the project you pitch.

Do not reach out to the executives unless directed by Stage 32. They do NOT accept unsolicited material or appreciate being cold-called/emailed by strangers. Doing so will forfeit your right to participate in future sessions.

Missed reservations are not refundable and will not be rescheduled.

Live Pitches

Within 15 minutes of your scheduled pitch, the executive will reach out by Skype or Phone. Your pitch session will last approximately 8 minutes.

Written Pitches

Written Pitches will be no more than 2 pages submitted as a PDF or WORD document. Any written pitch uploaded past the deadline will not be shown to the executive and will result in a non-refundable forfeiture of your pitch.


Within 3-4 weeks of your pitch session, you will receive a Pitch Scorecard on which the executive you pitched will provide you ratings on the 7 categories, plus provide you written feedback on your pitch. So you understand where your pitch fits in the marketplace, you will also receive a standard industry PASS or REQUEST. 

Sometimes, to give more comprehensive feedback, an executive may want to read your material. If so, you will see REQUEST on your scorecard.

If you see REQUEST, you will be notified via email with further instructions. The executives will have 2-3 months to review the material you submit. At the end of the review period, they will provide you a second set of written feedback about the material, plus an industry standard PASS or MEET.  If a meeting is requested and they'd like to provide further feedback on your project, we will introduce you via email.

Please understand that these are working executives, and their schedules are subject to change at a moment's notice. We always strive to give you at least 24 hours of notice if a session has been cancelled, and we will recommend another executive for you to get pitch feedback from.

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