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Robot Planet

A JPL Mars rover team is placed in peril when unsettling images from the Martian surface spark a sinister campaign to suppress the truth.

The Logline

A man in a place, thinks towards greatness, but must overcome a lack of caffeination when the coffee machine breaks.

Half Empty

A whiskey soused private detective is hired to retrieve a businessman's errant daughter and must convincingly infiltrate the clean living cult the daughter has joined.

University Jam

A college freshman faces expulsion for running a homework business and goes on an insane all-night adventure party-hopping with his wild dorm friends in search of the three students who ratted him out.

A Sixpence In Her Shoe

A naïve girl helps a strange fugitive claiming to be from the future avoid arrest so that he can return home and marry her future self.

Life After Death

To investigate her grandfather's death, Jenny goes under cover at the nursing home where he lived and not only finds the director is hiding something, Jenny meets a fellow staff member who steals her heart.

The Hard Pass

A skilled fighter guides hopeful migrants through a dangerous borderland filled with robotic beasts, programmed to kill everyone who tries to cross into the northern country.

Cargo, Episode 1 "Gel-ousy"

While smuggling drugs to a high-security prison-planet, two waste disposal men accidentally incapacitate the officer who searches their ship and replace him with a clone that will shortly expire.

The Black Rose

It's France, 1650. A young woman embarks upon an epic quest for vengeance during the Fronde

Spider Scenes

Were the King Kong spider scenes ever filmed? Why does the United States military in 2182 want them so badly?

Hawkeye Jet

An actor, a junkie, a thieving family, three Army Rangers and an eccentric drug lord all fight for a mysterious bag of super-strength pills in a small corn country town.

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