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Short Script Coverage

A professional industry reader will read your short screenplay and provide coverage notes.


A professional industry reader will read your short script (≤ 20 pp.) - short films or digital, short-form, or web series - and provide coverage notes. You will receive constructive feedback on crucial script elements including the strengths and weaknesses of your concept, characters, structure and plot.


What You Receive

  • One page of detailed feedback from our professional industry readers, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of your Formatting, Concept & Originality, Characterization & Dialogue, and Plot & Structure of your script.
  • Logline
  • Nutshell / Comparables (X meets Y comparison)
  • Industry Rating of Pass/Consider/Recommend – Project
  • Industry Rating of Pass/Consider/Recommend – Writer


What You Submit

  • Your short script (≤ 20 pp.) including short films and digital, short-for, or web series.


Who Reads Your Script

  • A working entertainment industry professional reader. All of our readers have at least 5 years of studio, production company and industry reading experience and have been individually vetted by Stage 32.


Turnaround Time

  • About 3 Weeks


You Should Submit If

  • You are getting ready to submit your short script for a competition, program, or fellowship.
  • You are perfecting a short script as a proof of concept for your feature or series.
  • You are working on a short script to have full control of your content.
  • You are polishing your script to get ready to shoot it.
  • You are honing the pilot of your digital, short-form, or web series.


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