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G'Day LA

An aspiring Australian actress must fight for her life to unmask her best friend's killer before she can realise her dreams in Hollywood.


Talented voice actor, Jodi Berkowicz, has taken a vow of silence for years since his last show had been cancelled, but no one knows why.


A sixteen-year-old has her spirit from the past manifest inside her, this bullied teenager with a bad temper gains inhuman strength, then a family tragedy causes her to become a superhero to stop an evil she knows nothing about. 

The Tell-Tale Art

After coming across a creepy portrait, a teenage boy is tormented by the ghost of his school's old Art teacher--a man who once moonlit as a serial-killing clown.

The Professionals

The work of a hit man should never be personal. Except in some circumstances.

The Guitar Maker

Hidalgo was the greatest guitar maker in the world but he is old now and makes no more guitars. But he might make just one more, except it will be the last thing he does.


When an ex-­con makes a cartel drug run to pay a debt owed by his dirty cop brother, he learns he's been betrayed and his brother set up, putting him on the road to survival and justice.

My Life Is Over

A broken-hearted man, after inadvertently saving the life of a Hollywood starlet, enlists her help in an extraordinary plan all to win back his ex-girlfiend.

Darkest Delight

When a construction worker digs up a buried container, his neighbour steals it and discovers an ancient demon who promises his heart's desire, but at a price he can never pay.

Shorts Showcase

Providing "life after festival" for filmmakers of short films.


Cloud, a cross-dressing intern who works at a mysterious telephone company, experiences paranoid visions of a shady pusher selling dream drugs, and unexplained telephone calls that plague his waking nightmares.


Mostro, her lover, is now dead leaving Scarlet all alone in her dreary house with her untrustworthy gardener, Passarino, who harbours ill intentions when he discovers the only relic Mostro left behind: a mysterious black box.

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