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A straight man struggles to find love, happiness, and a fulfilling career while being constantly mistaken for his gay hardcore pornstar twin brother.

Attack of the Vambies (Vampire-Zombies)

A motley group of survivors must save the town of Smithville from the one thing worse than Vambies (Vampire-Zombies): a toilet paper shortage! Check out the teaser:

Mothers Inc.

Claire & her husband have to pass the melodramatic Mother’s Inc. tests before she’s 40. If they can’t hack random parental simulations by the obnoxious Academy, how will they handle kids in real life?!

Fine Tooth Comb

Inspired by a videotape, a teenager in 1994 Davenport, IA forms her own band with the hopes of playing at the local Dixieland jamboree, the Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival.

Man's World

In a world where only men are free, women find a way to survive.

Tin Mine

Looking to get their musical careers out of a rut in 1939 New York City, a song plugger and a radio organist become composers.

Blueberry Special

Mortally injured following a deal gone wrong, a small-time drug dealer finds herself holed up in a diner restroom with her friends long gone and her attacker closing in.

Lucy in the Sky

A snoopy newspaper editor is determined to make her community a more compassionate place through anonymous acts of kindness, until a nosy neighbor threatens to expose her, unraveling her good deeds and the relationships she holds dearest.

Rust In Peace

Desperate to save his business, the founder of a floundering robotics company reanimates the corpses of his deceased vice-presidents in order to secure funding from a no-nonsense Korean investor.

How To Be Dysfunctional After Divorce

After a divorce, a single mother with writer's block is forced to work at her ex-husband’s diner and come up with some creative and possibly risque ideas to keep her house, all while navigating dating, her manic parents, and lesbian best friends.

Becoming We (w/ Chinese female lead)

When a Texas-trained Chinese doctor gets cold feet about her upcoming marriage in China and escapes to a Colorado ski town over Christmas break, she must weigh the disapproval of her parents against a new nonconformist love and the acceptance she gains from an irreverent group of snowboarders and townsfolk. 

Assisted Living

Eternally stoned dreamer turned reluctant care nurse Natalie, struggles to prove her real world value under the scrutiny of bitchy widows and horny HCAs at a dead-end elderly care home in North-East London.

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