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Unidentified (working title)

When a boy disappears the same day as the Roswell, NM crash, a mother's sanity is questioned and a disturbing truth about her family is revealed.

Bat Boy

A bullied, emotionally scarred teen attempts to find empowerment through his ability to control bats only to find himself being consumed by the darkness inside him.

Oasis' Requiem

In 1970’s England, a ten-year-old transgender girl and her paranoid thirteen-year-old brother move to London from Dungeness, concealing from their suspicious neighbours that they brutally murdered their father.

Just Below the Surface

Returning to the scene of a tragic event, a psychiatrist and his patient discover something sinister may truly exist just below the surface of Shadow Lake.

The Trampling

In this dark parody of evil disembodied killer limbs, an evil disembodied foot goes on a killing rampage and no one is safe.Tag line: Evil is afoot.

Darke County

A retired FBI agent is summoned by his former partner, the recently elected sheriff of Darke County, to assist in his investigation into the strange disappearances of all of the previous Darke County sheriffs as well as other weird occurrences throughout the county's long history. When the new sheriff also disappears, the retired agent must take on the role of sheriff to not only find his missing friend but to also find out the truth about Darke County.


While on a log cabin getaway with a group of old friends, a damaged former Marine, Ryan, and his best friend, Matt, rescue a young woman they find being hunted in the woods. However, something odd about the young woman leads those around her to develop a dangerous and uncontrollable obsession for her, causing them to turn on her and each other with disastrous results. Seemingly unaffected, Ryan, must struggle to overcome his past to protect and save the young woman until help arrives.

Cold Blood

To cover up his own involvement in the brutal murder of his boss' brother, a mob enforcer takes on the order to hunt down and kill the man suspected of the murder, a mysterious and elusive hitman known as The Nightingale.

Attack of the Vambies (Vampire-Zombies)

A motley group of survivors must save the town of Smithville from the one thing worse than Vambies (Vampire-Zombies): a toilet paper shortage! Check out the teaser:


The shattered survivor of a slasher's rampage, struggling to rebuild her life, discovers an even greater evil refuses to let her move on.

Must Escape from the Slaughtercity

When almost everyone on Earth becomes vegan, the government begins forcing people to use animal products again. Many are imprisoned and turned to plastic. Some go on living for centuries and hope to achieve retribution.

An Bean Sidhe(The Banshee)

A young man who haunts a local village with renditions of a banshee begins to hear and see the real thing. Golden Blaster Best Screenplay Winner 2013

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