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Rainmaker By Tom Stohlgren and Jon Bulette

A young Latina professor on the run seeks to loosen the fatal stranglehold the mega-drought has inflicted on the desperate inhabitants of California.


A detective in the middle of a nervous breakdown, recently fired from the Los Angeles police department, finds himself on another mission, to look for an American baby boy who has been taken by a Mexican immigrant, who is risking a re-crossing of the Mexico-United States border. My pilot was selected for Round 2 of the MACRO Episodic Lab powered by The Black List, headed by Lena Waithe and Eva Longoria. MADE IN AMERICA advanced to the quarterfinals in the 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition.


An eight-year-old orphan girl is abducted by a former World War I fighter ace and taken illegally from Ireland to the Southwestern United States, convincing her that an unknown entity is pursuing them.


A critically injured space engineer fights to survive in a race against time in the alien unknown.


When a U.S. Naval force embarks on a Freedom of Navigation operation in the South China Sea, aircraft of unknown origin comes between them and a world on the brink of war.

Robot Planet

A JPL Mars rover team is placed in peril when unsettling images from the Martian surface spark a sinister campaign to suppress the truth.

The Hard Pass

A skilled fighter guides hopeful migrants through a dangerous borderland filled with robotic beasts, programmed to kill everyone who tries to cross into the northern country.

NOVA: First Flight

As a decades long war between Earth and the Galactic colonies comes to a cease fire, Earth’s most legendary pilot risks her life by working with a colonial pilot to uncover a terrorist plot to destroy Earth.


After pollution, conflict, and climate change have killed off 99% of the population, two rival societies in the former United States are on the brink of war over technology that will forever alter what it means to be human. But when a woman who is a top strategic mind that boarded a ship to flee Earth decades ago suddenly wakes up from space-flight in the U.S. instead, she finds that 15% of adults have been born from her stolen DNA, making her dangerously influential, and responsible for saving her progeny.


In this Pittsburgh based mystery/drama, a self centered, ambitious politico struggles to hide a past that has dire repercussions for the entire community. Meanwhile, the neighborhood residents have their own secrets to hide.WGA Registered


Set before the start of the Tribulations, YAHWEH not only encounters different people all over the world, he also changes some of them for the better.  The Creator also has to deal with the challenges of dealing with the evil within the world.

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