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Sketches - TV series pilot

Once a Chicago police sergeant convinces his superiors that his “gifted” informants are reliable even though one’s gone missing, having left a stack of sketches behind, and the other one’s facing a shocking life event, the sergeant must use their nonspecific drawings of the future to peg the time and place of impending disasters. SEE SYNOPSISEMAIL WRITER SEE TELEPLAYSEE RESUME

Three Graves

A reporter investigates a cold case from her hometown and puts her brother's life in jeopardy when she uncovers evidence of his childhood abuse and her powerful father's involvement in the crimes. 


 A team of rebellious graffiti artists inspire a revolution against the greedy and ruthless Corporate alliance in the not too distant future.


A detective in the middle of a nervous breakdown, recently fired from the Los Angeles police department, finds himself on another mission, to look for an American baby boy who has been taken by a Mexican immigrant, who is risking a re-crossing of the Mexico-United States border. My pilot was selected for Round 2 of the MACRO Episodic Lab powered by The Black List, headed by Lena Waithe and Eva Longoria. MADE IN AMERICA advanced to the quarterfinals in the 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition.


While on a log cabin getaway with a group of old friends, a damaged former Marine, Ryan, and his best friend, Matt, rescue a young woman they find being hunted in the woods. However, something odd about the young woman leads those around her to develop a dangerous and uncontrollable obsession for her, causing them to turn on her and each other with disastrous results. Seemingly unaffected, Ryan, must struggle to overcome his past to protect and save the young woman until help arrives.


Aided by a mysterious shadow organization, a dynamic woman, predestined to make an impact on the world is mere days away from an upset victory in the 2024 US Presidential General Election. However, all is not well, as this same organization is conspiring with the VP candidate to take her out, and overthrow the country. TRUE DESTINY (FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY) – currently selected in (40) Film Festival / Screenplay Competitions in (5) Countries over the past 10 months. It is an Award Winner in (8) of the (40) Competitions to date.


A woman of unknown origin discovers her identity when a secret sect power struggle forces her to choose sides.


An Army medic and his risk-averse writer friend must undo their unintended interference with a living alien weapon to prevent an attack on Earth.

Breaker's Edge

When the imminent hostile takeover of a mind-control Think Tank threatens National Security, a unique test subject is activated to thwart the incursion.


In the far reaches of space, a paroled felon working menial labor aboard a survey ship must fight for his life when crewmates frame him for murder after finding a priceless alien artifact that has the power to end all life on Earth.

Maniac's Dream Girl

Anthony Howel, a methodic serial killer is loose and purposefully living across the hall from the lead Detective's sister, as he taunts and tightens the noose against his rival his world begins to unravel leading him to question his own sanity and truth. Whose really the killer?

Blueberry Special

Mortally injured following a deal gone wrong, a small-time drug dealer finds herself holed up in a diner restroom with her friends long gone and her attacker closing in.

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