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My Life Is Over

A broken-hearted man, after inadvertently saving the life of a Hollywood starlet, enlists her help in an extraordinary plan all to win back his ex-girlfiend.

Darkest Delight

When a construction worker digs up a buried container, his neighbour steals it and discovers an ancient demon who promises his heart's desire, but at a price he can never pay.

Fine Tooth Comb

Inspired by a videotape, a teenager in 1994 Davenport, IA forms her own band with the hopes of playing at the local Dixieland jamboree, the Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival.

Tin Mine

Looking to get their musical careers out of a rut in 1939 New York City, a song plugger and a radio organist become composers.


Athena's spirit from the past manifests inside her, this bullied teenager with a bad temper gains inhuman strength, a family tragedy causes her to become a superhero to stop an evil she knows nothing about. 


Thinking himself the better Christian for making the Golden Rule his life's creed, a failed preacher's business success runs afoul of organized labor, threatening to expose him as the same religious hypocrite he so detests.

Oasis' Requiem

In 1970’s England, a ten-year-old transgender girl and her paranoid thirteen-year-old brother move to London from Dungeness, concealing from their suspicious neighbours that they brutally murdered their father.

Half Empty

A whiskey soused private detective is hired to retrieve a businessman's errant daughter and must convincingly infiltrate the clean living cult the daughter has joined.

Killing Time

Detective Collins investigates a serial murder case on the eve of her retirement, with evidence inexplicably piling up against her.


"A NEW WAR BETWEEN HUMANS BEYOND THE EARTH" Jonathan, a veteran police officer, able to see the future, after foreseeing the environmental catastrophe on planet earth, manages to escape from it along with millions of inhabitants thanks to a spaceship that had a Japanese scientist to save humanity. They arrive at Next Centauri where another group of humans, who had arrived before, deny them entry. Generating a new scenario for a confrontation of humanity.


Wil builds a spaceship in the garage with the help of his father, after discovering a new and improved fuel formula. He manages to take off and leave the planet creating alarm in the governments that want this technology.

B.U.D. – Bustin’ Unidentified Dudes

When a teen is blamed for his date's abduction, he sets out to find her and prove that aliens don't exist.

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