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Christian Morris

A man dying of AIDS reunites with his best friend to clear his conscience of his promiscuous past, and lay to rest the life-long secrets kept between them.


A detective in the middle of a nervous breakdown, recently fired from the Los Angeles police department, finds himself on another mission, to look for an American baby boy who has been taken by a Mexican immigrant, who is risking a re-crossing of the Mexico-United States border. My pilot was selected for Round 2 of the MACRO Episodic Lab powered by The Black List, headed by Lena Waithe and Eva Longoria. MADE IN AMERICA advanced to the quarterfinals in the 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition.

The Animal Healer

A world renowned animal healer’s mission is healing sick and injured animals. Watch as he goes to different rescue centers and homes, healing dogs, cats, horses, and wild animals, giving them new life and hope to their caregivers.


Neil, an ingenious geneticist, discovers that the corporation where he works clones big businessmen, politicians, movie stars, among others, to then be eliminated and replaced by their copies to keep them under the control of their interests. Everything to create a new world order.


In the year 2187, Dr. Jack Greyson is recruited to become the new Chief-of-Staff of Mars General Hospital.  Once in his new position he learns the job is a lot harder than he could have possibly imagined.  There is a Hint of Revolution in the Air as Well as the Possibility of Love.

Fiesta Latina

"Fiesta Latina" is a period drama about a spoiled singer who becomes the first Latina on local television in the early 1950s in South Texas. When Hollywood comes calling, she must decide whether to stay on and fight for the program or follow her talent to La La Land. Based on a true story.


In the 1940s a New England farm boy comes of age during the war, shouldering men’s work amid the blackouts, rationing, fears and patriotism only to see his world upended when the post war boom of the 1950s claims his family farm casting him adrift and once again testing his maturity. (based on a true story)


The West Coast murder and funeral of Daniel Coleman – the exiled son of the powerful Coleman family of New York – brings the members of a privileged and disconnected family face-to-face with a lost son’s resurrected and abundant life. 

Happy Mother's Day (The Expendable)

An up-close look at the horrors of terrorism through the lives of two innocent families, a surviving son and a beautiful operative who believes that revenge is the only answer.

Savage State

The life of Alexis Sullivan - matriarch of one of New York's wealthiest and most prominent families - is saved late one night by a mysterious, homeless Vet, propelling a reluctant hero into the spotlight and releasing long buried secrets of the Sullivan empire.

The Education of Adam Fisher

Adam Fisher, handsome, successful and the envy of most men, declares that he's done with women, turning a routine boys' night out into a night that he and the guys will never forget.  

The Sun on my Face

Having settled in Queens N.Y. with his family and struggling to find a job, an Iraqi immigrant's life is forever changed through a chance encounter with a stranger. 

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