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Small town liberated youths and newly married sweethearts Josh and Melanie must face the reality of war and the repercussions that far out last the battlefield when he is drafted into Vietnam. Desperately living for the life they can never have back they isolate themselves from dealing with the people they, and each other, have become.

Bus Stop

A young girl stuck in the middle of her parents divorce seeks distraction and stability by getting lost in her own make-believe world, when she inspires and befriends a frustrated writer they discover through each other's creative outlets just how much imagination it takes to create a reality you love

Coup de Grace

The Australian migration of a middle class man becomes impossible when he suddenly loses his job. On the verge of desperation he plans a strange kidnap and tangles into betrayal and murder within three days

Majestic Majority

After the fall of the Monster Hunters Union brought on by the people they wronged, it is a time when human worth is determined by the strength of the monster they have ownership over.

Must Escape from the Slaughtercity

When almost everyone on Earth becomes vegan, the government begins forcing people to use animal products again. Many are imprisoned and turned to plastic. Some go on living for centuries and hope to achieve retribution.

The Homeless Crusaders

Using a weapon bestowed upon him by a shamed doctor, a homeless man conquers his country. A dead body sees through its mind’s eye a war fought with lasers involving billions, and Canada’s ministerial election.

Uncomfortable Creatures

A monster hunter part of a centuries old society loses his long-time protege during battle with one of their prey. Decades later, the hunter chases down a family who considers a monster kin.

Space Fish

A one-armed young man obsesses over becoming an astronaut after a final discussion with his girlfriend, and turns to criminal actions to fulfill his desire after the space agency rejects him. and get online doctor consultation

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An Bean Sidhe(The Banshee)

A young man who haunts a local village with renditions of a banshee begins to hear and see the real thing. Golden Blaster Best Screenplay Winner 2013

Blueberry Special

Mortally injured following a deal gone wrong, a small-time drug dealer finds herself holed up in a diner restroom with her friends long gone and her attacker closing in.

A Good Sport

An aspiring nine-year-old martial artist loses his match in a martial arts competition, only to become obsessed with mastering the very technique his opponent used to submit him.

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