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After losing a wife-to-be to a wealthy client, a famous marriage counselor has to find a true love to restore his honor and the honor of his counselling. 


When an aspiring black musician rejects his well-to-do home life to pursue his dreams of making it big, he must overcome his inflated ego and racist colleagues or give up and return home as a loser.


When a Never-Trumper's home address gets leaked on social media, five Neo-Nazis show up at the house to blow it up and post videos of their handy work on their website, but not if the spirit of the Never-Trumper's late cousin has anything to say about it.

Fine Tooth Comb

Inspired by a videotape, a teenager in 1994 Davenport, IA forms her own band with the hopes of playing at the local Dixieland jamboree, the Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival.


Preying on the fear that every woman is terrified their abuser will come back into their life, Jimmy portrays the night of his fourth birthday, and the return of his dead father in an unexpected way. 


In 1957, an eight-year-old orphan girl is abducted by a former World War I fighter ace and taken illegally from Ireland to the Southwestern United States, convincing her that an unknown entity is pursuing them.


Talented voice actor, Jodi Berkowicz, has taken a vow of silence for years since his last show had been cancelled, but no one knows why.

Waking the Witch

A Romani girl, Hezekiel is rescued from the small-town streets by the Earnshaw family and growing up in their decaying hotel, Wildfell she grapples with her sexuality, harboring feelings for her mentally disturbed sister, Candy.


On a biting cold December afternoon in the mining town of Achbor Colton, schoolboy Clemency Burne is found brutally murdered. The town erupts in hysteria in search of the killer, all except for the pariah, eleven-year-old "witch" Chihiro.

The 4th Hole

A marginal golfer encounters a curious fox and a playful bear on this life-changing fourth hole.

A wiffleball story

4 best friends and their love of wiffle ball get them through a tumultuous summer in the early 80s.

Cory in the House - Disney Network Spec Script

Cory and his friends sneak into the White House to try to meet a famous, young rapper during his visit. Of course, things don't go according to plans.

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