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In the year 2187, Dr. Jack Greyson is recruited to become the new Chief-of-Staff of Mars General Hospital.  Once in his new position he learns the job is a lot harder than he could have possibly imagined.  There is a hint of Revolution in the Air as well as the Possibility of Love.

Man's World

In a world where only men are free, women find a way to survive.

Majestic Majority

After the fall of the Monster Hunters Union brought on by the people they wronged, it is a time when human worth is determined by the strength of the monster they have ownership over.

Must Escape from the Slaughtercity

When almost everyone on Earth becomes vegan, the government begins forcing people to use animal products again. Many are imprisoned and turned to plastic. Some go on living for centuries and hope to achieve retribution.

The Homeless Crusaders

Using a weapon bestowed upon him by a shamed doctor, a homeless man conquers his country. A dead body sees through its mind’s eye a war fought with lasers involving billions, and Canada’s ministerial election.

Uncomfortable Creatures

A monster hunter part of a centuries old society loses his long-time protege during battle with one of their prey. Decades later, the hunter chases down a family who considers a monster kin.

Space Fish

A one-armed young man obsesses over becoming an astronaut after a final discussion with his girlfriend, and turns to criminal actions to fulfill his desire after the space agency rejects him.

" Auttawahe"

" Auttawahe" Three College Professors Discover a Map, which leads to a Chest containing Precious Coins and Artifacts from the Civil War Era. They travel to Stephens, Arkansas and recover it. Unknown to them, they also awaken an Evil Comanche Warrior named " Auttawahe" who is Hell bent on Hunting and Tracking them down for his Property.

H.E.F, #1: Battle of the Felidae Blood [2021 Netflix Miniseries]

Amun, the first Alpha-level Homo Superius/Demi-human from "Project Millennial-Animal Seed", is an augmented & destined by the highly advanced Sun-Rays, to conquer & brand Empyrean; tasked with reviving humanity as the new Homo Superius , from the desecrated, near resourceless planet Earth, after a lethal virus outbreak, known as the T-Mist; becoming their shining symbol of revival, eugenics, & rebuilding civilization. In a spiritual fight against the heavenly evil, in the form of the Archdemons, & the search for the "Mystical World Tree". Based on the Novel and Graphic Novel, but with a different twist to it. :// The aim is Netflix distribution. Feature Length: 2hr. 20min.

1 to the power of infinity

A scientist's struggle to balance faith and logic culminates in an experiment that pushes his theory to the limit.


A very wealthy and powerful family acquire a city during the deconstruction of the last nuclear plant in America. The matriarch builds a near perfect and efficient utopia in a digital realm while being considered the most disrespected person in the world.

Cargo, Episode 1 "Gel-ousy"

While smuggling drugs to a high-security prison-planet, two waste disposal men accidentally incapacitate the officer who searches their ship and replace him with a clone that will shortly expire.

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