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Adrian-Asia Petty
Erick Freitas

Very true.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

I think that's more for novels but then again, I do know some writers who are more meticulous with their planning. I'm a fan of the vomit draft which means pushing out a first draft as quickly as possible. Then going back and working with that.

Vic Burns

I never delete ANYTHING til I'm finished. Then I go back with a machete and a bunch of grenades.

Rosa Kino

So true! Exactly! And the work is never done. After I finished and published a book, I still would find things to improve in it, no matter how many times I thought it was already perfect. LOL!

Vic Burns

Rosa, I'm sure there are people picking holes in Shakespeare somewhere. I never got on with it to start with, even though I work in theatre and have done shows with some of our UKs finest. Just doesnt...

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Advanced in contest

Made it to the semifinals of the Screenwriting contest. Fingers crossed for the finals.

Dan Guardino

Keep up the good work!

Pat Savage

Congrats Jon and Pablo!

Dr Samita Nandy


Phil Parker


Aray Brown

Season 1 of my web series is finished. I have a zoom table read on Saturday. I have two ideas/stories that stick out in my mind, it's usually one that nags me. One is a another drama/thriller about this modernized vampire world where humans are extinct, well kinda, and a girl that has been manipulat...

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Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

Can't answer this for you. Personally, I'm always bouncing around between projects until I eventually finish one.

Herculano Espinoza
Script issues

Anyone willing to read my script it's called hard rock hotel. I've received good feedback, but of course, my script has issues. I am willing to be co-writers on this script. If interested, send me a message.

Chuck Cox

I'm willing to give it a read.

Herculano Espinoza

Send me a private msg with your email

Julio Torres
Sharing scripts

Hi everyone! Sorry for the inconvenience, but how frequent is for writers to share their scripts for others? Frankly Im terrified for the whole myth of stealing the idea but if it is normal, does anyone want to trade and see each other works? Thanks!

Craig D Griffiths

No one will steal your work. Here is a few reasons why.

John Erwin

A good read, thanks for the link. Have a good look at Alien v Forbidden World and Species v Life Force( The Space Vampires US, greart sound track ). For a good laugh check out Fifth Element and Heavy Metal(the Taxi short), I am sure there is a Dan O'Bannon connection.

Lee Durant

I have wrote 2 screenplays and they’re available on kindle and paperback, I just wanted them out there So people can read them and if they want to , leave a review. I feel if they do well I can contin...

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C. D-Broughton

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

No, seriously: it happens - somebody stole the premise of one of screenplays and turned it into a short!

But on the other hand, if a writer doesn't get a little circle going o...

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Scott Sawitz

Nobody is going to steal your screenplay ... it's rank amateurish to send an NDA and be crazy about it. Get an email and swap like a mofo; fresh eyes are always a good thing.

James Hoey
Script to Graphic Novel

Hey folks! Wondering if anyone out here has had the experience of taking a script and converting it to a graphic novel. Would love to chat about your experience with the process and even pick up a few pointers. On its face it seems pretty straightforward, but once I dive into the template and try to...

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Michael Khamis

Hi James this is something I have also been thinking of doing. Are you doing your own illustrations? I found that is too much work for me. Are you planning on doing it all in one issue? As far as fund...

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Richard P. Alvarez

Took a short film script, turned it into a feature script, turned that into a graphic novel, turned THAT back into a different feature script. Here's the 10 minute story on how that went.

James Hoey

Hey Michael Khamis sadly I am no illustrator. There are a couple of companies that I have been speaking with that will do the illustrations. Once I have the writing part done we will be doing mockups...

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James Hoey

Hi Richard P. Alvarez I am going to most definitely be looking at that! Thank you!

Phil Mitchell

Yes I went from a 120 page script to a 260 page novel. it took 8 months and I was able to put a lot more into to the story. Things I couldn't put into 120 restricted script. Available on Amazon The Rhombus.

Renee Miller
Movie Titles

I'm trying to come up with a title for the horror/thriller script I'm writing, and I can't seem to come up with anything that works. What is everyone's process for coming up with titles for their movies?

Stefano Pavone

Try mixing and matching words in other languages (example: a two-word title would have one word in English and another in Greek or Latin). :)

A. S. Templeton

1 to 3 words can say it all. Snakes on a Plane , Casablanca , Cast Away.

Bill Albert

Stephano hit in on the head, It can give you a variation of something ordinary and add a layer of mystery to it.

Tray Powell

I just found this sight and I love it here. I agree with Jim Boston. I used a line from one of my characters for my title. Not only that, I actually wrote the script around the title. How crazy is that? Best of luck to you!

Erick Freitas

I just keep writing until it just hits me like a diamond bullet.

Have your Look Book ready

Had a stage 32 script consultation on Tuesday and as we finished up the producer said "Netflix would love this. Send me your proof of concept video and Look Book."  A few minutes later she had it. I was wondering how many people have a Look Book ready?  As important as it is I was thinking people ne...

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Amanda Toney

Bill, first of all, congrats on getting the interest from someone to act as a champion for you and your project. That is half the battle. I can tell you that the TV show that I just sold to NBC/Univer...

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Cameron Leigh James

Barry John Terblanche I would like one, please. The code someone else gave me doesn't work.

Bill Albert

Amanda Toney Thank you so much. Congrats on your NBC/Universal project. It just felt that, especially in the case of a series, having a Look Book would be a real bonus. Usually the questions asked are...

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John Ellis

As Amanda said, everyone is different. I've acquired investors, gotten active producers attached and gained studio interest - all without look books - by having killer stories and taking the time to develop relationships (long before I pitched them anything).

Bill Albert

John Ellis, I believe that was clear the first 3 times you said it. No offence.

Tony Byrd
Revenge of the Cat Robots

I'm working on Revenge of the Cat Robots. I found the screenwriters and directors. I'm looking for the rest of the cast and crew. We start next fall.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

Good luck! You should post in the jobs sections of the site :)

Vanshdeep Singh
A Question About Structure

So I just saw this video of Stephen King explaining his writing process ( The thing that he does not "plan his plots", I tried to include it in screenplays.

I would like to ask more experienced screenwriters out there whether it is better to follow...

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Christiane Lange

You can combine the approaches. I think many screenwriters start from a particular image/scene, and it can be good to jot down a starting and ending scene as a start. But at some point early in the pr...

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Vasco Saraiva

Many of the biggest (more experienced) writers like to structure it before and many of the biggest writers don't like to structure it. (Haven't studied many novelists, but I'm pretty sure, some do it and some don't. "Some writers are architects, some are gardeners" - George R.R. Martin)

Vanshdeep Singh

Thanks everyone :)

Itayi Chitauro Junior

Story structure maps, theories and how tos should help you understand how to write your story... Always listen to your characters...they will show you the way

Julia Petrisor

I think what you're essentially asking is, is planning or pantsing better for screenplays? What I observe repeatedly from a lot of screenwriters is this emphasis on planning. As a non-fiction writer,...

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Jud Friedman
Looking for feedback/collaboration

I'm a multiple Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe nominated hit songwriter for songs such as RUN TO YOU by Whitney Houston. Been focusing on my other creative LOVE, screenwriting (film and TV), for the last year or two and have some nice stuff going on. But I love bouncing ideas and collaborating. Looki...

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Dan Guardino

Jud. I sent you an email but never heard back so I don't know if you received it or not.

Jud Friedman

Dan I never received anything. Thanks. :)

Dan Guardino

Jud. I just sent you a new email.

Cameron Tendaji

Random. But I just want to say "Run To You" is one of my favorite songs of all time lol

Jud Friedman

Aww thanks Cameron you're making my day. :)

Hank Biro
Another Godzilla Synopsis!

Recently I posted a synopsis for one of my Godzilla scripts. It was for Godzilla Against the War-Relics, the 2nd instalment in a Godzilla trilogy I'm working on titled Elder Godzilla Trilogy. The 1st instalment in the trilogy I've begun writing and it's titled Godzilla and the Technicolor Guards. He...

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Billy Kwack


Hank Biro

Thanks so much!

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