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Pitch Private (398) (Saturday, July 21st 2018)

Private (398)

Credits include: Super Size Me, Rats, The Pistol Shrimps, A Day In the Life, Mansome

5 skype spots left
Sat, Jul 21

Private (398)

Producer / Acquisitions. Specializes in Sci-fi, Horror, Comedy, and Music-related Features.

Pitch Agustine Calderon (Saturday, July 21st 2018)

Agustine Calderon

Credits include: Ready Player One, San Andreas, Rampage, The Revenant, Truth, Rush Hour, Mad Max: Fury Road, Assassin's Creed

8 skype spots left
Sat, Jul 21

Agustine Calderon

Producer. Specializes in Horror, Comedy, and Action-Comedy Features and TV.

Pitch Christian Taylor (Saturday, July 21st 2018)

Christian Taylor

Credits include: Hick, Measure of a Man

Sat, Jul 21

Taylor Lane Productions

Christian Taylor, President. Specializes in Thriller, True-crime, Drama, Rom-coms, and Genre Features & TV.

Pitch Dan Scheinkman (Saturday, July 21st 2018)

Dan Scheinkman


8 skype spots left
Sat, Jul 21

Kickstart Entertainment

Dan Scheinkman, Head of Scripted Content. Specializes in Action, Drama, and Genre Features + TV & Animated Series.

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8:30 PM PDT
Sun, Jul 22

Higher Purpose Entertainment

Brad Wilson, Producer/Co-Founder. Specializes in Low Budget Family Features.

Pitch Adam Shepard (Sunday, July 22nd 2018)

Adam Shepard

Credits include: Big Love, Getting On

Skype spots sold out
8:30 PM PDT
Sun, Jul 22

Anima Sola Productions

Adam Shepard, Director of Development. Specializes in Comedy & Drama Television.

Pitch Daniel Kendrick (Saturday, July 28th 2018)

Daniel Kendrick

Credits include: The Book of Life, The Lego Movie, Spongebob Squarepants, Robot chicken

2 skype and 7 written spots left
Sat, Jul 28


Daniel Kendrick, Lit. Manager. Specializes in Animation, Horror and Sci-fi Features & TV.

Pitch Adam Horner (Thursday, August 2nd 2018)

Adam Horner

Credits include: We Were Tomorrow, Thicker than Water, Coven, #captured, Christmas Down Under, The Last Exorcist

4 skype and 2 written spots left
Thu, Aug 2

Ignite Pictures

Adam Horner, CEO (Producer). Specializes in Supernatural Horror and Female-driven Thriller Features.

Happy Writers Pitch Sessions

Stage 32 offers a unique way to pitch your feature or pilot screenplay directly to executives throughout the industry, including managers, agents, creative executives and founding partners who would otherwise not accept unsolicited material.

If you have a script that you feel is ready to go out to the market and you've prepared a professional pitch, Stage 32 provides you a unique way to help you pitch your script (film or TV) directly to a variety of development executives, producers, managers or agents who can help you craft a perfect pitch and provide feedback to help you hone your pitch. Stage 32 also provides you with unique and proprietary educational and evaluative tools to help you learn how to more effectively present your work, and yourself.

All Stage 32 pitch session registrants, pitch directly to the session executive listed. You will never be presented to anyone other than the executive you signed up for.  Pitches are done either via Skype or by written submission. No matter where you live, anyone can pitch. For Skype sessions, all you need is Internet access and a Skype enabled computer, mobile phone or other device.

You will pitch directly to the executive listed live over Skype or phone, or by way of a written pitch, and receive feedback from them.




Stage 32 Pitch Sessions are for educational evaluation purposes only.

You may only pitch ONE project per reservation, NOT portfolios.

You should have a completed script available upon request for the project you pitch.

Do not reach out to the executives unless directed by Stage 32. They do NOT accept unsolicited material or appreciate being cold-called/emailed by strangers.

Missed reservations are not refundable and will not be rescheduled.

Live Pitches

Within 15 minutes of your scheduled pitch, the exec will reach out by Skype or Phone. Your pitch session will last approximately 8 minutes.

Written Pitches

Written Pitches will be no more than 2 pages submitted as a PDF or WORD document. Any written pitch uploaded past the deadline will not be shown to the executive and will result in a non-refundable forfeiture of your pitch.


Within 3-4 weeks of your pitch session, you will receive a Pitch Scorecard on which the exec you pitched will provide pitch feedback. You will receive a PASS or REQUEST on your material.

If you are requested, you will be notified via email with further instructions. The execs will have 2-3 months to review your material and note if they are PASSing, or would like a MEETING. If a meeting is requested, we will introduce you via email.

Please understand that these are working executives, and their schedules are subject to change at a moment's notice. We always strive to give you at least 24 hours of notice if a session has been cancelled, and we will recommend another executive for you to pitch your material to.

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