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Jason Farley
What plays will blow my mind?

Looking for some recommendations on plays to read? What plays will blow my mind?

Karen Thomas

Closer by Patrick Marber, Anything Harold Pinter

Pamela Segger

Drama: Angels in America, August: Osage County, Doubt, War Horse, Rabbit Hole, Red, Proof, Seven Guitars, The Laramie Project, Glengarry Glen Ross, Our Town ... and everything by Martin McDonagh. Dram...

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Written story

hello! everyone. i have a finished written movie script and others at hand which i do need a production house or producer to help with. I am based in Nigeria, anyone with a good and idea for me?

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Yeah! Start buying pitch sessions here on Stage32. Join the Writer's Room. Don't waste time and money with competitions unless they're local. Find ways to produce it yourself.

Teodora Oniceanu
Nathaniel Baker

Brilliant! Loved it!❤️

Teodora Oniceanu

Thank you Nathaniel.

Spatial dramaturgy

Just the videos are inspiring! Really excited about concepts of space on stage, and furthermore how to show the unseen....(spirits, un-voiced emotions, energy and psychic energy). Sad the workshop scheduled for my local Indigenous theatre is likely cancelled tho...

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Spatial-Dramaturgy-2019 - MANIFESTO POETICO
Spatial-Dramaturgy-2019 - MANIFESTO POETICO
Contributing Artists: Roberto Kuzmanich (AR), Vicky Sachpazi (GR), Patrick J. O'Reilly (UK), Yiouli Archontaki (GR), Mizar Antorán (ES), Paige Allerton (CA), Fabienne Vegt (NL), Heng Wang (TW), Raque…
TJ LsuDad
The voices in my head today...


Editors make clones!

Don't be a cheap copy!

Don't change it - we have enough clones.

She can edit the typos but my soul is off limits. 

I'm a fucked person...don't hide that from the reader.

Give and it shall be given unto me, good pages and words - pressed together - running ove...

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Sarah Gabrielle Baron

You're adorable. Keep writing!

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Welcome, James. You're in the right place! Go ahead ask specific questions to the community here!

Todd Sorrell
Switching lanes


After working on screenplays and winning numerous festivals and contests -- Atlanta Film Festival, Richmond IFF, Nashville IFF, Depth of Field IFF, San Francisco ISC, London Film Awards -- I decided to jump ship and write books. My first children's book was released last year to positive review...

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David E. Gates
Reviewer Apathy?

I've sent out a press release for The Deeper Roots of Evil, to at least thirty people who claim to be horror novel reviewers, and also tweeted it on Twitter - not one request for a preview copy!


David E. Gates.

Juhani Nurmi

Great title and cover! What a shame I live in Helsinki, Finland, as I'd love to review the book!

Tasha Lewis

If you search in the search engines like Bing.con,, or other one for book reviewers, you will find several who can assist. You can earn rewards, win prizes and cash with these.

David E. Gates

Thanks for the comments guys. Appreciate them, though don't necessarily agree with them all.

Juhani - do you write reviews or have a blog that you publish reviews through? If so, send me your email an...

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Tasha Lewis

Your welcome. allow us to remain objective and not take it personal.

Daisy White

It's always super hard to get reviews - I'm struggling too. Once you make a connection in your genre the bloggers are great but they get so many review requests it can take ages to work through and get a reply. How about a blog tour?

John Michael German
The 2020 Theatre503 International Playwriting Award.

I entered this one time before and got two reader recommendations for one of the various writings I have finalized called “I Wish…”.

You can enter from now until February 29th 2020. Feel free to follow the link below for more information.

The 2020 Theatre503 International Playwriting Award.


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Theatre503 | 2020 Theatre503 International Playwriting Award
Theatre503 | 2020 Theatre503 International Playwriting Award
We are delighted to announce five outstanding new writers from the UK, Australia and the US as the finalists for the 2020 Theatre503 International Playwriting. Ayad Andrews, Gina Stevensen, Pravin Wil…
Richard Buzzell

I just entered this contest with my usual un-realistically high hopes. 2055 entries in last year's contest, so I think I won't hold my breath.

Seeking a collaborator

I have a sci fi script written that requires an additional hand versed in romantic writing.

If anyone is interested in a 50/50 collaboration please contact me through Stage 32.

This is only open from January 19, 2020 to Feb 1, 2020.

Michael L. Burris

Romanticism is such a wide open field as the generic but iconic wide-open field of.running, embracing in the nature of flowers.

How can we detail and evolve from that.

Romanticism is the admiration of...

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John Pepin

You see...

I am an introverted intuitive type. Interpersonal relationships are not my forte... I think in archetypes and macro themes. Often thinking while not thinking... if you understand.

This post...

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John Pepin

Thanks to everyone who considered my offer. :)

No takers... but maybe some other time.

Now I am off to building a pond and working on my farm for a few weeks.

Alberto Platania
Want to make an NYT article adaptation to script

I read some article today on NYT and I think is a good material for an adaptation but I don't know how is the process to that. I mean, what is the person I need to talk to make this? Cause somebody has to have the copyright of the article. Is the author? or NYT?

I don't know how is the process but if somebody here has the info, thanks.

Dan MaxXx

Money offers and Lawyer to Lawyer rights negotiations. I think NY Times owns rights to published articles, regardless if Journalists are staffed or freelanced.

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Martin Roy Hill

NYT owns the rights to the article, but not to the story and it's fact. Do your own research, interview the people involved, and develop your own slants for your adaptation.

LindaAnn Loschiavo
TV Actress Danai Gurira Moonlights as a Dramatist; Her Stage Play Will Debut at Yale

As Jimmy Durante said: "Everybody wants to get into the act!" -

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'Walking Dead' Star Danai Gurira Moonlights as a Playwright
'Walking Dead' Star Danai Gurira Moonlights as a Playwright
NEW HAVEN, Conn.-As Michonne, the katana-wielding zombie slayer on AMC 's "The Walking Dead," actress Danai Gurira has achieved such a cult following that she has her own action figure. Now Ms. Gurira…
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