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For the past 6 years I've been really proud to oversee our Stage 32 Short Film Program. This has become one of the most anticipated programs of the year for all the industry professionals including development executives, managers, producers, agents and financiers that we work with on a day to day basis.

Being a part of the Stage 32 Short Film Program is like joining a special tribe. If you make the final program not only do you get the honor of screening at the prestigious Hollyshorts Film Festival and Raindance Film Festival, but you also get to screen on Stage 32 to thousands of decision makers in entertainment. We have marveled in the excitement of exposure we have been able to give talented filmmakers from all over the world, which has resulted in our filmmakers getting signed by UTA, CAA, Echo Lake, Verve and more. 

Today I'm proud to announce our 6th Annual Short Film Contest. Our judges are looking forward to checking out your work.



You've made a short film. You've put in your time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, and perhaps even some serious money into your project. Your goal isn't only to get your film seen, but to get it seen around the world and by people who can make a difference in your career. Would being screened by an Oscar qualifying film festival matter? How about having it screened for over 1,000 executives including managers, agents, producers, film financiers and more? Look no further.

The most prestigious short film competition on the planet is back. For the 5th straight year, Stage 32 is looking for the best short films for our 6th Annual Short Film Program. For the last 5 years, we've screened our winning filmmaker's films at some of the most prestigious festivals around the world, and for our stable of 1,000+ Stage 32 executives, and this year will be no different.

Over the last 5 years, our winning filmmakers have gone on to be signed (UTA, Echo Lake, Verve, and more), financed, and produced. One of our winning screenwriter/directors even went on to have one of the biggest spec sales in recent years, with Warner Brothers winning a bidding war which was based off a short film!

In this DIY, control your own material world, legions of filmmakers are turning to short films to have their voices heard. Further, with more and more film festivals adding short programs into their lineups and with so many filmmakers shooting short films as proof of concept to showcase their talents, short films are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Our top 5-10 winning filmmakers receive:

  • Inclusion in our 6th Stage 32 Short Film Program - The most anticipated short film program in the business.
  • Their film screened theatrically at 2 film prestigious film festivals: The Oscar-qualifying 2021 Hollyshorts Film Festival and the 2021 Raindance Film Festival in London.
  • Their film screened online to a worldwide audience on Stage 32 - This global screening will be available to all of our 650,000+ members on the platform
  • Their film showcased to over 1,000 executives who work with Stage 32 - All of our executives will be able to view an online screening of the program. If a meeting is requested between the executive and the filmmaker, we will facilitate.
  • Our Grand prize winning director will be flown to Los Angeles or London (travel permitting)- Walk the red carpet at either Hollyshorts or Raindance and participate in a live Q&A with Stage 32 Founder & CEO Rich "RB" Botto

We welcome entries from filmmakers all over the world. Last year's contest produced entries from Stage 32 members in 40 countries and resulted in a curated program of 7 incredible and well received short films made by filmmakers from 3 countries.

The Stage 32 Short Film Contest gives you the opportunity to show your chops and shine by providing access to some of the top executives in the business and exposure to film festival and worldwide online crowds. This is access, opportunity, and exposure you won't find anywhere else!


The Stage 32 Short Film Program has been featured to critical acclaim in Variety and Indiewire.


Read more, hear from our past winners and enter your short film here!


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