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G'day Stage 32 Family! We're kicking off a brand new week with a blog that comes all the way from Down Under! Richard Bradley is an award-winning Sydney-based writer, producer, and director. He has 100 credits ranging from feature film, international drama co-productions, TV documentaries, short film, and television commercials. 

I first connected with Richard a little over 2 months ago when he reached out looking for guidance on one of his true story projects. I pointed Richard toward producer Jim Young and suggested that Jim's feedback on the script would be invaluable, as Jim focuses on producing true stories. 

From there, Richard and I corresponded regularly about his scripts, and I lent my thoughts on how to move the projects forward in a highly competitive market. Richard let me know that he had a slate of 3 faith-based projects. As a result, one of my suggestions was to book a consultation call with producer Brad Wilson of Higher Purpose Entertainment, which specializes in faith-based projects.   

As you will hear from Richard, the suggestion and consultation led to a massive 'win' for Richard who not only has excellent feedback from Jim Young, but also a direct working relationship with Brad! And remember, this is only in the last 2 months in the midst of a global quarantine from half-a-world away! 

Before Stage 32, this direct connection between a screenwriter in Australia and producers in LA would be nearly impossible to achieve. Now, it is literally possible with the click of a button. That is the power of this platform. 

Take it away, Richard! 

I have been a member of Stage 32 for some time. I didn’t do anything at first. I read all the emails Stage 32 sent me and enjoyed reading the blogs and videos. And looking across at the slate of producers and agents Stage 32 had in partnership for project development. I was also busy finalizing a series of 25 individual stories with a common theme under the canopy of TRAVELERS TALES. 

TRAVELERS TALES is a total of 25 feature film scripts all with a common theme. This is a journey against the odds with an inspirational outcome. The individual stories within these journeys have a mixture of science fiction, faith based, action, crime, historical adventure with a bit of comedy, and the mystic. This means they could be placed into smaller packages for each genre. And the key characters within these tales are a good mixture of male and strong female roles.

Australian Writer in Development with LAbased Producer through Stage 32Stage 32 member Richard Bradley of Sydney, Australia has 100 credits to his name


As this neared completion, I thought it would be a good idea to connect with LA which I find more exciting than daunting. I decided to start last year entering two scripts - and another this year - to get some feedback through Stage 32, to see how the response was. Although I received a PASS, it did not dissuade me. In fact, [Producer] Jim Young put up some good ideas for the opening scenes of an historical project I had written (which I’m going to implement by the way). I noticed, with interest, a producer named Brad Wilson, who specializes in faith-based stories which can be produced for low budgets.

Amongst the scripts I had written, were a selection of faith-based stories which were designed to be made for low budget. I decided to send one script to Brad for a script read and consultation call, to see what might emerge. And the result was pleasing indeed.

During our zoom meeting Brad outlined three areas of strength: 

1. He made it abundantly clear at the start that he loved the story.

2. When reading the script, his producer brain was figuring the cost to film the elements - and that it could be produced for a low budget also appealed.

3. He observed several locations that could be filmed in the United States and that was particularly important, because the story could take place almost anywhere.

The result of this meeting was that we agreed to stay in contact, and I would deliver the other stories in the faith-based package to see what we could do down the line. Especially after the restrictions are eased. He is a good starting contact to connect with. It was important he liked the screenplay first up!

And I have several other Stage 32 producers and agents in my sights for some the other stories as well.

I’ve been asked if I have any special answers for script writing. I have found it a very tough profession in the best of times and often without any joy at the end. For me, this series has been an enjoyable creative process all the way, absolutely loved it! I must say I was also blessed with a good impartial script editor all along the way and if I can offer any advice that is particularly important.


Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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