Coffee & Content - Aaron Sorkin on Developing Characters & David Lynch on Auditioning Actors (And a Bonus Video!)

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Happy Sunday, everyone.  Time for another edition of Coffee & Content.

First up, a look at developing characters with Aaron Sorkin.  Sorkin has created some of the most memorable and beloved characters of the last 20 years (tell me you don't know everything about every single West Wing character).  Whether working with fictional characters or those actually roaming the earth (The Social Network, Molly's Game) few writers are able to imbibe their characters with as much detail, nuance and defined personality than Sorkin.  In our first video, Sorkin discusses his process toward developing memorable characters.

Next, love or hate his material (and I fall into that former category), there's no denying there are few more original visionaries working today than David Lynch.  Part of what makes Lynch's material sing is his ability to cast to the part.  Lynch has discovered some incredible lead actors along the way, but the uniqueness of the actors he casts for his secondary roles really help to paint the landscape.  Here, Lynch discusses how he auditions actors with an emphasis on how he cast Naomi Watts for Mulholland Drive.

Finally, a bonus video.  Yes, this was posted earlier this week, but we've received at least 2 dozen messages asking where my most recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) can be viewed.  You ask, you receive.  This was one of my most favorite sessions here on Stage 32.  Thought the questions were fantastic.  The link to the video is below.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




Aaron Sorkin - How to Develop Characters

David Lynch on Auditioning Actors

Ask Me Anything - 2 Hours of Your Questions Answered!

Coffee  Content  Aaron Sorkin on Developing Characters  David Lynch on Auditioning Actors


Click Here to See the AMA!

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