Letters, We Get Letters...

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto
One of the features we'll be adding to the blog this year is the Stage 32 Mailbag.  Feel free to write in about anything on that beautiful mind of yours – Questions about the site or your chosen craft, rants about the current state of the industry (theater, television, or film), why Wolf of Wall Street is the best film of 2013 (I'm ducking), or anything else you can conjure up.  
To submit, just send your questions to mailbag@stage32.com and let us know if we can use your full name, your initials, or whether you'd like to remain anonymous.
Make 'em interesting, make 'em fun, make 'em observational.  Doesn't matter.  I'll answer as many as possible in each Stage 32 Mailbag throughout the year right here on the blog.
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