Pursuing Your Dreams - What Have You Done Today? Virtual Newsmakers Podcast

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Drive. Desire. Passion. As a creative, we must motivate ourselves every day. External forces work against us; it's the nature of the pursuit. It's how we rise above it all, the strength of the fire in our souls, that defines who we are, and the lengths we'll go to make our dreams a reality.

So the question is: What have you done today to take another step toward your goal?

Maybe you've joined a class suited to your creative endeavors. Maybe you've practiced a monologue in front of a mirror. Perhaps you set the alarm an hour early so you can bang out five pages of a screenplay or tinker with that piece of music that's been rattling around your head. Maybe you've researched and created a target list of managers and agents worth querying. Maybe you've made a difference in the life of another creative by performing a selfless act - running lines, reading pages, watching a reel...

Controlling your own destiny...Making a difference in another creative's pursuit...Finding a way, every day, to take a step forward.

These are some of the many topics I discussed on VIRTUAL NEWSMAKERS, a terrific, spirited show hosted by Stage 32 members, Debbie Elicksen and Cynthia K Seymour. I also shared some tips on how Stage 32 members are using the site to their benefit, shared some recent success stories, and offered advice on how every creative can get the upper hand toward achieving their goals.



As always, I am available for questions and remarks in the Comments section below.

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