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It’s been an amazing week here at Stage 32. Our involvement with the HollyShorts film festival has been an extremely rewarding experience for yours truly and the entire Stage 32 staff. We opened the festival with our keynote panel in association with Film L.A. Then Alex Ferrari of Indiefilm Hustle and I spoke for nearly 3 hours on branding and social media for film creatives (along with a little crowdfunding and crowdsourcing talk to boot). Then, it was the Stage 32/Film LA panel regarding shooting in Los Angeles which featured some prominent filmmakers and a rep from the L.A. Mayor’s Office. And tonight, we host the screening of our short film winners along with a panel with many of the filmmakers and, of course, cocktails.

Whew…Did I mention how rewarding the week was? Regardless of all this running around, I am still proud to bring you a full Weekend Blog! I won’t recap what’s below due to time constraints, but I would like to point out a few things you should be aware of heading into the weekend.

First, it’s Introduce Yourself Weekend! So, whether you’re new or a vet here on Stage 32, head over to the Introduce Yourself section of the Lounge and make a post letting people know who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re hoping to go. But don’t stop there! Make sure you meet and greet other creatives posting! These weekends are designed to power up your networking. Last month’s IYW set a record for new connections and I happen to know that 2 projects were funded and a few more cast from connections made that particular weekend. So get out there and network. But before you do…

Make sure your bio and media are up to date!!!! You do NOT want people visiting your profile and getting an incomplete picture of who you are! So take the time, because it’s worth the time.

Second, a reminder that this coming Tuesday, we have our exclusive one day event with screenwriting guru, Robert McKee. This is a rare online appearance by the master and he picked the Stage 32 platform to present his new class on dialogue. Space is limited, so if you’re planning to attend, please register early. To do so, please click here 

Lastly, we literally get tens of thousands of Stage 32 members who read this blog over the course of the weekend. Yet, we do not get that many shares or comments. SO! Take some time to pay it forward and share this content with your fellow creatives through the sharing buttons above! Also, let’s hear from you! I welcome remarks and debate in the Comments section below.

I hope you enjoy the content! Have a fun and creative weekend!



Are Lone Comedy Screenwriters Extinct In Hollywood? In the 80's he was fortunate enough to get a huge glimpse of what he wanted to do later on in life without knowing what it was at the time, which allowed Leontist Fizer  to be what he was... A movie fan. Leontist quickly became enamored down the line with good writing and brilliant storytelling. Nowadays it seems like everyone is decades away from the known dominant lone writer of a feature comedy outside of Judd Apatow and Kevin Smith. What other writers work can you identify while watching a movie without seeing the credits? Click here to read the entire article!

Stage 32 Happy Writers 2nd Annual Feature Screenplay Contest Finalists Announced! We are pleased to announce the finalists of the 2nd Annual Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Screenplay Contest! With hundreds of submissions this year, these talented writers cut through to the top with their amazing scripts. Now, it’s off to the races! Winners will be announced September 7th on the Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Screenplay Contestpage expertly selected by our amazing judges. Click here to get the full list of finalists!

7 Elements For A Successful Film Business Plan - In  the film industry, you'll need a solid business plan for the projects you take on. A business plan is a document which clearly identifies your understanding of where your project fits into the film industry and the market it is targeted to. Click here to get tips on how to successfully execute one. 


Masters of Craft: Robert McKee - Writing Believable, Engaging & Impactful Dialogue Exclusively for Stage 32 (August 23)

We are excited to bring in legendary author and story authority, Robert McKee. A script consultant, screenwriter, playwright and author, McKee’s seminars on the art and craft of storytelling have been a must for Oscar and Emmy award winning writers for the last 30 years. His bestselling writer’s guide, STORY, has been a must-read for writers around the globe. His highly anticipated book DIALOGUE: THE ART OF VERBAL ACTION FOR PAGE, STAGE AND SCREEN, is an in-depth analysis of how characters speak on the screen, on the stage and on the page in believable and engaging ways.

Now, in an exclusive online event, McKee will take you through some of the strategies and techniques for writing impactful dialogue, including the three functions of dialogue: exposition, characterization and action. He will also answer your questions. This class will serve as an important guide for all writers committed to the craft looking to sharpen their skills and write lines that will be remembered. Click here to get the full list of topics you will learn!

Advanced Digital Marketing For Your Indie Film or Production Company (August 25)

Ever wanted to know what happens behind the scenes in the marketing department for film distribution companies?

In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, digital marketing expert Jennifer Winberg (digital strategy for mini and major studios - Disney, Fox, Sony, Lionsgate, and Gravitas Ventures) will teach you how to market your film (or production company) across PR, Digital Marketing, and Social Media. Digital Marketing is essential for your film. It is THE WAY to market your film and get it into the hands of the viewer.

Your host, Jennifer will use her 10 years of branding and entertainment experience in digital strategy, social media, and integrated marketing to show you how to create a digital campaign that will build an audience for your film. She'll outline a digital media timeline for your film, when to start promoting your film, and how to even partner with theaters and VOD operators. You'll walk away knowing how to build a successful digital media campaign including best tactics, tools and resources. Click here to register!

How to Find & Adapt Comic Book, Video Game, Book & Article IP for Film & TV (August 27)

In this exclusive Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, producer & executive Maggie Lane will discuss the main areas of fantasy & sci-fi adaptation: books, articles, comic books & video games. She'll guide you through the importance of adapting IP with your spin to make it your own.

You'll walk away knowing how to find that magical property; the book, graphic novel, article or video game on which to base a film or TV series. And, you'll know how to use it as a jumping off point to showcase your talents as a storyteller. Click here to register now! 


Matt Kniaz - Saturday, August 20th  Manager  Specializes in all genres, all formats (no sci-fi).

Matt is looking for all genres and formats of screenplays (except sci-fi!). All budget ranges welcome.

Christian Taylor - Saturday, August 20th  Specializes in drama, thriller, biopic, elevated genre, romance and comedy features.

Christian is looking for smart, character-driven drama, thriller, biopic, elevated genre, romance and comedy features under $30M.

Theo Salter - Sunday, August 21st - The Gersh Agency - Specializes in comedy and drama TV pilots.

Theo is looking for hour-long drama and half-hour comedy TV pilots. No kid/children-focused shows. All budgets welcome.

Stage 32 Happy Writers Consulting Services

Stage 32 Happy Writers offers direct consultations with active literary managers, producers, directors of development and other industry veterans. Stage 32 Happy Writers is unique in that you choose exactly who will be reading your script. No more anonymous reads from equally anonymous "readers". Take a look at our roster of executives, find your perfect match and get the feedback and guidance you need to get the success you deserve. Click here for the amazing opportunities Happy Writers provides to make things happen!

Stage 32 3rd Annual Search For New Blood Screenwriting Contest (Deadline August 31)

Over the last two years, our contest winners and finalists have been signed, optioned, put in development, staffed and secured high level meetings with some of the top executives and companies in the film industry. Our track record with the Search for New Blood has been off the charts. Now we’re back with year 3 of this incredibly popular contest designed to give our horror and thriller writers the chance to have their work exposed to some of the top execs in the industry! Our top 3 winners will get exclusive meetings with executives. ALL Finalists will have their loglines exposed to the over 500 industry execs who work with Stage 32. Click here to register!





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Are Lone Comedy Screenwriters Extinct In Hollywood?
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