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Welcome to the first weekend in November, everyone. How are your yearly goals coming along? We’ll discuss that in another blog, but for the next three days, how about we absorb ourselves in some content and discussion points? I thought you’d might be up for that…Let’s roll.

Under ENTERTAINMENT NEWS this week: a 68-year old novice filmmaker takes the indie world by storm; the challenge for indie filmmakers to find the personal/professional balance; Bullock and Cooper bomb; 6 studio chiefs drop bombs; the director of last year’s Best Picture winner shares some insights on his new film; get ready world, the first Android actress is here; a look at the revived L.A. entertainment economy; a slew of China film industry news; AFM is underway; the Sundance institute gets in the virtual reality business; the top 50 opening credit sequences of all time and much, much more.

In the VIDEOS section, Steven Spielberg, Aaron Sorkin and other industry luminaries give screenwriting advice, a look at the close-ups of Alfred Hitchcock, the editor of Steve Jobs discusses working with Sorkin dialogue and William Goldman and Will Frears discuss bringing Misery to Broadway.

Under TIPS, I have some cool advice from Spectre director Sam Mendes, plus screenwriting, filmmaking, producing and webseries advice. Also, a terrific article on how to deal with post-creation depression.

But wait, there’s more…

A recap of everything happening around the network this week can be found under STAGE 32 NEWS.

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I’m spent.

As always, feel free (this is a demand!) to share your thoughts or participate in healthy debate on any of the content below in the Comments section.

Have a terrific and creative weekend!





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This week we brought you another installment of RB's Film Courage interview series. In this 7 minute clip, RB goes over why you shouldn't do anything online that you wouldn't do in the real world. Plus, he discusses the ever-present "big balls syndrome." You'll have to watch it to find out what that means! To watch this clip, and see the full list of RB's Film Courage interview clips, click here: Creatives Need To Know Producers Are Looking At Their Social Media


Stage 32 November 30-Day Write Club: It’s on! We’re here to support and motivate each other to “get it done” –– whatever “it” is for you –– in a wholly directed and intentional way. In the weeks ahead we’ll have Stage 32 Write Club Check-in blogs every Sunday, starting on November 8, to monitor everyone’s progress in the comment sections. Share how you are doing, share the highs and lows, offer help to fellow writers, and share motivational quotes and tips. Plus, at the end of the month Stage 32 will give away well-earned “kudos,” including swag, free or major discounts on various services and offerings, to those who reach their goals –– an extended push forward with whatever may be next for you. For more information on our Stage 32 30-Day Write Club, click here: Stage 32 November 30-Day Write Club: It’s On!


The October 2015 edition of On Stage With RB is now available to watch on-demand! This broadcast was almost 3 hours jam-packed with incredible tips and advice and a fantastic interview from screenwriting expert Jeff Kitchen! To learn more about what was covered in this broadcast and to watch it free on-demand, click here: The October 2015 Edition of On Stage With RB


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Thursday 11/12 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents How To Finance Your Independent Film & Break Even Before Its Release: Utilizing The Risk Mitigation Model hosted by Jason Mirch, a 10-year film and TV producer and former Head of Feature and Television Development and Production at Image Nation Abu Dhabi (The Help, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Contagion and 100 Foot Journey)! In this webinar, Jason will navigate you through the Risk Mitigation Model of independent film financing, which utilizes foreign pre-sales, soft money, and equity to finance feature film projects. Drawing from his 10 years of experience financing both independent and studio films, Jason will teach you some traditional and non-traditional financing models so you can choose the right model for your specific project and will cover what international sales companies look for when evaluating potential projects and give advice on how to position your projects when pitching to these companies.
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • How to utilize pre-sales, soft money and equity financing.
  • How to secure financing from a bank (presales, bond, etc)?
  • How to set up an LLC, step-by-step.
  • The elements, attachments, and the supplementary material to include when approaching foreign sales agents
  • The difference between International vs domestic sales (limitations & opportunities).
  • How to limit your P&A exposure while maximizing your reach.
  • Development vs. Production Financing.

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Jason and to register, click here: How To Finance Your Independent Film & Break Even Before Its Release: Utilizing The Risk Mitigation Model


Saturday 11/14 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents The Anatomy Of Iconic TV Characters: 7 Ways To Make Your Television Characters Leap Off The Page hosted by Tawnya Bhattacharya, a Writer/Co-Producer on NBC’s The Night Shift who has also written for TNT’s Perception, Lifetime’s The Client List and USA’s Fairly Legal. Tawnya is also the founder of Script Anatomy and has been a writing instructor for nearly 10 years! In this webinar she will teach you how to create memorable characters with drive, characters that provoke emotion and characters that stay with the audience long after they’ve disappeared from the screen. She will show you how to craft compelling and multi-dimensional characters by crafting their backstory, stage of life, flaw, core wound, dilemma and goal as well as how to design dynamic catalyst relationships and polarities, how to a unique world helps you create an interesting character, and how to design meaningful and emotional journeys and character arcs.
You will leave the webinar knowing:

  • What Showrunners look for when hiring a writing staff in regard to character work in sample material.
  • Tips on how to create unforgettable characters like Tony Soprano, Selina Meyer, Sterling Archer, Omar Little and Carrie Mathison – and why these characters are so effective.
  • How to create a relatable stage of life for your character at the beginning of your story.
  • Techniques for creating a compelling backstory including where your character came from and how that affects their worldview.
  • How to create an active flaw that will get your character into situations/trouble and affect others negatively and hence create conflict.
  • Tips on balancing out your character’s flaw with redeemable traits.
  • Common mistakes writes make with setting character goals.
  • Tips to create supporting characters that drive your character further toward their goal.

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Tawnya and to register, click here: The Anatomy Of Iconic TV Characters: 7 Ways To Make Your Television Characters Leap Off The Page


Tuesday 11/17 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents How To Attach Top Talent To Your Independent Film hosted by Tatiana Kelly & Jim Young, award-winning independent producers who have worked with actors such as Bradley Cooper, Zoë Saldana, JK Simmons, Jeremy Irons, Dennis Quaid, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, James Franco, Lily Tomilin, Cuba Gooding JR, Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons! In this webinar, Tatiana and Jim will teach you how to break through an actor’s fortress and get them interested in your project. You will learn how to determine what to offer talent based on your budget, how to be strategic about what agencies you’re making offers to, what to keep in mind at the script stage and early in the casting process and how to get past the dilemma of getting talent without money and getting money without talent.
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • Why talent is the key to unlocking your green light.
  • What level of talent you need depending on your project.
  • Ways to break through an actor’s “fortress”.
  • How to build a team that has some clout.
  • What to keep in mind during the script stage and early in the casting process to help you attach talent.
  • How to determine what to offer an actor.
  • Why you should be strategic about what agencies you’re making offers to.

 To read more about this webinar, see a video from Tatiana and Jim and to register, click here: How To Attach Top Talent To Your Independent Film


Thursday 11/19 Stage 32 Next Level Webinars presents How To Sell Your TV Series hosted by Conrad Sun, TV Lit Manager and Development Executive at Meridian Artists who represents TV writers in all genres for shows such as Blindspot, Two Broke Girls and Bojack Horseman! Knowing how to pitch is only half the battle – in this webinar Conrad will explore exactly how the TV space works for both broadcast and cable networks. You will learn who all of the important players are, such as agents, producers, writers and executives, so you can know who to target and how to approach them. Lastly, Conrad will examine previous shows in order to gain an understanding of what it takes to create a successful TV series in the current marketplace, allowing you to make sure you're setting yourself up for success.
You will leave this webinar knowing:

  • The general TV landscape.
  • The Players in TV landscape.
  • The three season of Broadcast Network television.
  • Four Approaches to setting up a TV show.
  • The concept of a TV package.
  • How individuals get paid once a TV show is set up.
  • The current marketplace and odds of having a hit TV show.

To read more about this webinar, see a video from Conrad and to register, click here: How To Sell Your TV Series












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