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The subject of the diversity in the industry is a hot button topic these days. Just yesterday Variety published two stories on the state of women in film not only as it relates to employment, but to female-centric stories (I'll have one of them for you on the Weekend Blog tomorrow). I'm extremely proud to announce that we have joined forces with The Producers Guild of America's newly formed Women's Impact Network (PGA W.I.N.) to shine a spotlight on women working within the industry and women-centric projects.

On May 2nd and 9th, we will be holding panels, pitch classes and a pitch event for PGA members. There will be over a dozen industry executives in attendance who are specifically seeking female-centric material. We have no doubt many success stories will come from this event. We look forward to sharing any exciting news with the community.

Although this event is exclusive to PGA members, we hope it serves to show all members of the community our commitment to shine an equal light on material created by our members. This may be the first initiative, but it certainly will not be the last.

Our press release regarding the event can be read below.

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Stage 32  the PGA Womens Impact Network     Stage 32  the PGA Womens Impact Network

Stage 32, in Conjunction with the W.I.N. Committee of Producers Guild of America,
Are Looking to Find Female-Centric Material

Stage 32 joins forces with executives looking for female-centric scripts; Stage 32 hosts ‘Pitch to W.I.N.’ Event for PGA Women’s Impact Network and will host educational panel and pair PGA members with industry executives in 2-weekend event

April 2, 2015: Stage 32 (, the world’s largest social network and educational hub for film, television, and theater creatives, today announced it is working in conjunction with the Producers Guild of America Women’s Impact Network to host the first ever ‘Pitch to W.I.N.’ educational seminar and pitching event. Together they are looking to help promote female-driven content for film, television, reality and new media.

The event combines the strengths of both companies by leveraging Stage 32’s relationship with over 300 industry executives, as well as the Producers Guild of America’s commitment to promoting gender equality in the industry through its Women’s Impact Network, otherwise known as W.I.N.

The two-weekend educational event is exclusive for PGA members and takes place May 2nd and May 9th, 2015. The first weekend will include an industry executive panel with Stephanie Wilcox (Rumble Films), Tiffany Boyle (Ramo Law), Mara Tasker (VICE Media), Richard Botto (Founder & CEO, Stage 32), moderated by PGA and W.I.N. member Carrie Lynn Certa. The educational panel will discuss the current female-centric marketplace and what executives are looking for.

Stage 32’s staff will work with PGA producers to pair them up with executives looking for specific types of female-centric material. They will be able to pitch their projects on the 2nd weekend of the event. Since 2011 Stage 32 has helped over 200 writers and filmmakers from around the world get signed, optioned, sold or in development through it’s networking, educational and pitch offerings.

Supporting the Stage 32 Pitch to W.I.N. event is an impressive array of industry executives including: Stephanie Wilcox (Rumble Films), Bea Sequeira and Olivia Masheroni (Blumhouse), Mara Tasker (VICE Media), Joan Mao (The Safran Company), Negin Salmasi (Sydney Kimmel Entertainment), Nikki Levy (Producer), Angela Molloy (WEtv), John Hilary Shepherd (Cross Creek Pictures), Kenchy Ragsdale (Latin World Entertainment), Mitch Solomon (Magnet Management), Lee Stobby (Lee Stobby Entertainment), Tiffany Boyle and Hanna Pachman (Ramo Law PC), Nathan Samdahl (Paramount), Brad Kessell (Gold Circle) and Matthew Kniaz (Industry Entertainment).

"I couldn’t be more proud of the Producers Guild of America Women’s Impact Network shining a light on the need for equality in the marketplace,” said Stage 32 Founder and CEO, Richard Botto.

“Over the last 4 years we’ve watched Stage 32 become one of the premier places to find undiscovered artists and material and we are excited to work with them,” said Deborah Calla, Chair of The PGA W.I.N. West.

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