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Who, exactly, is a DreamWeaver?

DreamWeavers pull together the threads of relationships, career, education and experience, then reach beyond their grasp and weave a unique life tapestry.

That would be you, yes?

Success Quest Self Care for DreamWeavers Success Quest Self Care for DreamWeavers


YOU are the Most Important Person you know…

No one else can fulfill your dream, no matter what they may say. And Honey, you can’t fulfill the dream of anyone else, either. Dreams are individual. Unique. Others may support yours and vice versa; you may have guidance and mentorship, yet…your dream is still all yours.

To achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, there are requirements: Unflagging strength and stamina; flexibility; constant enthusiasm for the process; patience (above all, patience!) There may be times in your Reality when things just seem too difficult, too complex, too BIG to go on. You could descend into depression; you might have a desire to quit and go – where? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about changing what you’re doing, so you can do something -- different. I’ll tell you a (possible) secret: Everyone I’ve ever encountered on my Quest for Success has had, or is living through, those moments.

I believe these situations happen so we can determine how much we want to succeed in what we’ve chosen. We DO get to change our mind; circumstances evolve around us and we have to do what’s best for us. However, if our physical self is compromised, our decision-making skills can be compromised, too. If we don’t maintain our strength, stamina, enthusiasm and patience through selfcare, we can find ourselves making choices from a position of desperation and exhaustion. NO ONE can pour ANYthing from an empty pitcher. So, what can we do?


First, treat yourself with respect

When you meet someone you like, you take the time to get to know them. You’re interested in who they are and what makes them tick. Do the same for you. How are you sleeping? Are you eating well? Do the people in your group enhance your Reality or detract from it? Are you following your passion? Where do you have opportunities to improve? Be honest. Check yourself in every aspect of your life. After all, we’re talking about your dream here…

The next step? Do what you can, based on your resources.


Oh, You Physical Being

The easiest, least expensive and most immediate way to treat yourself kindly is SLEEP.

A LinkedIn newsletter from September, 2017 led with the headline that lack of sleep is killing us. A host of diseases and mental conditions are made worse by lack of – or poor – sleep. Even if you’re in the best health, it’s hard to kick butt and take names tomorrow if you don’t sleep well tonight. Take time to assess your sleep habits and style, duration and depth. If you’re not waking up rested or if you know you’re sleep-deprived, take action now.


Timing is Everything

Do bedtime routines REALLY make a difference? What’s the advantage to getting up at the same time every day? Why SHOULDN’T you work out before bed? Science has proven that people who set consistent bedtimes (and routines) and who rise at the same hour daily have better memory recall and retention. Restful sleep means fewer infections, faster recovery from injuries and surgeries, and –best of all -- it inspires expanded creativity. (A Google search will give you thousands of articles with more information.) There is no one “right” schedule for sleeping, but bear in mind that not everyone is a morning person; some people sleep better during the day and have far more energy at night. Again, know yourself. If you’re in a profession when sleeping during your natural time isn’t possible, take every precaution to sleep in darkness, with white noise and the most comfortable bedding. I promise that will help. Oh, and the challenge with working out at night? Increased adrenaline, endorphins and energy may prevent you from falling asleep. As with anything on your journey, find your best process and do what works for you.


The Danger of Diets

If your nutrition sucks, so does your energy level. You CAN eat well on a budget, so stop making excuses for junk food, sugar, alcohol (or other things that deplete your resources.) Fads, supplements, chemicals and odd food combo’s make for fun reading and hilarious comedy routines. Sadly, they may not be so good for your body. Excellent tips and techniques are available for anyone who wants to know how to optimize physical strength. If you belong to a gym or have access to dietary counseling, ask for referrals. Pay attention to the signals your body sends. Follow what works for you and – um -- weigh your choices: Empty calories produce limited results.


Exercise and ExORcise

Once upon a time, I weighed in at 340 pounds. I was angry, in ill health and completely dissatisfied with the life and the location in which I lived. My mind went into a depressive shut down; I was paralyzed by inactivity and indecision. A continuous loop of negative self-talk pushed me to near suicide. Something had to change, I told myself, so I went for a walk in the country. Amazing things happen to humans when we inhale fresh air, take in natural beauty (no matter the season) and allow the ebb and flow of the Universe to soothe us. Seriously. Nature can pet us smooth. Exercise your body and you’ll benefit your mind. ExORcise the negatives, the “for your own good” words of “advice” and stop comparing your achievements to anyone’s. Pay attention to your thinking and change limiting perspectives. Thomas Edison didn’t fail at the lightbulb thing over 10,000 times; he just eliminated 10,000 ways to create light! 


Perfect Placement, Perfect Timing

It can be so very attractive to think about how far you’d be now if you hadn’t taken the road you did. Wearing out a pair of shoes by kicking yourself in the butt isn’t a good use of your time or your energy. The responsibility – and the consequences -- of your life have been yours all along. Whatever happened before RIGHT NOW is just what brought you here. The ability to change, to morph, to reach for and claim your Reality is also yours. Be your own best friend; wholeheartedly embrace the life of your dreams!


The true travesty of life is bleeding for the dream of another…


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Success Quest Self Care for DreamWeavers

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