Big Month of May for Stage 32 Writers!

Big Month of May for Stage 32 Writers!

Big Month of May for Stage 32 Writers!

Jason Mirch
Jason Mirch
5 years ago

Good morning Stage 32 Creative Family! Not only are we kicking off another Monday, we are kicking off the month of June with a big recap of all the success our members have had in May. There is a lot for our members to be excited about!

In the month of May, Christina Pamies - the Grand Prize Winner of our 5th Annual New Blood Contest - was signed by the leading management & production company Good Fear, through Stage 32. She has since met with uber-producers Chris Bender and Jake Weiner who are working with her to develop her winning project!

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Christina Pamies - the Grand Prize Winner of our 5th Annual New Blood Contest

Awesome work, Christina! Keep us posted! And speaking of which, if you have a horror or thriller project ready to rock, submit to our 6th Annual New Blood Contest which is accepting submissions now! And if you don’t have a horror or thriller written yet, why not? Our Final Deadline is not until August 21st! Get on it!

Speaking of contests, on May 24, we were excited to announce Quarter-Finalists who made it through the first round of judging of our 4th Annual Comedy Writing Contest! We received entries from all over the world and the competition has been strong. Congratulations to all the talented screenwriters who moved forward. When the Grand Prize Winner is announced, they will be set up on meetings with some of the leading names in comedy! Stay tuned for news on the next rounds of judging!

In addition to our contest success, in May we have had over 20 requests for meetings and introductions from executives who have found writers through Stage 32!

Jordan Garrett of Buffalo 8 requested Dante from Jason Farley, Adolescent Behavior by Marquese Dion Clack, a project from Dennis Hill, and Pooling to Paradise by Caytha Jentis. Daniel Kendrick of Chatrone requested to read Dandy from Jack DeBell. Director and Producer Lee Sternthal requested Clean! from Raisin Cane and Living the Norm by Steven J Marchessault.

Literary Manager Larry Hummel requested introductions to Steffen Andrews for Aurora**, Sara Chen** for Kung Fu Grandma**,** and Richard Drutman. Justin Ross of Bohemia Group requested introductions to Martin K Zitter for Love the Ones You’re With**, Joshua David** for Aquarius Awakened**,** and Gregory G. Allen with Hiding in Daylight based on their pitch sessions.

Producer Jason Piette requested Darkness Within and Spring-Heeled Jack from Juhani Nurmi. Juhani also told me that Piette, Cody Lyons, and Jason Koffeman have been the nicest guys he has come across in the Stage 32 pitch sessions! Awesome!

Producer Wes Ambrecht asked for an introduction to Richard Drutman. Junior Manager Juan He of Good Fear requested to read The G.O.A.T. from Sid Patwa. Rachel Swearingen, the Manager of Acquisitions at FilmRise requested a project from Jenna Cook. And Christian Sander of Pense Productions requested to read Dearly Departed from Miguel Almendarez.

Congratulations to all of our writers who are seeing the positive results of their hard work! Keep us updated on the projects and your progress.

If you have a success story, we want to hear it! Write and share your story!

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