From England to LA: 3 Simple Rules

From England to LA: 3 Simple Rules

Every day in this crazy LA film world I learn something new. I have been here for over 3 years now and have been able to go from a position of not knowing anyone to being able to produce a film that is doing the festival circuit all for a budget of $1,000. Being British has also made things harder.

How do you even start when you need to get a social security number a home address and a cell?

It can seem daunting. If I can do it, though, then so can you.

From England to LA 3 Simple Rules

The first thing you need is to want this more than anything. I'm serious. You need to really really want it. This industry is hard work with some obvious glamorous elements. But, if you want it then you need to be prepared to work for it. Again this may sound obvious but it doesn't matter how hard you have to work or for how long. You have to keep on going.

I always say I'm about a year away from being a 10 year overnight success. All the friends and contacts and acquaintances that I've met on the way really have helped lead me to where I am. They have become part of my projects and encouraged me to continue forward with the dream.

From England to LA 3 Simple Rules

That's why it's important to maintain those contacts. Don't forget who helped you on your way up.

Once you have a clear vision for your goals and what you would like to achieve then start working on them. There is no time like the present. No more excuses, just go for it.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you, who want you to do well and tell you that you can do it.

From England to LA 3 Simple Rules

This is not about being an overnight success, it's about enjoying the journey and then making the most of every experience and opportunity you are given.

Be in it for the long haul!

So, in my journey from England to LA I summarize my advice to you in 3 simple rules:

  1. Write your goals down.

  2. Act on your goals.

  3. Don't give up.

Anything really is possible if you put your mind to it, so good luck!

From England to LA 3 Simple Rules

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All I think about, breathe, dream about is film. I am working on several projects simultaneously and I directed four feature films in my first year as a female director. Success is something I am able to achieve everyday, by meeting new people, trying new things and making young people very happy. My non profit is a major part of my life. The philanthropic productions I produce are integral to who I am. My other important element of my life is my soul mate and daughter Isabella Blake Thomas. She is part of all my wonderful projects in some role either as an actress, an ambassador, a director or an interviewer. I am always wanting to collaborate so please get in touch.

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