Success Story - Update on Comedy Contest Winners

Success Story - Update on Comedy Contest Winners

Success Story - Update on Comedy Contest Winners

It's been about a month since you've met our Stage 32 Comedy Contest winners Keith & Anthony, who won our 2nd annual contest for their script SHORE BREAK. We sent their script out to the executives we work with and there was a ton of interest. We brought this writing team to LA and set them up on a bunch of meetings which have turned out fantastic! We, as creatives, are all in this together so we want to share with you their journey.

We always suggest for creatives to have more than 1 tool in their arsenal, and Keith & Anthony have worked hard and have a variety of feature and short scripts as well as sketches, short films and proof of concepts. This went over well with the executives they met with and has led to some incredible opportunities. The whirlwind week has produced some great results for Keith and Anthony and we couldn't be happier for them:

Amasia Entertainment requested their horror comedy script and a mockumentary they produced.

Lionsgate's LOL Network requested their animation pilot and asked for a sketch packet.

Big Beach Films requested their short film Baby Grand.

Panay Films wants to go into development on a spec pilot written by Keith & Anthony and they are already having a 2nd meeting.

"Anthony and I have done well in several screenwriting contests, but Stage 32 was the first to set us up with actual production companies and managers. That can’t be overstated. Most competitions aren’t worth the entry fee, but Stage 32 was an entirely different experience. We sensed early on that they cared about our work and our future as writers, which was refreshing. The meetings were equally enjoyable. Every company wanted to continue the conversation and requested to read additional scripts. Submit to this contest!"

-Keith Strausbaugh

"Winning Stage 32’s comedy contest literally opened 7 industry doors for us, 8 if you include an address mix-up. As writers, you know how hard those doors are to open. Usually you pass your script to the security guard who trades you for a restraining order, but RB and Amanda kindly held our hands so we were able to shake others. Stage 32’s a great support team and we could not thank them enough for all their business insight and resources."

-Anthony Guidubaldi

Join us in congratulating Keith & Anthony on their success below!

Also, if you have a horror, thriller or suspense script, we are now accepting submissions to our 4th Annual Search for New Blood Contest.

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