The Doorpost Project Podcast

The Doorpost Project Podcast

"When it comes to art, you're either in, or not in. If you're half in, you're not in."

-- Richard "RB" Botto

Our thanks to Duane Barnhart from The Door Post Project for having our Founder and CEO, Richard "RB" Botto, on his highly popular podcast featuring entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry.

For an hour Duane and RB discussed RB's background from New York to LA, how he got into the entertainment business, and the evolution of Stage 32. They went over breaking into the business, lesson learned from past failures, habits of success, recommended resources, top motivational quotes and more including:

  • How pursuing an artistic career has a ton in common with the entrepreneural spirit

  • How do we get over keeping things so close to the chest in networking?

  • The spirit of healthy debate among creatives

  • What should a typical day look like for a creative?

  • Does RB sleep?

  • How do you pursue, acting, directing, producing screenwriting or any creative profession?

  • How to research and target companies you'd like to work with

  • How networking and connections lead RB to landing his literary manager

  • Why "Hey! Look at me!" doesn't work

  • Is it important to have a mentor?

  • So much more!

Please take some time to listen to and share the podcast.

We hope you get inspired on this Monday morning!

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