The Holiday Jump Start: Prepare to take a Giant Leap Forward!

The Holiday Jump Start: Prepare to take a Giant Leap Forward!

The Holiday Jump Start: Prepare to take a Giant Leap Forward!

Jason Mirch
Jason Mirch
2 years ago

Hello Stage 32 Community! Wow. Believe it or not, you made it through a harrowing year. I want you to use this moment to very quickly reflect - and take stock - on all that you have personally dealt with - and overcome - in 2020. The world kicked off the “roaring” 2020’s with an inauspicious start. And then, we had a pretty rough middle of the year. And now, it seems we are in for an anxiety-inducing Finale. But, we are enthusiastic. We are hopeful. We are empowered. We are Stage 32.

Amidst the turmoil and tumult, there was - and is - a tremendous sense of community and togetherness in this audience. It allows for us to count the blessings we have had - when we know where to look - and reinforces the promise of shared success in the future.

The Stage 32 Team is so grateful for you and all members of this community. It's easy to say - though harder to impress - we are so very thankful for every member of the Stage 32 community. To date, nearly a million members are part of Stage 32. We can see, hear and feel the power of you all. While we may be separated by circumstances and distances that span states, countries, continents, and oceans, the Stage 32 team is deeply committed to making this world - and this industry - as inclusive as possible.

The creative journey is personal to every individual. And the trust given to the entire Stage 32 team to guide that process is held in the highest respect. Simply put, whether education, access, community engagement, or professional development, our mission is to help you advance in your own creative endeavors.

While 2020 has been unexpectedly tumultuous, there have been incredible successes in our community that we are excited to celebrate in the closing weeks of this year.

This year alone, a major feature film, CHICK FIGHT - found through a Stage 32 Pitch Session - was produced and released theatrically. There were over 500 individual meetings between Stage 32 creatives and industry leaders. There were over 3,000 scripts requested by industry professionals through Stage 32. More than $10,000 in option money was awarded to writers as a result of Stage 32 contests. And more writers and content creators were signed, optioned or hired for work in the industry than at any other time in the history of Stage 32. We are going to redouble those efforts and those successes in 2021.

The Holiday Jump Start Prepare to take a Giant Leap Forward

Stage 32 shattered records in 2020! In 2021 we will multiply these numbers!

We will continue to shine a spotlight on members who have achieve successes - and rally those who are still working toward their goals.

I speak for the entire Stage 32 team when I say, we pride ourselves on not only being the leaders in film, television and new media education and access, but also giving you a community that keeps you motivated and encouraged. We work hard to ensure you can stay connected to our Stage 32 Educators, Executives, and fellow community members over the course of your creative journey. Our mission is to make sure you succeed in your mission.

We are so grateful that you allow us to be a part of your process. We are able to do what we do, because of you. We’re committed to be with you and offer our support every step of the way, from that initial dream all the way through to a fully realized creative career.

Let’s honest. The rolling over of a date does not reset our circumstances. Of course 2021 will be filled with challenges. But it will also afford us boundless opportunities if we continue to learn from each other and support one another. The journey will move forward - long past 2020. The Stage 32 team can’t wait to continue serving you as a resource, a conduit, and a champion.

Because this year has been so challenging, it is an important time and recommit to your creative pursuits. While it may feel like everything is on standby, the film and TV industry is aggressively moving forward into a content gold rush like we have never seen before. Production companies, studios, mini-studios, streamers, and buyers are all hungry to pick up projects in 2021.

That’s why now is the time to prepare and now is the time to act. If you’re waiting until productions are up and running, you will have already missed the train.

There are 25 days left in 2020. We are going to use all of them. We are all going to work. And when we ring in the new year together in 2021, close to a million creative individuals will be ready to make their mark on the most celebrated industry on the face of the planet.

This is the Holiday Jump Start.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be bringing you opportunities to Jump Start your career for the New Year. Whether you’re writing a script, working on a pitch deck, reaching out to investors, improving your craft as an actor, or anything else, we’re going to make sure you have the tools and talent at your disposal to succeed. So keep an eye on your inbox. Help is on the way.

You know the story that needs to be told. We know how to make it happen. Together we’re an unstoppable force that will redefine the industry and reshape a world.

Prepare to take a giant leap forward.

Comment below and let the community know what you will be working on! And offer support to others who are working to hit their end of the year goals as well.

Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Jason Mirch

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