Breaking Down the Elements of a Pitch that Secured Funding & How to Apply Them to Your Project (Case Study: BYPASS, Nominated for Best Film at Venice Film Festival)

Taught by Samm Haillay

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Class hosted by: Samm Haillay

Producer / Co-Founder at Kirlian

Samm Haillay's expertise bridges the world of narrative and documentary films across the US and Europe. His films include coproductions with Sweden, Germany and Australia and have premiered in Cannes, Venice, Sundance and SXSW and have been featured at the London Film Festival, AFI, MoMA Docs and countless others. In 2018, his feature Island of the Hungry Ghosts won best Feature documentary at Tribeca. Samm is a member of BAFTA, EAVE and ACE. He sat on the Short Film Jury in Berlin 2010 to award the Golden Bear. He is a group leader for EAVE, Feature Expanded, and the Venice College Cinema. He also delivers training for Creative England, Film London, Arts Council England and FACT. He is also a 3 time teacher here on Stage 32. Samm has been a patron or board member at several film festivals and is a recognized film academic. Full Bio »


A Tribeca-winning producer breaks down the pitch elements you need to secure funding for your project!


How do I get financing? How can I win over a financier? How can I stand out from other projects looking for funding? How can I create a pitch that blows financiers away?

These are the questions on everyone filmmakers mind. And we have the answers.

As you no doubt know, the competition for raising financing is fierce. With so much content being created, investors have more projects to choose from than ever before. It's not enough to say "I have a great project!" You must be able to show and convey why your project is worthy of those investment dollars and the interest of producers who can get a film made quickly and efficiently.

One of our favorite educators, Tribeca-winning producer Samm Haillay, is back again exclusively at Stage 32 and this time he's bringing the goods to help you design the best pitch possible for your film. In this 2-part class, Samm will be showing you the 15 minute pitch which helped raise ALL the funding for the feature length film, BYPASS, which went on to be nominated for Best Film at the prestigious Venice Film Festival (among others) and continued Samm's incredible stretch of raising funds and winning awards. The film was written, directed and produced by Duane Hopkins, who's experience prior to this was primarily in short films.

In this two part Stage 32 class, Samm will break down what it takes for any filmmaker, producer, screenwriter or other creative looking to raise funds and get their projects into development! We know raising money can be hard; Samm Haillay has been there time and time again. And he is sharing his methods and knowledge to give you the competitive advantage you need to make your pitch worthy, relevant, and memorable.

If you are a filmmaker looking to get financing for your next project, this class is a must!


Praise For Samm's Teaching

"No wonder Samm has made a career out of raising money for his films, he's a pro at it and I feel so fortunate to have learned from him!" -- Nicholas B.

"There's an art and a science to raising money for film and Samm helped me understand that better than anyone else has before." - Meg W.


What You'll Learn

Part 1 - Breaking Down the Pitch

Samm will show you the 15 minute recorded video pitch for the feature film BYPASS. This recorded pitch captured the hearts and minds of investors and producers and led to the feature being fully funded. Samm will break down the entire pitch, component by component to show you why it worked so well. He'll also discuss the style and execution of BYPASS and discuss how you can apply these winning techniques to your pitch! Finally, in what's perhaps the most overlooked aspect of pitching a project, Samm will take all the elements discussed and explain how you can utilize them for any pitch, no matter how long the length. From an elevator pitch to a full on feature meeting, Samm will have you covered.

Part 2 - Pitching Workshop/Case Studies

You'll watch as Samm takes volunteers from the class who pitch their projects.  You'll learn as he dissects each pitch, pulls out the winning and challenging elements of each and discusses where it does and doesn't capture the imagination. He will then workshop these pitches so everyone attending can fully understand how to craft and present an undeniably attractive pitch.


About Your Instructor

Samm Haillay's expertise bridges the world of narrative and documentary films across the US and Europe. His films include coproductions with Sweden, Germany and Australia and have premiered in Cannes, Venice, Sundance and SXSW and have been featured at the London Film Festival, AFI, MoMA Docs and countless others. In 2018, his feature Island of the Hungry Ghosts won best Feature documentary at Tribeca.

Samm is a member of BAFTA, EAVE and ACE. He sat on the Short Film Jury in Berlin 2010 to award the Golden Bear. He is a group leader for EAVE, Feature Expanded, and the Venice College Cinema. He also delivers training for Creative England, Film London, Arts Council England and FACT. He is also a 3 time teacher here on Stage 32.

Samm has been a patron or board member at several film festivals and is a recognized film academic.


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Reviews Average Rating: 4 out of 5

  • Tech issue quickly resolved - this is an excellent class!
  • By far, one of the most informational and useful webinars to date on stage32. Mr. Haillay was personable and very helpful. The methods he suggests for pitching not only work well, but they assist in getting to the heart of the story quickly. I plan on using his method for all of my future pitches.

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How to Develop, Pitch and Sell Your Family Series or Film- with a Pitch Deck Case Study

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With more and more content being created and more avenues for films to be seen, the overall distribution market is changing at a rapid pace. But, the classic in-theater experience is still alive and well – if you have the right type of film and you understand how tailor your approach to the market. Don't think for a second that your film is not a fit for theatrical distribution or that all theaters and screens are controlled by the studios. There still IS an opportunity for a film to be distributed to the US market in theaters. Independent film acquisitions with the intent to distribute in the US theatrical market still make up a profitable part of today’s film business. Unfortunately, many filmmakers aren’t aware of the elements a film must have to be considered for theatrical distribution. Understanding everything from where your content fits to how to put your film in the best position to be acquired is absolutely necessary in order for you to give your project the best chance to attract a buyer and give you the opportunity to have your masterpiece, the film you worked so hard to make, seen in a theater. Jason Resnick is the Executive Vice President of Acquisitions for Aviron Pictures and has had decades of experience in theatrical distribution on films of all budget levels. He Jason was formerly the GM of Worldwide Acquisitions for the Universal Pictures Group and in charge of all acquisitions for Universal, Focus Features, Rogue Pictures and Universal Home Entertainment. Now, exclusively for Stage 32, he'll go over what the current US theatrical market looks like for film acquisitions. And, it's more accessible than you think! To fully understand how the market has shifted and how the old thinking has become obsolete, Jason will break down the last 10 years of theatrical distribution to show you what's still working and what has dramatically changed. This information alone will give you a competitive advantage in the space and make you more attractive to buyers. He will also make you understand limited, wide, and day-and-date releases and identify the key players in each. He will show you the proper way to approach these reps and buyers so you stand out in a competitive market. Most importantly you will learn how a film is acquired for US theatrical release and what can hurt and help your chances of getting acquired. You will walk away knowing exactly makes your film look attractive for an acquisition for the US theatrical market.   "I learned a lot. Really appreciate Jason's experience and expertise. Jason's presentation was considered, articulate, to the point and very informative. Was well worth the class fee." - Rebecca D.  

Fix the Script: Rewrite Your Half Hour TV Pilot with SILICON VALLEY writer Meghan Pleticha (MARCH 2022)

  Get Guidance in Rewriting and Improving Your Half Hour Pilot Script with Experienced TV Writer Meghan Pleticha (SILICON VALLEY) Support Your Fellow Writers As You All Work Together To Hone Your Scripts   Payment plans available - contact Limited to 8 spots - 2 spots remain!   Before you send your half-hour TV pilot to that representative or exec, is the story in the very best place it can be? Rewrites are truly where a good script becomes exceptional. Yet too often, writers neglect to review their scripts because they don’t want to kill their darlings or reshape their scenes. If you’re truly serious about getting your own series and vision off the ground, though, it won’t happen until you invest in rewriting your work. Meghan Pleticha is television writer with ten years of entertainment industry experience who has most recently worked as a staff writer on HBO’s Emmy nominated comedy series SILICON VALLEY. Her work has also appeared on Cartoon Network’s POWER PLAYERS, and in Escala, AeroMéxico’s official in-flight magazine. Previous to being staffed on television shows, she worked as a writer’s assistant and script coordinator for shows like FX’s MARRIED, ABC’s CHARITY CASE, and VH1’s HIT THE FLOOR. Over 8 weeks, Meghan will help you rewrite your own half hour pilot script by walking you through the entire process and offering support and mentoring throughout. Using her own unique and tested rewrite process as well as a series of thought through and tested homework assignments and exercises, she will help you tackle your own project the right way and leave with a stronger pilot script than what you started with.  

Breaking Down the Oscar-Winning Script Green Book

As you know, for a screenwriter, the best education comes from reading great screenplays. We're going to take it one step further. Our Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, who has spent over 10 years as an executive and producer, is going to break down the Oscar Winning Screenplay GREEN BOOK and show why it works so well. Everyone signing up for this FREE webinar will receive the screenplay for GREEN BOOK to read and review. Then, during the webinar Jason will take you step by step as he examines the setups, beats and character arcs that make the script sing.

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