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Who Should Attend:

All levels of screenwriters (advanced, intermediate and beginner) looking to write a compelling first five pages of your screenplay to hook readers.

All levels of screenwriters (advanced, intermediate and beginner) looking to learn what elements make the first five pages of a screenplay stand out.

All levels of screenwriters (advanced, intermediate and beginner) looking to learn the craft of screenwriting.

Producers who want to better understand how to engage audiences in the first five pages of a screenplay.

Actors who want to take control of their careers by writing a screenplay with an engaging first five pages.

This Next Level Education class has a 91% user satisfaction rate.

Class hosted by: Regina Lee

Producer - HBO, CBS, CW, FOX, Starz, CBS, BET

Regina Lee is a film and TV series producer and former studio executive who has worked with writers and talent of all levels to get their projects sold to studios and networks like HBO, FOX, BET, Lifetime, Starz, Universal Pictures, The CW, CBS and more.  he began her executive career at Universal Pictures, where she was the primary executive in charge of movies like THE FAST & THE FURIOUS 3, THE GOOD SHEPHERD, AMERICAN WEDDING, SEABISCUIT and more. Regina has a deep and accomplished history of elevating projects and helping them find success and understands what it takes for scripts to break through. Full Bio »


Learn what executives look for in the first five pages of your script from a producer whose worked with HBO, Universal, Fox, CBS and more!


The first five pages of your script are perhaps the most important of your entire story. Those initial pages must hook your reader from the very first word and entice them to follow you into the world your story has created. No matter the genre, those first five pages are key.  Whether you’re submitting your script to a screenwriting contest, a manager, an agent, a producer, or director, your job as a writer it to craft those pages in such a way that the reader is compelled to keep reading.  Whether you are writing your first script or your fiftieth, learning to make those first five pages sing is a critical skill.

Your instructor teaching you how to make your first 5 pages really pop is Regina Lee. Regina is a film and TV series producer and former studio executive who has worked with writers and talent of all levels to get their projects sold to studios and networks like HBO, FOX, BET, Lifetime, Starz, Universal Pictures, The CW, CBS and more. She began her executive career at Universal Pictures, where she was the primary executive in charge of movies like X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, THE FAST & THE FURIOUS 3, THE GOOD SHEPHERD, AMERICAN WEDDING, SEABISCUIT and more. Regina has a deep and accomplished history of elevating projects and helping writer's find success; because she's been both a producer and a studio executive, she understands what it takes for scripts to break through.

Over the course of three jam-packed sessions, Regina goes in depth on what NEEDS to happen in your script’s first five pages, what executives are looking for, the typical paradigms for a script’s opening, and how you can give executives what they want to see.

You will leave this class with a solid understanding of how to get your reader hooked in only 5 pages or less!

Purchasing gives you access to the previously-recorded live class. Although Regina is no longer reviewing the assignments, we still encourage all listeners to participate.

Praise for Regina’s Stage 32 Class

"Regina offers great insight. This class instantly made me a better writer.” -- David L.

"Thanks for a wonderful class! Your efforts have been amazing." --Heather F.

"Great class, very helpful and useful information."  --John R.

"I just re-wrote my first five pages based on this class and Regina's incredibly insightful feedback, and wow! What a difference it made. This class is a "must take" Stage 32'ers!" -- Shari F.

What You'll Learn

Part 1 - Introduction: Who is Your Reader & What Are They Thinking

Regina covers what readers are looking for when they read your material and what their considerations/criteria are as they evaluate the market viability of your project.

  • Regina will introduce herself to the class and talk about her experience in Film and TV.
  • She will go over who will be reading your script as you make your way into the major LA/NY studio and indie film systems and the Hollywood TV system.
  • The discussion will range from screenwriting contest readers, to managers and agents, to producers to financiers, to the actors and directors who bring value to a project.
  • You will learn what it’s like to sit on the other side of the table, which will help your own presentation and strategy.
  • Q&A with Regina

Part 2 - Effective Paradigms of a Script’s Opening

Regina goes over effective paradigms typically used to open scripts, including teaser openings, openings which set up the protagonist, openings which convey the backstory and mythology of a new world, and openings which are set-pieces unto themselves.

  • Regina will explain these paradigms by referencing popular movies and TV shows for clarity.
  • She will discuss genre expectations, using the opening to fully set-up the protagonist, and using the opening to establish tone.
  • She will also cover how to use the opening to set up protagonists that audiences can relate to and root for.
  • Then she will offer tips on how to better execute the elements that have been discussed.
  • Regina will also go over the previous week’s homework in class and analyze some projects that volunteers put forward for discussion.
  • Q&A with Regina

Part 3 - Analyzing Well-Executed Openings

Regina leads the class in analyzing several well-executed openings in both Film and TV, ranging in genre and tone.

  • Students will be given sample scripts of the first 5 pages of successful movies such as The 40 Year-Old Virgin, American Pie, American Beauty, and hit TV show pilots such as The Strain and Grey’s Anatomy.
  • The class will discuss the first 5-10 minutes of movies/shows like Jaws, Jerry Maguire, and Friends.
  • Students will also be given the first 5 pages of a few well-written scripts that have sold to studios, but have not yet been produced.
  • Regina will go over the previous week’s homework in class, which will involve class members writing their own 5-page openings. 
  • Q&A with Regina


PLEASE NOTE: This exclusive Stage 32 class is available on-demand. The opportunity to learn from an executive and an expert in the field is an incredibly unique and valuable opportunity. 

  • This class is designed for beginner and intermediate students looking to learn how to hook your reader in the first 5 pages of your screenplay. This is an in-depth, practical, and detailed class with significantly more content than a standard 90-minute webinar.
  • This class consists of four sessions, each roughly two hours in duration. In addition to the presentation-style lessons, you will have the opportunity to listen to the original Q&A.


About Your Instructor

Regina Lee is a film and TV series producer and former studio executive who has worked with writers and talent of all levels to get their projects sold to studios and networks like HBO, FOX, BET, Lifetime, Starz, Universal Pictures, The CW, CBS and more.  he began her executive career at Universal Pictures, where she was the primary executive in charge of movies like THE FAST & THE FURIOUS 3, THE GOOD SHEPHERD, AMERICAN WEDDING, SEABISCUIT and more. Regina has a deep and accomplished history of elevating projects and helping them find success and understands what it takes for scripts to break through.


Q: What is the format of a class?
A: Stage 32 Next Level Classes are typically 2 to 4 week ongoing broadcasts that take place online using a designated software program from Stage 32.

Q: Do I have to have to be located in a specific location?
A: No, you can participate from the comfort of your own home using your personal computer! If you attend a live online class, you will be able to communicate directly with your instructor during the class.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: You will need to meet the following system requirements in order to run the class software: Windows 7 or later Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later.
If you have Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion): The class software does not support these operating systems. If you are running one of those operating systems, please upgrade now in order to be able to view a live class. Upgrade your Windows computer / Upgrade your Mac computer 

Q: What if I cannot attend the live class?
A: If you cannot attend a live class and purchase an On-Demand class, you will have access to the entire recorded broadcast, including the Q&A.

Q: Will I have access to the class afterward to rewatch?
A: Yes! After the purchase of a live or On-Demand class, you will have on-demand access to the audio recording, which you can view as many times as you'd like for a whole year!


If you have a generic question about Stage 32 education you can take a look at our frequently asked questions section on our help page, or feel free to contact support with any other inquiries you might have.

Reviews Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Aerial images go back to when hot air balloons first went up in the 1700s, but the use of aerial images has exploded in the 21st century with the now ubiquitous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, better known as drones. In very little time, drone photography has become widely—perhaps too widely—used in countless films, television shows, commercials, and other media projects. And along with this wide adoption of drones has come a demand for those who can successfully and artfully operate them. This presents a potentially lucrative and rewarding opportunity for cinematographers looking to expand their reach and build their skill set. Yet with the clear overuse of drone photography in media today, each to varying effects, it’s evident that not all drone shots are created equal, and standing out requires a deeper level of skills. Adding drone cinematography to your film, tv or new media project can breathe new life into shots that may, in the past, have cost your budget heavily to rent the necessary equipment to get. In the same way, finding success with drones requires more than knowing simply how to pilot one; a cinematographer needs to have the eye and well-developed instincts and they need to understand how to work with clients and artists to get those perfect shots. It's important to know that the term ‘drone operator’ is often used for those that use these vehicles to capture video or images, but just as cinematographers are never simply referred to as ‘tripod operators’, neither should anyone simply be seen as a ‘drone operator’. A drone is just a new way to place the camera in incredibly exciting places, a tool in a tool belt. Better understanding the steps that can take you to this point can prove exciting and promising for a cinematographer’s career. Chris Tangey is one of the most sought after drone cinematographers in the world. His impressive career as a cinematographer has him working for Netflix, Warner Bros. Columbia Tristar, BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, Lonely Plant and more. He recently won "Best Aerial Cinematography" in the European Cinematography Awards, and both "Best Drone" and "Best Scenography" In the New York International Film Awards. He was also awarded a Jury Commendation in the World Drone Awards in Siena Italy. He has 2 Gold and 4 silver awards from the Australian Cinematographers Society. Chris has quickly become a leader in the field of aerial imagery and is ready to share what he knows exclusively with the Stage 32 community. Chris will give you the knowledge and tools to get you started to becoming a successful aerial cinematographer. He’ll begin by giving a brief introduction on drone photography, offering a history and understanding of what exactly drones, as well as how they have affected the current state of helicopter-based cinematography. He’ll explain the benefits and exciting potential of drone cinematography and how that has come into play in media today. He’ll lay out how drones and drone photographers work within small and large productions and their crews. Next Chris will give a rundown of how drones work, what the main types of drones are, what the main drone manufacturers are, and what the notable parts of a drone are. He’ll explain what features are offered for different drones and what features are needed for different types of projects. He’ll also give tips on where to buy your own drone as well as how to obtain a licence to legally operate them. Chris will then outline the safety and legal aspects of operating drones. 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