Actors: 10 Tips To Booking More Work That No One Is Telling You

Hosted by Jack Plotnick


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Jack Plotnick

Webinar hosted by: Jack Plotnick

Actor, Director and Performance Coach

Jack has performed in countless TV shows, commercials and feature films. You most likely will recognize Jack from his series regular and recurring roles on Silicon Valley, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Reno 911, Action, Ellen, and Drawn Together, and his appearance in the films Meet the Fockers, Down With Love, Rubber and Gods and Monsters. Jack produced and starred in the Lifetime Television comedy Lovespring International (12 episodes on the air), and in the feature film (and cult hit!) Girls Will Be Girls. Most recently Jack starred in the feature film Wrong (5 stars from NY Daily News), was recurring on The Mentalist, is the spokesman for Chex Mix, co-wrote and directed the Off-Broadway musical, Disaster! (Top 10 - NY Daily News) and directed his first feature film, Space Station 76 (starring Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler and Matt Bomer) which was bought by Sony Pictures for worldwide release. Jack is currently doing actor's workshop and lectures in Los Angeles and New York City. To learn more, and to read his free online book, New Thoughts For Actors, go to Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

It’s no secret that being an actor is one of the hardest jobs there is. Facing frequent rejection, navigating high levels of competition, constantly looking for new opportunities, all while honing your craft and remaining open and vulnerable in what can be a difficult and cold industry—pursuing this career is not for the weak of heart. There are countless challenges to building an acting career, but when we put undue pressure on ourselves we may not even realize that the biggest obstacle to overcome may just be our own psyches and self-destructive strategies. It's time to change course.

There’s so much information out there for actors about improving your craft, changing your auditioning chops, working with your agent, staying on top of trends, making connections, and more. It’s easy to forget that a big part of the craft simply comes down to mindset and confidence. Taking away the doubt that so often comes with performing and replacing it with swagger and confidence will help you not only win over every room, but also make smart, strategic decisions that will lead to a long and prosperous acting career. This, of course, is easier said than done, but a good first step is to learn the best tips, tricks, and traits of the most successful working actors.

Jack Plotnick has been a working actor for over 20 years and has amassed over 100 IMDB acting credits in the process including SILICON VALLEY, MEET THE FOCKERS, THE MENTALIST, RENO 911 and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. He's also parlayed this success into a directing career with SPACE STATION 76 for Sony Pictures Worldwide. He has used his experience to serve as the go-to teacher for many successful film, television and voice actors including Zachary Quinto, Liv Tyler, Alyson Hannigan, and Ryan Potter to name a few. Jack has built a successful acting career for himself by adopting a mindset that has allowed him to win over the room and consistently get parts.

In 10 simple and applicable steps you can return to again and again, Jack will show you how to eliminate fear, doubt, negativity and how to cut out all those detrimental voices so damaging to an actor's psyche. He will give you the tools that will provide a persistent positive mindset that will have you brimming with confidence. He will teach you how to crush every audition and put yourself in position to win every room. He will show you how to be a better actor and why you are versatile enough to handle comedy and drama roles. He will teach you how to keep your mind and spirit healthy and book more work. Expect to leave this webinar with a newfound confidence, enthusiasm, and a set of tools to take with you to start landing more roles and improving your craft.



What Some of the Most Successful Actors are Saying About Jack:


"Jack has an innate ability to communicate a sense of freedom. Our work together has allowed me to more reliably get out of my own way and connect to the material and situation at hand."

- Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Heroes, American Horror Story)


"(Jack) taught me things that were so fucking brilliant. They are things that have stuck with me and helped me as a human being in this world."

- Liv Tyler (The Leftovers, The Strangers, The Lord of the Rings)


"I seriously couldn’t have done it without him. His words of wisdom are always with me."

- Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Pie)


"I've printed out every page of Jack Plotnick's website and made an "acting Bible" for myself."

- Wendi McLendon-Covey (The Goldbergs, Bridesmaids)


"Right now I'm working mainly with Jack Plotnick, who's just the best acting coach ever."

- Ryan Potter (voice of Hiro in Big Hero 6)

What You'll Learn

  • Why Acting Is Easy
    • Understanding the true definition of acting will instantly liberate you from countless classes and workshops.
  • How to Free Yourself from Self-Destructive Thoughts and Anxieties
    • Never be “nervous” again
  • The Secret to Auditioning
  • How to Prepare for an Audition
    • Jack breaks down the process of preparing for a role into two easy steps
  • The Secret to Acting in a Drama
  • The 5 Concepts That Every Actor Must Understand in Order to Do Their Craft
    • Understanding these concepts creates a reality where there is no such thing as “failure".
  • The 2 Simple Fixes for All Auditions
  • The Secret to Acting in a Comedy and Sitcom
    • Stop wasting money on result-oriented line-readings and techniques which the working actors aren’t even using.
  • How to Short-Circuit the Process of Insecurity
  • The Healthy Way to Build a Career
  • Q&A with Jack

About Your Instructor

Jack has performed in countless TV shows, commercials and feature films. You most likely will recognize Jack from his series regular and recurring roles on Silicon Valley, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Reno 911, Action, Ellen, and Drawn Together, and his appearance in the films Meet the Fockers, Down With Love, Rubber and Gods and Monsters.

Jack produced and starred in the Lifetime Television comedy Lovespring International (12 episodes on the air), and in the feature film (and cult hit!) Girls Will Be Girls.

Most recently Jack starred in the feature film Wrong (5 stars from NY Daily News), was recurring on The Mentalist, is the spokesman for Chex Mix, co-wrote and directed the Off-Broadway musical, Disaster! (Top 10 - NY Daily News) and directed his first feature film, Space Station 76 (starring Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler and Matt Bomer) which was bought by Sony Pictures for worldwide release.

Jack is currently doing actor's workshop and lectures in Los Angeles and New York City. To learn more, and to read his free online book, New Thoughts For Actors, go to


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Reviews Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • It was informative & Jack Plotnick made the webinar fun for everyone to hear and watch. I liked the part where he said that you don't need to go to an acting class to learn acting but for the theater medium it helps to take an acting class. Paraphrasing means changing a word or two or in other words improvising is very true in acting. - Divij Kak

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Your host David H. Lawrence XVII received an overwhelming 100% satisfaction rate from Voicing Commercials - Part 1 and we are thrilled to have him back exclusively for Stage 32 to continue your education with Voicing Commercials - Part 2! Learn directly from David H. Lawrence XVII, VO and screen actor with over 50 film and TV credits, including Heroes, Lost, CSI, How I Met Your Mother, Men In Black III, Iron Man and more! "He certainly knows the business very well, I likes the way he breaks things down , it makes it easy to remember and therefore to apply to our work". - Nicolette M. "This was such an awesome webinar, especially for the price point - I learned a lot that I can take directly to my next auditions." - Stephanie M."Excellent info! Very clearly presented!" - Brad V. "This is information I am in need of and believe it or not, it's not taught by all coaches I have met. Please do more!" - Steve L. In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, you will continue your education on the most common category of voice over auditions and performance: radio and TV (and now web!) commercial copy. Using what you learned in Voicing Commercials - Part 1 about auditions, equipment and slating, you will dive into the structure of copy, looking at lists, setups, payoffs, dialogue reads, and endings. This webinar will round out your education on how to connect with a listening and viewing audience on a visceral level, taking your execution of commercial VO to a deeper and more satisfying level! You Will Leave This Webinar Knowing: How to keep your sentences tightly woven. How to perform excellent dialogue and couple reads. What are voicing lists and how to use them? Setups and payoffs in commercial VO. When to start acting and when to stop. Endings - conclusions, questions and wistfulness Plus much, much more!  After a 30 year career in radio, your host David H. Lawrence XVII moved to television, and has been seen (and heard) on ABC's epic series Lost, CBS' legendary CSI, How I Met Your Mother, The Mentalist and military thriller The Unit, NBC's spy comedy Chuck, Good Luck Charlie and ANT Farm on Disney, Bella and the Bulldogs on Nickelodeon, Touch and The Finder on FOX, and is best known as the creepy evil puppet master Eric Doyle on NBC's smash hit Heroes. His film career includes on-camera and VO work on Men in Black III, Pizza Man, The Changeling, The Hulk, Iron Man, Percy Jackson, Unstoppable, Too Big to Fail, A Special Relationship and countless others. Lawrence has also voiced over 100 audiobooks. He is one of the top VO actors and instructors in the business, and we are thrilled to have him back to teach with Stage 32!

How to Shoot Your Project Safely During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic brought film production to a standstill last year. The risk of holding close gatherings required everyone to profoundly change how a film is produced in order to keep everyone safe. Yet we’ve luckily found a way to create new projects, on both a major studio and independent level. This doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. The preparation and process for producing a film have changed drastically, as have the rules and guidelines a crew needs to follow. There are ways to safely put your own film together even under these extreme circumstances, but doing so will require a new understanding of how to move forward. As a producer or filmmaker of any level, it’s your job not just to make sure a film comes together, but that the team you assembled stays safe in the process. This is extra difficult due to the pandemic, but it’s not impossible. In fact, independent productions have been finding a ways to do this successfully for a while now and you can as well. But this won’t be accomplished through business-as-usual approaches. Every aspect of the filmmaking process needs to be examined, altered, or even turned on its head in order to comply with new regulations, make the team feel comfortable, and most importantly to keep everyone virus-free. This is a big undertaking, but other independent outfits have figured this out, and learning how they did it can be instrumental in you finding success for your own project. Multi Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and author Shane Stanley has worked in almost every capacity on and off the set with hit shows like ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and SEINFELD and producing films like Sony Pictures’ GRIDIRON GANG a #1 box office hit starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. For three years, Shane was Vice President of Sheen/Michaels Entertainment where he produced several motion pictures starring Marlon Brando, Mira Sorvino, Thomas Hayden Church, Donald Sutherland, Marisa Tomei, Sean Penn, John Travolta, and Charlie and Martin Sheen.. Shane recently released his book What You Don’t Learn In Film School, which covers filmmaking from concept to delivery and has already landed on required reading lists at several universities across the country. Shane continues to produce and direct independent films of all levels, and just wrapped production on his latest action thriller BREAK EVEN, which was safely shot over December and January during the peak of COVID-19. Shane learned how to find success in the midst of a pandemic and is ready to share the lessons he picked up. Shane will teach you what you need to do to successfully and safely plan and produce a film during the COVID-19 pandemic. He’ll delve into the new rules you need to follow, issued by guilds, government agencies and film/permit offices. He’ll also discuss how location scouting works now and what sort of locations can be safely shot in. He’ll go through the changes in production insurance and how to hire and work with a COVID Compliance Officer during production. Shane will also discuss how to conduct COVID tests with your crew and how to work with guilds along the way. He will then go over how to work with actors during this time and will share with you the biggest tips and must-dos he learned to keep your crew safe. Finally, Shane will share the details of how he produced his own recent film DOUBLE THREAT and wrapped his 6 week production without a single COVID positive test. Even in times as tough as this, there’s a way forward and a way to create your art, and Shane will show you how to do so smartly, effectively, and while keeping yourself and everyone on your team safe.   Praise for Shane's Previous Stage 32 Webinar    "Shane was thorough, gave me a realistic view into the market as it is now, yet encouraging. Easy to listen to and follow. I'll be signing up for other classes he teaches in the future." -Karena K.   Just straight-forward, real, the kind of producer most of us would kill to work alongside. -Clark R.   "Shane was relevant, knew what was happening, and could walk the walk." -Chuck R.   "I loved the inside look from someone in the industry that is dealing with Covid restrictions on a daily basis." -Marven L.

How to Work the Virtual American Film Market: Get Meetings, Get to Buyers, The Market Landscape and Beyond

About this time in a normal year, filmmakers from around the world would be locking down their plans to travel to Santa Monica and attend the internationally renowned American Film Market (AFM). One of the biggest film acquisition, development and networking events in the world, AFM has provided a forum for thousands of films to find funding and acquisition deals since its founding in 1981. Yet this year will be different. Like most events right now, AFM has made the shift to virtual, and with that comes new rules, new expectations, and a new landscape. If you’re hoping to attend the AFM this year and leave with a deal in hand, it’s important you understand what the market will look like and how you can adjust your strategy to find success. With the AFM moving virtual, it will be even more competitive and challenging to access sales agents, buyers, and potential international partners. You will need to know who the players are and how to get their attention - all while working on different time zones and communicating virtually. Trying to understand this new way of doing business adds another layer of complexity as you navigate your market strategy, but don't worry. This new form of market is intended to be fruitful for all - and, most importantly, fun!  Alexia Melocchi is a partner at Little Studio Films, and for over two decades has produced and sold award winning movies that have earned nearly $1 Billion dollars in box office returns worldwide. Her clients have bought and partially financed films such as LA LA LAND, PEPPERMINT, THE BOY, TWILIGHT, TEEN SPIRIT and THE BANKER. Amongst her personal producing credits are the DURAN DURAN documentary directed by David Lynch, SERVICE TO MAN released through Entertainment Studios, and SOL DE MEDIANOCHE released on HBO. Alexia is also the host of THE HEART OF SHOW BUSINESS podcast, where she discusses the behind-the-scenes of how Hollywood truly works. Alexia has built much of her success on attending major film markets and intimately knows what it takes to stand out and get the deals you’re after in these forums, whether virtual or otherwise. Alexia will guide you through how to work this virtual edition of the American Film Market to get the meetings you’re after and find success for your project. She will begin by outlining the cultural differences that you can expect at this year’s AFM and the global market shifts that are taking place. Then she’ll delve into AFM as a whole and what their new virtual format is going to look like this year, including their Industry Offices, LocationEXPO, On Demand Theatre, Conference, Networking Pavilion, and Advisor Network. She’ll provide you with a rundown of the specific sales agents, distributors, and producers attending AFM this year that you should know. Alexia will then teach you how to handle the virtual obstacles taking place at the market this year, including the online meeting landscape how to work Zoom like a professional, and how to handle time zones. She’ll give you tips on how best to prepare for AFM, how to make appointments ahead of time and select your target list, how to access your targets, and how to use database platforms to hone your plan, including AFM Connect, Cinando, IMDBPro, and Variety Insight. Next Alexia will explain how you should approach buyers. She’ll walk you through the perfect approach for buyers and how to get your message across in a limited time frame to the right person. She’ll also show you what you really need to have ready before AFM begins and other relationship building tips to keep in mind beyond AFM. Finally, Alexia will expand to show you current trends overseas. She’ll talk about production challenges and updates in a COVID-19 era and why you should be planning ahead for the good times. The path to success continues to alter, and the push to virtual is challenging for everyone, but with the lessons and tips that Alexia will provide, you will leave with a solid understanding of how to roll with the punches and find the opportunities you’re after.   Praise for Alexia's Stage 32 Webinar   "Really great. Actually useful, practical advice. Wasn't full of bullshit platitudes, Alexia shot straight with us, but was also positive and encouraging. All in all, really appreciated the way she gave an overview of AFM and how to best take advantage of it." -Max W.   "Alexia did a fantastic job of making it all relatable and cutting through the noise." -Clint G.   "I really did gain some needed information on how to address this film market online" -Craig H.   "Alexia is clearing very experienced & she is so gracious in sharing her wisdom with all of us. I'm truly grateful that you all put on this webinar!" -Becca G.    

Using Self-Publishing to Enhance Your Screenwriting Career

The new wave of indie publishing has taken the book industry by storm. Previously unknown and/or unpublished authors are making a living—sometimes a prosperous living--by writing. Traditionally published authors are also developing hybrid careers, where they write for their publishers as well as self-publish. Some successful indie authors are also catching the attention of traditional publishers, who are acquiring their books.  Screenwriters may struggle to find recognition for their work and make a living with their writing. Often screenwriters must have a “day” job in order to survive, which can leave little time and energy to pursue their dreams of success. Adapting screenplays into a books may produce extra income and recognition, as well as provide other benefits to a screenwriting career. In this Stage 32 Webinar, Debra Holland will discuss her journey from an unpublished author to a NY Times Bestselling author. In her six years of indie publishing, Debra has sold more than a million books and has made a six-figure income for the last five. She’ll introduce you to self-publishing, provide some tips for adapting your screenplays into books, cover basics to get you started in indie publishing, and help you consider whether self-publishing your screenplays as books might be conducive to your career as a screenwriter.

The Ins and Outs of Shot Coverage: How to Always Get the Footage You Need to Deliver a Finished Product

Making movies is filled with stressful moments and on-the-spot choices and decisions, all with a ticking clock. The last thing you want as a filmmaker in post production is to have to compromise your visual story because you didn’t get that one shot you needed. Yet this is incredibly common and one of the main reasons for reshoots, delays in a film’s release, and ultimately going over-budget. This is why having a full understanding of shot coverage and what constitutes the bare visual minimum for any type of scene is essential to making a compelling movie. Everything begins with a visual plan. But as a director, DP, AD, or script supervisor, how can you design shots before you have blocked a scene? How many shots do you actually need? And how do you know when it is time to move on when you are running out of filming time? It’s a difficult balance, but skillfully navigating when and when not to spend a few more precious moments on an unplanned shot separates wise filmmakers from the pack. It requires a vision, visual literacy in storytelling, and a willingness to communicate and collaborate with your coverage team while maintaining your role as visionary on the set. Brenda Wachel is an accomplished and sought after script supervisor with over 30 years of experience and credits on some of the biggest films of all time, including JURASSIC PARK 3, OCTOBER SKY, BRIGHT, COLLATERAL, FURIOUS 7, and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. She has worked with countless directors like Paul Haggis, Joe Johnston, Michael Mann, David Ayer, Tim Robbins, and Terry Gilliam and continues to serve as script supervisor for projects like Netflix’s just released mockumentary feature DEATH TO 2020, written and directed by BLACK MIRROR’s Charlie Brooker and starring Hugh Grant, Samuel L. Jackson, and Lisa Kudrow. Brenda has overseen shot coverage on countless films and television shows and knows how this process can save or destroy a project. Now she’ll share her experience with the Stage 32 community. Brenda will give essential and helpful tools to allow you to best prepare for your film or project’s production and ensure you get the footage you need the first time around. She’ll outline the different tools the directors have and the choices they have to make, including shot sizes, angles, lens choices and focus choices. She’ll next delve into the tools to use for successful shot coverage. She’ll explain how to build a strategic shot list and how to use storyboards and look books. She’ll explain how to collaborate with your core coverage team (the director, DP, script supervisor and AD) to ensure you’re getting the footage you need in the moment. Next, Brenda will give a deep dive into what to do to cover basic scenes, including dialogue scenes between two people, dialogue scenes with three or more people, walk and talk scenes, and interior car scenes. Finally, Brenda will offer a live case study by showing a scene from a notable film and reverse engineering the shot list to demonstrate how the filmmakers got the coverage they needed to make the scene work.   With the tools and knowledge Brenda is providing, you’ll be able to attack your next production more strategically and ensure you wrap production with exactly what you need.       "Loved the level of expertise. I often take webinars and find that I'm as knowledgeable as the instructor, but this one was exceptional." -Scott F.

Stage 32 Screenwriting Lab: Write Your 1 Hour Pilot for Streaming Networks in 8 Weeks

Sorry, this lab is fully sold out. Keep checking back for upcoming labs and other education!   Do you have a great idea for a show? No more stalling and no more excuses. It’s time to write it. If you have a show in your head that is perfect for a streaming network like Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max or Hulu, you’ve picked a fantastic time to get that show out there. Streamers are picking up content and considering new work more than they ever have before. They are ready to see your show, but you need to write it first. Creating a fantastic hour-long series is fully within your reach. Yet many writers stop before they even start because they get overwhelmed, procrastinate, or feel the dreaded imposter syndrome setting in. We know what that’s like, which is why we’ve created a program that will give you the structure, the accountability, and the guidance you need to actually get that pilot out of your head on paper. Over 8 intensive weeks, you will be able to work closely with top literary manager Charlie Osowik in order to fully prepare, outline and write the pilot script for your own TV series. Charlie is no stranger to this process and has helped his clients develop their own shows for networks like Comedy Central and Dust and use their pilot samples to get staffed on popular streaming shows like HBO Max’s DOOM PATROL. Charlie knows how to help bring the best work out of writers and will use this process to help you develop your own show.   Get the support and structure you need to finally write that pilot script before the summer ends.   Throughout the course of this exclusive online lab, you will have direct access to Charlie as a mentor by email and via video conferencing as you write your pilot.   WHAT TO EXPECT By the end of this 8-week writing lab, you will have a completed hour-long television pilot script ready to be shown to reps, development execs and other executives and professionals. Sessions will vary between 2-hour group settings and personal one-on-one Zoom meetings with Charlie. You will be held accountable to take the lessons from each week and move your work forward. Plus, to keep you motivated and inspired, you will have access to a private, dedicated Stage 32 Lounge where you can communicate with your fellow classmates throughout the writing process. To see the full writing lab schedule, see below under "What You Will Learn".   PLEASE NOTE: This exclusive Stage 32 lab is limited to 10 writers and will be booked on a first come, first served basis. The opportunity to work this closely and for this long with a manager and an expert in the field is an incredibly unique and valuable opportunity. If you are interested, please do book quickly. Once the spots are gone, they’re gone for good. Payment plans are available - please contact Harrison at for more information This lab is limited to 10 people This lab is designed for beginner and intermediate screenwriters looking to build a pilot from scratch or expand on an existing idea or polish an existing pilot.

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