How to Find International Partners and Distribution for Your Diverse Film and TV Projects + 2 Script Downloads

Hosted by Sidney Chiu


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Sidney Chiu

Webinar hosted by: Sidney Chiu

Production Manager at FINDING MR RIGHT

With a focus on films with international appeal, Sidney Chiu’s producing credits include LOVE JACKED a Canada South African romantic comedy co-production starring Amber West and Keith David – winner of the Best Narrative Feature at the Pan African Film Festival (Los Angeles) 2018. COCONUT HERO, a Canada German coproduction with Six Island Productions and UFA Fiction directed by Florian Cossen and Lola nominated, winner of the Best Film in Focus at the Zurich Film Festival in 2015, BANG BANG BABY starring Jane Levy and Peter Stormare for Scythia Films winner of the Claude Jutra Award at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015. Sidney was also the Production Manager on the Mandarin romantic comedy FINDING MR. RIGHT, which grossed over $80 million. THREE DAYS IN HAVANA starring Gil Bellows directed by Tony Pantages and Gil Bellows, shot in Havana Cuba with E1 distributing in Canada. Sidney’s first produced feature entitled A NIGHT FOR DYING TIGERS written/directed by Terry Miles premiered at TIFF in 2012. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Learn how you can tell authentic, diverse, and inclusive stories from international producer Sidney Chiu who credits include the film FINDING MR RIGHT, which grossed over $80 million. 

Audiences worldwide crave authentic depictions of culture and diversity on screen, and the entertainment industry is working hard to catch up with the demand. This has created a huge opportunity for diverse creators in the marketplace. 

If you want to learn about this incredibly important movement in entertainment, this is the webinar for you.

In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, international producer Sidney Chu who has produced coproductions with Canada, Germany, South Africa and China, will cover what diverse filmmaking is, how to tell these stories with your authentic voice, and how to find the right partners for funding and distribution.

To teach this important course, we've brought in acclaimed international producer Sidney Chiu. His work has been seen around the world, including LOVE JACKED, FINDING MR. RIGHT, and THREE DAYS IN HAVANA and led coproductions around the globe.

Sidney will share his years of experiences through case studies of LOVE JACKED and FINDING MR. RIGHT, showing you how to create diverse content when you’re working without diverse creatives and how to highlight your team’s authentic voice. 

You’ll cover how to navigate cultural biases with funding and distribution, create a festival strategy to maximize your project’s potential, and gain access to global networks and markets.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll know how to apply the principles of authentic diverse filmmaking to your stories and engage audiences worldwide. Don’t miss out on this chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how diverse and non english language content gets produced and distributed from a producer with vast worldwide success.

Praise for Sidney's Previous Courses

"I would have been happy for this course to have gone on for days. Sidney is a very talented lecturer. I couldn't be more grateful." -- Attendee Canadian Independent Screen Fund Webinar


What You'll Learn

How to find coproduction partners and distributors for your diverse TV and film projects in the international market.

The Evolution of Diverse Storytelling

  • Then vs. Now
  • The audience appetite

The Balance Between Authenticity and Marketability

  • The keys to staying true to an authentic voice but creating something that is marketable
  • 3 questions to assess if your project is marketable

Content Creation

  • Are your characters and plots truly diverse or diverse light?
  • Common mistakes creatives make it creating diverse stories
  • The kinds of stories distributors are looking for and what has been overdone
  • Understanding the importance of the team
  • The challenge of creating diverse talent without diverse creatives

Finding the Right Partners, Distribution & Audience

  • How to research partners and companies that are the best fit
  • Festival strategy to maximize benefits of diversity targeted festivals to help distribution
  • Finding the right distribution partners and streamers for non-english language and diversity led projects
  • Working with streamers and new global divisions
  • How to navigate cultural biases when it comes to funding and distribution?
  • How to gain access to markets and networks that traditionally have been a barrier for diverse filmmakers.

Case Studies

  • Sidney will walk though case studies of FINDING MR. RIGHT and LOVE JACKED to illustrate 2 different ways of telling diverse narratives and the success and challenges of each romantic comedy.

Q&A with Sidney

About Your Instructor

With a focus on films with international appeal, Sidney Chiu’s producing credits include LOVE JACKED a Canada South African romantic comedy co-production starring Amber West and Keith David – winner of the Best Narrative Feature at the Pan African Film Festival (Los Angeles) 2018. COCONUT HERO, a Canada German coproduction with Six Island Productions and UFA Fiction directed by Florian Cossen and Lola nominated, winner of the Best Film in Focus at the Zurich Film Festival in 2015, BANG BANG BABY starring Jane Levy and Peter Stormare for Scythia Films winner of the Claude Jutra Award at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015. Sidney was also the Production Manager on the Mandarin romantic comedy FINDING MR. RIGHT, which grossed over $80 million. THREE DAYS IN HAVANA starring Gil Bellows directed by Tony Pantages and Gil Bellows, shot in Havana Cuba with E1 distributing in Canada. Sidney’s first produced feature entitled A NIGHT FOR DYING TIGERS written/directed by Terry Miles premiered at TIFF in 2012.


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How a CAM Account Saves You Time and Worry

Filmmaking isn’t just an artform, it’s a business. As a creative, you might not be aware of how you can ensure you receive your fair share of the revenue or properly negotiate for it. With the right agreement in place, you can focus on producing a great story that audiences will love without worrying about how the money will come later. What you need is a CAM Agreement. The CAM Agreement, short for Collection Account Management, is a multiparty agreement that handles the receipt, allocation, and disbursement of revenues generated by the distribution of a project. In short, a CAM Agreement is how you get paid when the project sells. It protects everyone’s interests and eliminates misunderstandings between partners by ensuring everyone enters the project on the same page and puts everyone on a Recoupment Schedule so that you know when and how you’re getting paid. With so many platforms and distribution markets to consider, revenue is never as simple as selling the project one time. It covers payment of revenues, commissions, expenses, recoupment investments, deferments, bonuses, and profits. David Zannoni is a consultant for Fintage House, where he's seen first-hand the benefit of these agreements through his work negotiating for films and television series internationally, regularly attending the major film festivals like Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, and more. David will walk you and the other attendees of this Stage 32 webinar exclusively through the key elements of the CAM Agreement, what’s covered, standard clauses, the different kinds of CAM Agreements you’ll need for the different guilds, and how the agreement will evolve and be used in the future. By knowing the benefits of these agreements from someone who regularly uses them, you’ll have the ability to negotiate better for yourself and your project, empowering you to stress less about how you’ll make your money back and focus instead on telling a great story.  

Tools for Financing Your Under-$3MM or Microbudget Film - 4 Class Intensive with Handouts

Mentoring with top financier Viviana Zarragoitia, VP of Three Point Capital - exclusively through Stage 32! Get access to exclusive handouts including sample budgets, packages and collection account management statement, sales sheets, sales agent contracts and distribution agreements   One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a creative is finding financiers and raising funds for your film. You may have a great script, a great cast and crew, but at the end of the day no money means no project. Yet you don’t need 10 million dollars to get your film off the ground. With the right strategies and approach you can successfully finance a film for $3MM or less. Sometimes MUCH less, as microbudget films and films financed for under $500,000 continue to find success and still allow financiers to recoup their investments. This is all within your grasp, but first you must understand the ins and outs of what goes into financing a film for less than $3 million so you can ultimately find success. Knowing how to raise money intelligently for films and projects with budgets under $3MM can be your calling card toward making a life working in independent film. Simply put, if you understand the strategies and methods to help your investors see a return, you get to keep those investors time and time again. And those investors can, and usually do, bring more investors with them if they're happy. While everyone says that raising financing is the hardest aspect of filmmaking, it's not impossible, and in fact can be well within your grasp, especially with the right guidance and education. Viviana Zarragoitia is the Vice President of Three Point Capital, one of the entertainment industry's top financiers that specializes in senior lending on film and television projects. Through Three Point, Viviana closes the financing on every film that the company is involved in. She has been involved in the financing of over 100 independent films, and worked with such producers as Cassian Elwes (DALLAS BUYERS CLUB), Rob Barnum (MARGIN CALL), Anthony Bregman (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND), James Schamus (BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN), Aaron Gilbert (JOKER), Kimberly Steward (MANCHESTER BY THE SEA), Nicolas Chartier (THE HURT LOCKER) and Kevin Frakes (HEREDITARY), among others. Before Three Point Capital, Viviana worked in accounting at Millennium Films and Bold Films, as well as in the finance division of Lionsgate, where she oversaw the preparation of multi-million dollar film and television distribution deals. Viviana has seen it all when it comes to film financing and knows intimately well how films find success at all budget levels. In this advanced level and intensive on-demand 4-session class, Viviana will comprehensively teach you how you can finance your own film for $3MM or less. In Session 1 she will provide an overview of the different types of film financing available to you. In Session 2 she will focus on microbudget films specifically and dig in to how films with these budgets can find success. Session 3 will delve into equity, pre-sales, gap, and sales agents. Finally Session 4 will look at waterfalls, recoupment and navigating collection accounts. Along the way, Viviana will provide exclusive and valuable handouts that you can take with you for your own projects, including: Sample Budgets and Packages Sales Sheets Sales Agent Contracts Sample Collection Account Statement Example Distribution Agreements While this is an on-demand class we highly recommend doing the assignments in-between each session to get the most out of Viviana's class.    Praise for Viviana's Past Stage 32 Financing Classes:   "Viviana inspired me to learn more about the business side of filmmaking. I had an idea of how to finance a movie, but after our first class, I realized I had a lot to learn. I'm learning more to this day! I highly recommend her class to any film creative with little, to no understanding on how to finance an independent film. What she has to say is priceless!" -Steven K.   "As an experienced film and television producer and writer, Viviana's class was just the refresher - and inspiration - that I needed! Having been a completion producer for a bond company, I have seen too many producers who were let down in the producing process by so-called-professionals who offered support at the on-set of a production, but then failed to deliver when needed. Viviana and her company Three Point Capital have an excellent reputation, and her counsel provided in the class solidified that. I highly recommend both Viviana and Stage 32 Education!" -Patricia C.   "Viviana was personable, professional, interesting, interested, and a wealth of knowledge and useful information. I will take every opportunity to learn from her. She was patient and polite with every question and always clear with what she knew, what she thought, what she believed, and what she didn't know. She painted pictures and delivered facts, outlining the paths she has seen successful producers take while still encouraging all to pursue their art with a greater knowledge of the business and understanding of the challenges and potential pitfalls." -Randy G.   "As someone who was totally new to the world of film financing, trying to learn about the process by myself was intimidating to put it lightly. Viviana clearly explains the film financing process step-by-step and demystifies the complex, bespoke nature of pre-sales, tax credits, sales agents, and so much more. I feel infinitely more confident in my ability to produce a film thanks to this class. I give it the highest possible recommendation for any independent filmmaker looking to finance their film and take their projects to the next level." -Sean R.   "Viviana has a tremendous depth and range of knowledge about film financing and she was happy to share everything she knew. Thanks to her loose, attentive style for the class, it ranged far and wide, and she answered a lot of people’s questions whether they were general or specific to their own projects. And I feel like there was value for all of us in even the most project-specific questions." -Randy V.

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