From Script to Screen: Tools To Get Your Animation Project Made

Hosted by Kimson Albert


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Kimson Albert

Webinar hosted by: Kimson Albert

Three time Emmy Nominated Director and Producer at Disney TV

3x Emmy nominated Kimson has been directing and producing animation on various animated projects for TV and film for over 25 years. Starting his career on MTV’s Beavis And Butthead, he worked his way through the New York animation scene. After being the Supervising Animation Director on season 6 of Adult Swim's The Venture Brothers, he moved on to Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, OK K.O Let’s Be Heroes,Victor and Valentino and HBO Max’s Adventure Time Distant Lands. He currently is working at Disney TV animation and lives in Burbank, California.   Full Bio »

Webinar Summary


A New Exclusive Stage 32 Webinar

Learn the animation process so you can get your animation film, TV show or show made from a 3x Emmy nominated animation director and producer!


Animation storytelling is ubiquitous, has massive global market appeal and yet how it’s made is still mysterious. The challenge to bridge the gap between your animation idea and bringing it to fruition can seem enormous.

So, what are the concrete creative steps to manifesting your animated project? If you’re one person with no budget, how can you compete with huge studios with endless financing?

Here's how... become your own animation writer, producer and director by learning a few simple steps.

In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, 3x Emmy animated animation director and producer Kimson Albert will teach you how to take your animation film, TV show or short film concept and actually get it made. 

From script to storyboard to character design, most people aren’t aware of the necessary steps to create an animated project and find themselves stuck in the process. Being aware of the animation production pipeline equips you with the map to successfully navigate the obstacle course that is animation production and bring your project from idea to screens everywhere. 

Don't miss this chance to learn about animation creation and production from one of the very best in the business!

Plus! You'll received the screenplay for BEAVIS and BUTT-HEAD DO AMERICA!

What You'll Learn

  • I have an idea for an animated project. Where do I start?
    • What if I’m not an animator?
    • Who’s my audience?
  • Seven Steps To Take Your Animation Project From Script To Screen
  • Formats of Animation:
    • Overview of the TV series Pipeline
    • Overview of the Feature Film Pipeline
    • Overview of the Short Film Production Pipeline
  • How To Avoid Animation Pipeline Pitfalls
  • Animation Pitch Tools
  • Be Unique: How to Use Your Voice Literally And Creatively
  • Q&A with Kimson

About Your Instructor

3x Emmy nominated Kimson has been directing and producing animation on various animated projects for TV and film for over 25 years. Starting his career on MTV’s Beavis And Butthead, he worked his way through the New York animation scene. After being the Supervising Animation Director on season 6 of Adult Swim's The Venture Brothers, he moved on to Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, OK K.O Let’s Be Heroes,Victor and Valentino and HBO Max’s Adventure Time Distant Lands. He currently is working at Disney TV animation and lives in Burbank, California.



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In today’s content gold rush, audiences aren’t waiting for the official trailer anymore to decide if they’ll see a film in theaters or wait for an on-demand release. Now, audiences decide from the first press release or casting announcement, with teams of people working behind the scenes to create buzz through production and release. So before you start rolling, is your publicity plan in place? There’s a reason that major studios spend just about as much on marketing as they do on the production: The movie doesn’t matter if people don’t see it, making publicity and marketing crucial to a film's success. You have to be your own publicist and grab everyone’s attention as early as possible. Don’t let a limited budget keep you from getting the word out. With the right publicity plan in place, you could blow audiences away around the world without breaking the bank. You need a publicity plan. Creating your publicity brand, including casting, staffing, securing talent participation in promotional campaigns, and finding your key media angles are all strategies that start as early as development and continue through your project’s life cycle. Sharing her wealth of experience in publicity and marketing with you is Janine McGoldrick in this exclusive Stage 32 webinar. Janine has a wealth of experience working in publicity for major studios and production companies, such as Universal Pictures, Artisan Entertainment, Lionsgate, BBC, New Line, and more. As the SVP of Communications at Cohen Media Group, she oversaw all theatrical releases, including the Academy Award-winning feature THE SALESMAN and CHURCHILL, starring Brian Cox and John Slattery. Using her vast experience in publicity at every budget level, Janine teaches you how to develop, brand, and sell your script, so that your PR strategy is at work from the beginning by creating a publicity toolkit and press kit. She’ll show you how to ensure a cohesive brand through trailers, posters, and promos, as well as unique opportunities through social media where you can save on your budget. If you’re planning on working with a publicist, Janine has you covered there, too, as she shows you how to find the right publicist for the job and how to work with the in-house studio marketers. For those attending live, you’ll have an incredible opportunity to ask Janine questions about your project, as well as the nitty-gritty details, like pitching, embargoes, and what to avoid so that you don’t endanger your production. No one knows your film better than you, and by investing in yourself today, you can take one step closer to ensuring your film finds success.  

How to Eliminate Creative Blocks: 6 Steps to Refine Your Creative Process

"I know of few others who have "been there, done that" as well as Chris has over the years. His willingness to share his experiences with the future generations is a gift that few can give." - Quincy Jones Learn directly from Chris Boardman, 6 time Emmy Award winner and Academy Award nominated composer.   Whether you are an actor looking to find the inspiration to perform, a writer looking to develop an authentic idea, or a cinematographer looking to shape your canvas, this webinar will help you get unstuck and into the creative zone for that process. Or, as a filmmaker looking to tell your story or a gaffer looking to light the beauty of the story you are about to shoot, take time to learn from Chris the tools to be effectively in that creative zone. All professions in the creative industry can benefit from this webinar. The only chance we have to connect with an audience as a storyteller is to be brutally honest and vulnerable. And, during that process sometimes it's hard to stay focused and determine a clear path to get there. All of us in the creative arts deal with these issues. Those who have sustaining careers learn how to turn on their creative engine at will. It’s not an accident. It’s predictable. It’s practiced. It’s what separates the amateurs from the professionals. It’s time for you to develop your own streamlined creative process and become more productive than ever before. In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, 6 time Emmy Award winner Chris Boardman will take you through the 6 steps of unblocking creative roadblocks, understanding your own personal creative process and using it as effectively as you can. You’ll learn why you aren’t as productive as you can be, and how to get yourself unstuck and deliver creative yet consistent results. No matter how trivial your creative blocks may seem, or how self-conscious you may feel, you are not are in great company.

The Actor's Toolkit with Alysia Reiner: Acting Techniques + Monologue Workshop

Exclusive to Stage 32! Workshop a monologue from an Emmy-winning show (BARRY) with an award-winning actor from the Emmy-winning ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK!   It takes a lot to find success as an actor. It is, after all, one of the emotionally hardest jobs out there and involves facing constant rejection, putting yourself out there, being vulnerable for strangers. And with overwhelming competition, roles can be scarce, which makes it even harder to sustain a career. Yet being an actor can also be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences, especially for those with the passion. Experienced actors know that finding success involves looking past the obstacles and built-in challenges and instead looking inward. Even with difficulties standing in your way, there are always ways to improve yourself and your craft to not only find more work, but to enjoy it more as well. It’s easy for actors to get so wrapped up in the industry and the system, in who they know and the projects they’re being turned down for that they forget to instead work on themselves and their craft. Yet it’s never too late to start. Investing this type of energy in self-improvement over more negative or cynical practices will unquestionably help you and your career. There are a number of techniques and strategies you can apply to your own life and your own craft to improve as an actor and lead to opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise found. Practices like line memorization, calming your nerves, and moving forward with the right mindset can truly make all the difference. There’s no time like the present to explore these techniques. Alysia Reiner is an award-winning actress best known as the villainous warden Natalie "Fig" Figueroa on Netflix’s ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK for all 7 seasons, and won a SAG Award as part of the cast. She also stars as Sunny on the critically acclaimed, Peabody Award-winning BETTER THINGS on FX and Hulu and Kiki Rains on HBO’s THE DEUCE. She both starred in and produced the Sundance Film Festival hit EQUITY and Tribeca Film Festival favorite EGG. A few other recent adventures include getting naked in an Emmy Award winning episode of Comedy Central’s BROAD CITY and going head to head against Viola Davis’ Annalise on the ABC/Shonda Rhimes series HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. Alysia has been invited to speak at The White House, The United Nations, Google, Cannes Lion, Women's Media Summit, Collision, and countless film festivals and other events about breaking barriers for women in all fields, specifically the entertainment industry. Alysia has led a long, successful career as an in-demand actress largely by working on her craft, her mindset, and other strategies for success, and she's excited to share her lessons learned with the Stage 32 community. Alysia will share her secrets tips and tools that she has learned from booking her first commercial to being on 7 seasons of award-winning must watch television. She will cover everything from acting techniques (learning lines, calming nerves, follow up) to mindset tips to business tools. Plus, Alysia will run an exclusive monologue workshop, something she usually only offers in private coaching environments. She will choose volunteers to workshop a monologue from the Emmy-winning show BARRY! Once you sign up you will be sent the monologue we'll be workshopping in class so you can practice. Let Alysia help you reset as an actor and leave eager and ready to get to the next level in your career!       

Improving The Actor-Director Relationship

Learn directly from Paul Barry, top Los Angeles-based Australian acting coach with 20 years of worldwide audition, memorization, and on-screen teaching experience (current and former clients are represented by WME, CAA, Paradigm, and UTA, and have secured work with CBS, NBC, ABC, Netflix, Starz, Disney and many others)! For a set to run smoothly, the actor-director relationship must be a symbiotic one. Too often directors struggle to effectively communicate their ideas to actors, and actors feel confused by generalized direction. If the actors and director aren’t speaking a common language, they will begin to separate from each other and diminish the desired results for the shot. Whether you’re an actor or director, knowing how to effectively communicate with a common vocabulary, regardless of your training, is a must for understanding what is wanted and needed from one another. This will take the subjectivity and guesswork out of the equation, allowing both sides of the creative process to break down the barriers that often separate them. In this exclusive Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, host Paul Barry will teach you 3 very specific techniques that will eradicate the guesswork when it comes to the communication process between actors and directors. Drawing from his 20 years of experience as an acting and directing coach, as well as a professional reader, he will teach you how to translate generalized direction into specific action, harness the power of counter-intuition and create real drama in your scenes by defining the “rules” you both can play by. This webinar is essential for both actors and directors, and you will leave understanding how to create a clearer, stronger form of communication on set that will allow you to elevate the performance every time.

Breaking Story for 1 Hour Network Procedural TV Dramas + Interactive Mock Writers' Room (Feb 2023)

Payment plans available - contact for details This Lab Is Limited To 10 Spots - Reserve Your Spot Now Experience what it's like to work in a television writers' room while learning from a professional television staff writer. It's hard enough to break an original story on your own, but how do the professionals do it as a group in a writers' room on an idea someone else created? Getting to work in a writers' room is the dream for many, but once you're in, the hard work is just beginning. This interactive lab shows you exactly how a writers' room operates by putting you in a mock room to create an episode from scratch as a team. What is it really like to work in a writers' room? What are the different roles in a writers' room? When should you speak up versus listen? What's the best way to pitch your ideas? It can be intimidating to enter a writers' room, and you want to have some knowledge to enter confidently. That's where professional screenwriter Kate Sargeant and her exclusive Stage 32 course have you covered. Kate has staffed in numerous rooms, including CASTLE, CSI CYBER, NCIS NOLA, BLINDSPOT, and more.  In this six-week course, you'll work with the instructor and a handful of similarly ambitious and creative writers to break an episode of the network procedural THE ROOKIE: FEDS, including the A, B, and C-story, using a virtual whiteboard. You'll work step-by-step through the process for the most in-depth experience as you work through the episode story as a group together, pitching ideas and learning to communicate with one another. This format gives you invaluable direct, practical, and real-world experience to assist your long-term television career. You'll have access to Kate during the six weeks in class and outside of class via email for any questions you may have. You'll also have the opportunity to develop a genuine working relationship with your classmates, networking with writers with similar goals to your own that can extend beyond class time. Whether you want to write one-hour procedural or serialized television, the ability to write on a close-ended episodic series is an incredible skill that will benefit you throughout your career. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to see what it's like to work in a writers' room from a professional writer whose been there!

Stage 32 Screenwriting Class: How to Better Approach and Sign With a Literary Manager to Advance Your Screenwriting Career - With a Query and Writing Sample Workshop

All writers think they have the next great screenplay or series. And maybe you do! But to get the proper feedback, get the script into market shape, and have a confidant on the business side of your pursuits to get your work out there, having a great manager who's plugged in can make all the difference. It’s your manager who often is the key to getting in front of execs, getting staffed on a TV show, and building your career to writing full-time. But as most writers can attest, finding a manager can be HARD. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. It’s more in your power than you may think. Most managers will tell you that most newer writers make the same mistakes when looking for a manager that can prevent them from ultimately finding representation. The good news is that these mistakes are easily avoidable and can be replaced with effective strategies and actions that can greatly help your chances. It’s time to hear from a successful literary manager herself on how she finds clients and what you can do to find the representation you need for your own career. Audrey Knox is a TV literary manager at The Cartel, a premiere management company with clients on shows including the Emmy-nominated IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, Golden Globe winning CALIFORNICATION, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, BONES, LUCIFER, HAPPY!, BLACK LIGHTNING, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, and more. For years, Audrey has been helping clients get their work in front of execs and networks and most recently staffed one of her clients on the new series THE UPSHAWS for Netflix. As an established and successful literary manager, Audrey has seen more than her fair share of queries and writing samples and has met her fair share of hungry writers. She knows very well what mistakes most writers make and how the writers she ends up working with find success. And now she’s going to lay it all out for the Stage 32 community. In a special and exclusive 2-part class, Audrey will give you the tools you need and the strategies you’ve been lacking to put your best foot forward and better your chances of getting a great literary manager for your own screenwriting or TV writing career. In the first session, Audrey will walk you through how to approach managers the right way and explain the proper approach to query letters, writing samples, bios, and loglines. She even dissects brave volunteers’ own query letters and writing samples. After laying out this approach, Audrey will leave you to put these skills to use and actually reach out to managers on your own! The second session will discuss how the new approach worked and then dive into next steps you can take as a writer once you have an interested manager, including signing, how to be a good client that your manager will want to keep on board, and the other members of your team you may or may not need, like agents and lawyers.   If you’ve been struggling to find representation, there are likely things you can be doing differently to better your chances. here’s no one better than Audrey to help you adjust your approach and ultimately get the representation you’re looking for.

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