How to Develop & Sell Your Adult Animation TV Series or Film

Hosted by Jeff Fastner


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Jeff Fastner

Webinar hosted by: Jeff Fastner

Emmy-Winning Producer of FX's ARCHER and Netflix's AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE; Art Director, Producer & Director at Floyd County Productions | USA

Jeff Fastner has worked in the animation industry for over 25 years, spanning multiple commercial and design houses. He has been at Floyd County Productions for 14 years, working as an Art Director, Producer, and Director. As the lead in visual development for the studio for many years, he cultivated and managed the artistic staff as the company developed multiple pitches, pilots, and shorts. In 2016 he won a Primetime Emmy Award for his work on the 7th season of ARCHER as Producer. This past summer, he completed work as the Assistant Director on his first feature film, AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE, streaming on Netflix. He was also Supervising Director and Producer on one of FXX’s most recent properties, POORLY DRAWN LINES, produced for the anthology series CAKE. Currently, he is helping develop and produce a new pilot for the FX networks. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

Learn everything about the state of the adult animation industry from the Emmy award-winning producer behind ARCHER.

Join the webinar and receive exclusive handouts, including scripts from the shows ARCHER, RICK AND MORTY, and BOJACK HORSEMAN.

BIG MOUTH, RICK AND MORTY, UNDONE, SOUTH PARK… the demand for adult animation projects has never been hotter.

These formats are only becoming more daring and pushing the boundaries of storytelling, visuals, and subject matter. To sell in this market with your adult animated project, you’ll need to understand the industry's current state, where it’s headed, and how to develop a great show that audiences will love.

We’re covering all this and more in this exclusive Stage 32 on-demand webinar with industry professional Jeff Fastner.

Jeff has worked in the animation industry for over 25 years and has been the Art Director, Producer, and Director at Floyd County Productions for 14 years. You’ll recognize Jeff’s work best in the hit FX series ARCHER, which nabbed him a Primetime Emmy Award for his work on the 7th season as a producer.

Recently, he completed work on his first feature film, AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE, now streaming on Netflix, and served as Supervising Director and Producer for an installment of the FXX anthology series CAKE. He is currently developing and producing a new project for FX Networks.

In this webinar, Jeff will cover the different styles, formats, and demographics of adult animation, as well as the key elements you must consider when developing and pitching your project. Jeff also covers the animation software you need, how to hire the right artists for your vision, current trends in the adult animation marketplace, and more. You’ll even discuss how to produce your project cost effectively by working globally to make your project more appealing to buyers.

Learn from Jeff and his decades of animation experience exclusively here on Stage 32 as you develop your adult animated project and discover the best way to produce your project in today’s market.


“What Jeff Fastner does not know about making cartoons is not worth knowing. In the past few years alone, he has co-directed a major motion picture for Netflix, produced an award-winning TV show for FX, and art-directed multiple animated sequences for Hulu. His success is based on years of hard earned experience that gives him the knowledge to do any job up and down the pipeline. But his secret weapon is the kindness he displays in managing those on his team, making each artist better through his clear and thoughtful direction.” -- Matt Thompson Executive Producer and Owner of Floyd County Productions

What You'll Learn

Jeff’s Journey

  • From Theater to Animation and how that has informed my work
  • From Commercial animation long form
  • Creating the hit show Archer, the company, Floyd County, and now onto features

Adult-oriented Animation Content Overview

  • What is adult animation?
  • The Different Formats and categories within Adult animation
  • Adult Animation vs. Family-friendly animation
  • Successful Series Examples
  • Successful feature examples

Programming for the Audience

  • Understanding the different audiences
  • late teenagers
  • age 18-25
  • age 25-45
  • age 45+
  • Breaking down the different genres and formats with the category

Creating Successful Adult Animated Content

  • Key considerations when developing and pitching
  • Understanding the Process of animation production
  • Hiring the key artists needed to execute the vision with success
  • Network versus streaming
  • Television versus feature film

Emerging Content and Artistic Trends

  • The latest new formats, softwares, and content trends
  • What’s hot now and why

State of Adult Animation Today

  • The Difference in consumption of media
  • What are networks, studios, and executives looking for?
  • Understanding your competition for original content

Q&A with Jeff

About Your Instructor

Jeff Fastner has worked in the animation industry for over 25 years, spanning multiple commercial and design houses. He has been at Floyd County Productions for 14 years, working as an Art Director, Producer, and Director. As the lead in visual development for the studio for many years, he cultivated and managed the artistic staff as the company developed multiple pitches, pilots, and shorts.

In 2016 he won a Primetime Emmy Award for his work on the 7th season of ARCHER as Producer. This past summer, he completed work as the Assistant Director on his first feature film, AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE, streaming on Netflix. He was also Supervising Director and Producer on one of FXX’s most recent properties, POORLY DRAWN LINES, produced for the anthology series CAKE. Currently, he is helping develop and produce a new pilot for the FX networks.


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