How to Find & Adapt Comic Book, Video Game, Book & Article IP for Film & TV

Hosted by Maggie Lane

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Maggie Lane

Webinar hosted by: Maggie Lane


Maggie Lane has nearly a decade of development experience. After graduating from Columbia University, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked for The Jim Henson Company, Warner Bros. and FOX. From 2013 until early 2016, she served as the Development Coordinator for Pukeko Pictures (Weta Workshop’s production division). Based in New Zealand, Weta is best known for LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HOBBIT, AVATAR and DISTRICT 9. Currently, Maggie is working as an Independent Producer developing film and television for several genre-focused companies. She also produces and develops cinematic VR, graphic novels and interactive experiences. She is a member of Next Gen Femmes. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

  • State of the industry
    • Why the majority of TV/Film comes from pre-existing IP
    • "The Executive Bias"
    • Pre-existing Fan Base/Fleshed Out World
  • Adapting Books/Articles
    • Where to Go!
    • How To Choose Material
    • Who To Contact For Film/TV Rights
    • How To Close The Deal
    • Case Study: Game of Thrones, Sex and The City
    • Case Study: The Wedding Sting in the Atlantic, now going to be a film at Paramount
  • Adapting Comic Books / Video Games
    • Where to Go!
    • How To Choose Material
    • Who To Contact For Film/TV Rights
    • How To Close The Deal
    • Case Study (Comics): Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel/Disney, lesser known/less successful comic became a blockbuster)
    • Case Study: Jessica Jones (Marvel / Netflix)
    • Case Study (Video Games): Assassin's Creed (FOX, to be released this December)
  • Making it your own
    • Most say DO NOT adapt your own material (leads to being too protective of your work/not as open to change)
    • Fun thing about IP, when you build a world, it can keep being adapted into other mediums (Example: Orphan Black the comic book was one of the best-selling comics last year, adapted from TV show. Goes in both directions)
    • The heart of this, however, is making sure the new versions are different enough from the old, AND have your voice in them.

LIVE Q&A with Maggie!

What You'll Learn

Learn directly from Maggie Lane, producer and development executive who's worked for The Jim Henson Company, Warner Bros. and FOX as she shares her knowledge of finding IP to adapt for TV and/or Film.

In the past ten years, the majority of television shows and films bought by studios have come from pre-existing IP (Intellectual Property). Some quote the figure to be as high as 65%.

The reason for this makes sense on many levels --- especially the comfort for executives in knowing that the story they are investing in has a clear backbone, and hopefully a legion of fans. But for the majority of independent filmmakers and producers, you are not looking to adapt a New York Times Best Seller for a multi-figure deal, you're looking to find an existing story on a smaller scale that speaks to you.

In this exclusive Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, producer & executive Maggie Lane will discuss the main areas of fantasy & sci-fi adaptation: books, articles, comic books & video games. She'll guide you through the importance of adapting IP with your spin to make it your own.

You'll walk away knowing how to find that magical property; the book, graphic novel, article or video game on which to base a film or TV series. And, you'll know how to use it as a jumping off point to showcase your talents as a storyteller.

About Your Instructor

Maggie Lane has nearly a decade of development experience. After graduating from Columbia University, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked for The Jim Henson Company, Warner Bros. and FOX. From 2013 until early 2016, she served as the Development Coordinator for Pukeko Pictures (Weta Workshop’s production division). Based in New Zealand, Weta is best known for LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HOBBIT, AVATAR and DISTRICT 9. Currently, Maggie is working as an Independent Producer developing film and television for several genre-focused companies. She also produces and develops cinematic VR, graphic novels and interactive experiences. She is a member of Next Gen Femmes.


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Writing the Original One-Hour TV Series Pilot Based on IP

Hollywood studios will release less than 100 movies in 2019, most written by veteran writers. The Independent Film market is struggling. All the while TV is exploding. More than 90% of working WGA writers are in TV, which is the market for quality writing and entertainment. Why? TELEVISION IS RUN BY WRITERS. In 2019, Television will produce more than 500 original scripted shows – that’s more than 5,000 scripts – with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon alone spending a combined $20 to $25 BILLION on programming. What’s the secret to breaking in, finding a job on staff or selling a new show? A GREAT, ORIGINAL PILOT. James Dalessandro will work with aspiring Writers, Directors, Producers to focus them on what it takes to make the dream come true – a career in Television. Your host James was handpicked by Stan Lee to write the TV Pilot and Bible for THE RESTLESS for POW! Entertainment. In addition he also has Brad Bird (Incredibles, Incredibles 2, Ratatouille) attached to direct a feature film '1906' based on his own novel. He's also written and produced TV for FX, Eone, Televisa USA, Starlings Entertainment and Gross/Jacobson Entertainment.  ***All attendees will receive a pdf of THE AMERICANS pilot!

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