How to Start a Career in Film and TV Acting

Hosted by Taylor Nichols


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Taylor Nichols

Webinar hosted by: Taylor Nichols

Emmy-Nominated (PEN15) - Over 100 Film & TV Credits

Taylor Nichols is an award winning filmmaker, theater director and actor with over one hundred credits to his name. He is currently on the Emmy-nominated Hulu show PEN15 and the HBO smash-hit PERRY MASON. Taylor has also appeared on shows such as Emmy and Golden Globe nominated THE WALKING DEAD and PRISON BREAK, the cultural hit DIRTY JOHN, Emmy-winning MODERN FAMILY, 24 Golden Globe nominated THE MENTALIST and many more. In addition to acting, Taylor is an award winning short filmmaker and an experienced producer with feature credits including THE NEXT STEP and CASE 219. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

It’s the dream of many to have a career as a working actor, and it’s easy to see why. The ability to support yourself through performing, creating characters and telling stories is incredibly exciting and rewarding. The good news is this is not beyond your reach. Even during COVID, more productions are coming together for more and more networks, studios and platforms, and with them, more opportunities for actors looking to break in. If you’re dedicated, talented, and have a working knowledge of how the entertainment industry works and how you can work within it, you can absolutely find opportunities and ultimately career as a working TV and film actor. First it’s important you learn everything you need to so you can find success.

It’s common for new actors to believe that the craft alone will lead them to work and a comfortable career, but there’s a lot more that goes along with this profession. Honing your skill as a performer is paramount, but it needs to be accompanied by strategy, initiative, and an understanding of the industry. So what do you actually need to do in order get a jump start on your acting career? What materials do you need to have ready, who do you need in your corner and how can you make sure you stand out from others? Let’s take a look at what it really takes to get into acting.

Taylor Nichols is an award winning filmmaker, theater director and actor with over one hundred credits to his name. He is currently on the Emmy-nominated Hulu show PEN15 and the HBO smash-hit PERRY MASON. Taylor has also appeared on shows such as Emmy and Golden Globe nominated THE WALKING DEAD and PRISON BREAK, the cultural hit DIRTY JOHN, Emmy-winning MODERN FAMILY, 24, Golden Globe nominated THE MENTALIST and many more. In addition to acting, Taylor is an award winning short filmmaker and an experienced producer with feature credits including THE NEXT STEP and CASE 219. Taylor brings to Stage 32 more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and continues to mentor and champion new actors beginning their careers. He’s excited to share with the Stage 32 community the skills and lessons he’s developed throughout his career.

Taylor will lay out a realistic and soup-to-nuts approach to how you can start a career as a film and TV actor and pave the way for success. He’ll go into what it actually looks like to be a career actor and what the path to success realistically looks like.  He’ll delve into building the prerequisites any actor needs to start, including pictures, a resume, a demo reel and the right attitude. He will discuss where and how to get started and how to take advantage of the right acting classes and theater companies. Next Taylor will share with you the tools you will need for your acting toolkit and will then teach you about acting representation and how to get it for your own career. He’ll delve into the casting process for both TV and film and give you advice on how you can stand out by creating your own content and using social media to your advantage. Finally Taylor will teach you how to treat your career like a business to stay afloat, smart, and successful.

Through the lessons Taylor is laying out, you’ll have a comprehensive blueprint you can use to start your career in acting with your eyes open.


Praise for Taylor's Stage 32 Webinar:

"I think this was the most well informed and detailed getting started class I have ever taken"
-Cecelia S.

"Taylor Nichols gave so many nuggets of wisdom and helpful information about the business and about acting."
-Amor O.

"Taylor was straight forward and honest. I thought he was very clear on what you need to do to get out there for both experienced and inexperienced actors"

-Kelvin H.

What You'll Learn

  • What Does It Mean to Be a Career Actor – A Peek Inside
    • What does a day in the life look like?
    • Setting goals and expectations:
    • What does a realistic path look like?
  • Understanding the Business and How It Is Changing:
    • Where do actors fit in?
  • How to Build the Prerequisites to Start Your Career
    • Passion, desire and commitment.
    • Pictures
    • Resumes
    • Demo reel
  • Where and How to Get Started
    • Does one need to be in Los Angeles? Absolutely not!
    • Acting classes
      • Where to look
      • Where to avoid
    • Theater Companies
  • The Tools All Actors Need In Their Toolkit
    • A monologue
    • A scene
    • Self-Taping equipment
    • Casting Sites
    • Industry information
  • Getting Representation
    • Agents, managers, or agents AND managers?
    • Tips to find representation
  • Understanding the casting process
    • Type casting
    • Type of roles,
      • Guest star, co-star, and more
    • Union membership
    • Pilot season and seasonal work
  • Creating Your Own Content to Stand Out
  • Using Social Media to your Advantage Without Getting Trapped.
  • Treating Your Career Like a Business
    • Money- how it's spent, earned, and taxed
    • Tracking auditions and progress
    • Building your contacts
    • Finding the date
  • Q&A with Taylor

About Your Instructor

Taylor Nichols is an award winning filmmaker, theater director and actor with over one hundred credits to his name. He is currently on the Emmy-nominated Hulu show PEN15 and the HBO smash-hit PERRY MASON. Taylor has also appeared on shows such as Emmy and Golden Globe nominated THE WALKING DEAD and PRISON BREAK, the cultural hit DIRTY JOHN, Emmy-winning MODERN FAMILY, 24 Golden Globe nominated THE MENTALIST and many more. In addition to acting, Taylor is an award winning short filmmaker and an experienced producer with feature credits including THE NEXT STEP and CASE 219.


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Actors: How to Break Down Your Script to Prepare for a Role or Audition-with Live Interactive Workshop

The most significant aspect of any actor’s career is securing work, but with overwhelming competition, roles are scare and difficult to come by, which can make this task incredibly tough. Yet in the end, acting careers are built on the work and honing your skills as a performer. Every actor knows that work begets work. This is because as we expand our experiences and circle of connections, more doors open with opportunities for more work. It’s great to have an agent, to make those connections, to develop strategies to become more marketable, but more important than all of that is becoming the best actor you can possibly be. Ultimately, producers want to hire the right performer for the role, and putting yourself in a position to get that role is less complicated than others might have you believe.  Whether you are preparing for an audition or a performance for a role you are already cast in, your main tool and blueprint before you even get on set or in that audition room is likely going to be the script, and any practiced actor will tell you there’s a lot more to a script than just your character’s dialogue. If you’re simply going through the script to highlight your lines, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of information that will lend itself to you finding the character and giving your best possible performance. An experienced actor is able to fully break down any written scene to internalize not just the dialogue, but the beats, the context, the elements that are unwritten but still very present. Knowing how to analyze a script and glean from it all of its information and clues will allow you to more fully inhabit your role and make you a better and more cast-able actor. Taylor Nichols is an award winning filmmaker, theater director and actor with over one hundred credits to his name. He is currently on the Emmy-nominated Hulu show PEN15 and the HBO smash-hit PERRY MASON. Taylor has also appeared on shows such as Emmy and Golden Globe nominated THE WALKING DEAD and PRISON BREAK, the cultural hit DIRTY JOHN, Emmy-winning MODERN FAMILY, 24, Golden Globe nominated THE MENTALIST and many more.  In addition to acting, Taylor is an award winning short filmmaker and an experienced producer with feature credits including THE NEXT STEP and CASE 219. Taylor brings to Stage 32 more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and is ready to share with the community the skills and lessons he’s developed throughout his career. Taylor will lay out how to break down a script as an actor and develop the techniques needed for characterization and emotional depth to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances”. Taylor will begin by teaching you what an actor should do as soon as they get the script, including what to focus on during your first read through and how you should be marking it up. He will give you the tools to zero in on a specific scene’s theme and will then delve into determining your character’s objective, both in the scene and in the story as a whole. He’ll talk about how and where you should place dramatic beats by finding the scene’s shape and creating and feeding into the flow. He’ll go into what makes beats and pauses feel natural and honest and when they feel put on and will also outline how you can use your beats as a tool for line memorization. Taylor will then go over how to define your character’s obstacles while reading the script and how you should create your own honest actions in the scene. He will also explain how these actions can successfully interact with both beats and objectives. Next he will explain what “givens” are in a script and how you can find the givens of your character. He will also teach you the difference between naturalism and honesty when giving a performance and explain why honesty is always what an actor should be working towards. Taylor will also lead a live, interactive acting workshop to illustrate the strategies he has taught and show how to use the written scene to define the characters. Taylor will break down down a scene of a script in real time and will bring up students to perform these role based on this breakdown. Through his lesson and workshop, Taylor will give you invaluable tools to help hone your craft and better prepare you for any future auditions or performances. Praise for Taylor's Stage 32 Webinar: "Wonderful job on all counts. Taylor was very informative and ever so likable." -Jody F. "I really loved the webinar - Taylor gave a really useful and inspiring presentation, which felt genuinely rooted in the love of acting and the respect for the craft of it. I found both the teaching and the workshopping aspect of it very informative and really gave us as actors clear examples of how to up-level our work." -Rowen B. "Taylor was great and very helpful." -Martin B. "Taylor was great! I thoroughly enjoyed Taylor's class & will be re-visiting it through the on-demand option." -Laurka L.    

Outlining Your Feature Screenplay

Join veteran screenwriter Brian Herskowitz and receive sample feature script outlines and scenes while learning how and why professional outlining can set your work above the rest!   Are you ready to learn how to write a professional outline for your feature screenplay? A professional outline for your script is the roadmap you follow to write your first draft and it will save you time, effort and some unnecessary rewriting. It helps you work out the kinks early and feel confident about where you’re headed. And the outline isn't just for you. An outline helps any reps, producers, and executives your working with see what you’re going to do with a story before giving you the go-ahead to write the feature film. In this exclusive Stage 32 on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how you can increase your earning power by knowing how to craft a strong outline so your work stands out from the competition. Along the way, you’ll receive sample scenes and outlines from the feature films discussed in class that you can take with you for future reference. Taking you through this vital skill is acclaimed screenwriter Brian Herskowitz, who has completed over a dozen feature films and has been staffed on popular shows like HERCULES and TOUR OF DUTY. He’s worked with top-tier talent, including Academy Award winner Jason Alexander, with whom Brian co-wrote the FOX pilot MANTIC. He’s also the author of the essential screenwriting resource PROCESS TO PRODUCT: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR THE SCREENWRITER. Brian will teach you the 12 guideposts he developed that you can use to keep from getting lost as you write which ultimately allows you more creative freedom. You’ll cover premise, theme, concept, characters, and structure. All of the elements you need to pen a successful feature screenplay. And he’ll also show you the many real-world uses that your outline will deliver for you.  Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from an accomplished screenwriter with decades of experience and walk away with a practical process that you can use to up your screenwriting game today. Testimonials for Brian's Teaching and Stage 32 Education “As a collaborator with Brian and a guest in his class, I am hugely impressed with his screenwriting knowledge. I heartily recommend him and his course.” - Jason Alexander (Seinfeld, Pretty Woman, Listen Up) "I have a master's degree and a doctorate, Brian is by far the most caring and best teacher I have ever had." "The course was everything I needed and then some. An excellent course." "Mr. Herskowitz is very knowledgeable, patient, and superb at discerning problems and helping us solve them." "A solid course in which I felt I had learned a LOT by the time it was over."

TV Animation 101: How a Hit Animated Show Gets Made

Learn the step-by-step process of how animated series get made from Brandon Gale, a Script Coordinator who has worked on LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE for Sony Pictures and MARVEL'S HIT MONKEY! Plus! You'll receive scripts for hit animation series BOJACK HORSEMAN, ARCHER, and FUTURAMA, and "Brandon's Commandments of Writing" to help you create your animated series!   Congrats, you’ve come up with (or maybe even written) a pilot for an animated show. And it’s good, really good, maybe even a hit.  But you’ve never worked in animation before and have no idea how the show will actually get made. What creative should you consider when creating your animated script? How do you go about getting your script made into an animated series? What are all the steps of an animated production? How long does the animation process take? There are so many questions you may have about the animation production process and Stage 32 is here to help answer them for you.  The rules are different for TV animation than they are for live action, and the process is long and complex. In the current landscape, there are more ways than ever to make an animated show. But with each method – from hand-drawn flat animation to computer-generated 3D graphics – comes a toolbox of techniques and drawbacks that need to be explored to be mastered. Simply put, animation is a creative choice. And the choice needs to have meaning to your story. And that’s only the beginning…your show needs to be written for the medium you’ve chosen, voice acted expertly, designed by a team of highly skilled artists, reanimated many times to make it perfect, then mixed and mastered all before it’s put on screen for the public to enjoy. Throughout the entire process, you’ll be working with a team of writers, animation directors with an animation studio, your TV network’s executives, and more, all in service of creating the same vision. It’s a long process, and may seem daunting, but it’s all in service of creating beautiful pieces of art. And so can you. Join us in this exclusive Stage 32 webinar as Brandon Gale, experienced script coordinator, brings his expertise in animation – from his experience on films like LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE for Sony Pictures or shows like MARVEL’S HIT MONKEY – and provides you with a comprehensive overview of TV animation development and production. Brandon will teach you everything from how animated stories are crafted on the page to how the voices are recorded through the entire animation production process. If you want to create an animated series, it's imperative you understand the entire pipeline of how an animated show gets made. Brandon will provide you everything you need to know so you can have success in getting your animated pilot turned into a series! You will be looking at examples from MARVEL’S HIT MONKEY, ARCHER, BOJACK HORSEMAN, and more as we answer your questions about the animation process. PLUS! You'll receive exclusive downloads to help in your animation journey. Downloads include: BOJACK HORSEMAN Pilot Script ARCHER Pilot Script FUTURAMA S1,E13 – "Fry and the Slurm Factory" Script "Brandon's Commandments of Writing"    Brandon on Teaching for Stage 32 “Working in animation has expanded my eyes to what a TV show can accomplish creatively. It’s been a truly rewarding experience, and I can’t wait to share the stories and the lessons I’ve learned with the entire Stage 32 community.” 

Stage 32 8-Part Pitching Lab: Build Your TV Series Pitch With A Top Showrunner & Learn How To Sell Your Show

Only 6 Spots Left! Develop, perfect and practice your television series pitch with Emmy-nominated showrunner Todd Slavkin, the showrunner on hit series including SMALLVILLE, SHADOWHUNTERS, MELROSE PLACE 2.0, and most recently THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY! ***Flexible Learning: if you cannot attend any of the sessions live don't worry - you will be sent the links to the recordings of each session within 48 hours of the live session and you will have direct access to Todd on email to ask him any questions about your craft or career so you can keep up at your own pace and schedule.*** Payment plans available - contact for details   Pitching is an art and a business. If you want to successfully pitch and sell your television series, you not only need to create a standout show, but you need to build a world-class pitch and hone your pitching skills in order to seize the day and win the room. Everything from the structure of your pitch and the visuals in your pitch deck to your tone, voice, body language, and demeanor in the room (or on zoom) is crucial in having a successful pitch. In this interactive Stage 32 8-week pitching lab, you will work directly with veteran television/film writer and top showrunner Todd Slavkin to develop every aspect of your pitch and, ultimately, pitch your project to Todd to receive professional-level feedback on your work. Todd will teach you the art and craft of pitching and selling your television project to producers, studios and networks/streamers while you build your market ready pitch so you are armed for success. Todd's experiences showrunning series for Disney, The CW, ABC, and more have provided him with an arsenal of showrunning tools that he will share with you to prepare you and your pitch for the marketplace. Todd has worked in all different kinds of genres and has been involved with many popular television shows, including SMALLVILLE, SHADOWHUNTERS and most recently THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY, for which he was nominated for two Emmys. He has written pilots for ABC, NBC, FOX, FREEFORM and The CW, where he developed and was the showrunner of MELROSE PLACE 2.0. Other television credits include NO ORDINARY FAMILY, ALPHAS, DEFIANCE, DOMINION and GUILT. He began his career in features, penning DARK REFLECTION and CONTROL, starring Ray Liotta, Willem Dafoe and Michelle Rodriguez. Over 8 intensive, information-packed weeks, including a one-on-one consultation with Todd where you will work together on your pitch, you will actually craft the verbal and visual sales tools to successfully sell your project. You will delve into pitch structure, voice control, emotional intonation, the effective pause and even how to use sound effects. You will also build and learn how to best use a visual deck/lookbook. Some sessions will also include guests, mainly writers who have had success selling their pitches to major companies and outlets, as well as agents and managers, all sharing their own stories and tips for success. One-on-one time with an industry expert of this caliber is incredibly rare. You will walk away from this lab having built and practiced your TV series pitch with Todd so you can go out into the market and confidently sell your project! Praise For Todd's Teaching "Todd's experience and expertise shine through. If you've ever wanted to be a showrunner on a TV series then learn all you can from him." -- Rahime B. "I never realized how much fell on the showrunner before working with Todd. He's a fantastic educator!" -- Meg L. "You brought to the zoom screen the qualities I’m sure you excel at as a showrunner – humour, vulnerability, candidness, insight, patience, wisdom, respect, humility, confidence, inclusion. Each of these words have been selected specifically!" -- Jan R. "I just wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU for the wonderful showrunner class! The amount of information given in the 4 classes was incredible and you can tell by the stellar guest speakers that Todd you are truly admired for not only your work, but also for being a kind, thoughtful human :)" -- Sage P "Todd is an absolute angel! This was the most wonderful class I’ve ever taken! If we ever does another class, I’d love to join." -- Lauren M. "I loved Todd's class. Todd is so enthusiastic and informative, he has a true love of teaching. I would take future classes with him, no question. I really came away with an understanding of how showrunning works and the responsibilities and career paths." -- Allyson M.

How to Develop, Pitch and Sell Your Family Series or Film- with a Pitch Deck Case Study

Learn how to pitch your family film or TV project from a former Nickelodeon executive.  Includes a case study from a real pitch deck for a produced family film.   More studios, networks, streamers and production companies than ever before are looking for content that appeals to all ages. This means opportunities are plentiful for the creator who understands  how to put together, pitch, and sell this family friendly genre.  More than other genres, family content comes with strict mandates and specific audience demos, each with their own unique profiles and specifications. Projects that can’t easily align or fit into these already defined sections have a much harder time selling. In order to put your best foot forward and get executives to notice your family-friendly film or series, you first need to understand how the industry works and how best to adjust your project and your pitch.  Mike Sammaciccia is the founder and producer at Afterglow Pictures, which specializes in family friendly content and has over 15 projects in development, including a documentary and tv series with Will Smith's Westbrook Studios. Mike also produced the action thriller SURVIVE for Jeffrey Katzenberg, which starred GAME OF THRONE’s Sophie Turner and STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON’S Corey Hawkins. Before creating Afterglow Pictures, Mike served as Walden Media’s first creative executive, bringing in the book HOLES and serving as the executive in charge of production for the hit family film starring Shia Labeouf and Sigourney Weaver. He also served as Senior Vice President of live-action movies and series for Nickelodeon for many years, producing 4-5 live action and animated movies per year. This content consistently broke audience benchmarks and propelled the careers of many young stars. Mike has been at the forefront of family content—both film and television—for almost 20 years and knows better than most what it takes right now to get a family project off the ground. Exclusively for Stage 32, Mike walks you through how to approach developing, pitching and selling your own family friendly series or film. He’ll lay out the different demos and what kind of content studios, networks and streamers are embracing. He’ll also point to where family content may be headed in the future. Mike will then teach you how to get your own family film or series market ready by defining your own demo, deciding if it’s better as a film or series, making your characters family-friendly, and developing necessary partnerships along the way. Next he will discuss how to get your project in front of the right studio, network or production company and how to determine which one is the right fit for your project. He’ll also speak to whether you need a manager or agent. Mike will then go through how to best pitch your family project, the documents you should have, how to pitch, and what goes into your pitch deck. Mike will even share a real pitch deck for a family film he went out to pitch and explain why he made the choices he did in assembling it.

Which Comes First: Your Cast or Your Money?

A New Exclusive Webinar! One of the industry's top independent film producers spills his secrets on how to overcome one of the biggest strategic dilemmas producers face - should you try to cast talent or raise money first for your feature film? You're facing one of the dreaded catch-22s of our industry... what should you try to secure first for your feature film - your cast or your financing? It can feel like you cannot have one without the other, yet you have to start somewhere. Surely, having a great name attached to your project is bound to attract investors' attention, right? At the same time, with investor funding secured, agents' attention is much easier to grab, which will help land A-list talent for your project. Having the best of both worlds is not easy... but it's entirely possible!  In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, producer Eric Gozlan will teach you the exact strategies you need to navigate this critical scenario. Eric brings 15 years of experience as an industry insider, producer, and business developer. He will walk you through the nitty-gritty of creating a bulletproof strategy for your feature film. His 2022 film BANDIT, starring Josh Duhamel, Elisha Cuthbert and Mel Gibson is currently available on Amazon Prime, Hulu and more. Eric will teach you how to make the key decisions that set the tone for your entire project. You will learn how to properly assess a piece of talent's value, what investors are really looking for and what casting decisions can move your project ahead. Eric will share tried and true tips and tricks when it comes to pitching investors and attracting the right talent for your feature. You will explore the pros and cons of pursuing a cast before funding and vice-versa. But what if you were to pursue both at the same time? Eric will explore that scenario too! Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to learn from one of the industry’s top independent film producers and walk away with a clear, actionable plan that will jumpstart your feature film project! Want to have both a great cast and financing for you film in hand? Join the webinar to discover how!  PRAISE FROM ERIC'S TEACHINGS:  "Eric is a world-class producer and a great communicator. There's nobody I'd rather work with when putting an independent film together." - Sam W

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