Actors: How to Master Your Zoom Audition and Win the Role

Hosted by Erik Lingvall


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Erik Lingvall

Webinar hosted by: Erik Lingvall

Founder and Acting Coach at Catapult Acting Studios

As the founder of Catapult Acting Studios, Erik Lingvall has established himself as one of the go-to coaches for TV and film actors throughout the country. He dedicates himself to guiding and connecting his clients to the right people path, constantly reminding them to enjoy the process as much as the product at the end. You can see Erik's clients in projects like STRANGER THINGS, SAMARITAN, THE BABYSITTER'S CLUB, OZARK, THE WALKING DEAD, Disney's BUNK'D, RAVEN'S HOME, CSI, THE HATE U GIVE, MAZE RUNNER, NOAH, Nick's ALL THAT, SHORT TERM 12, TERMINATOR GENISYS, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN, and many more. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

The game has changed in TV and film auditions, and it has become the industry norm for agents, casting, and production to meet with talent over Zoom or other virtual conferencing platforms. One of the biggest challenges you'll face as an actor in today's market is how to conquer auditions over Zoom, and, if you want to nab a role, you'll need the skills to sell yourself in this new virtual environment.

Virtual auditions are here to stay, yet it presents a unique challenge for you as an actor to give your performance in 2D. How do you get across your passion for the role when you're used to commanding the attention of a room for an audition? How do you know if your personality comes across well? How do you handle the awkward Zoom hiccups? What about your lighting and audio? And your eyelines - where do you even look on your computer? If you can adapt to these unique changes, then you'll be sure to master your meeting and win the role. With help from one of the top acting coaches in the US exclusively through Stage 32, you'll walk away knowing the techniques for dynamic and clean Zoom auditions, as well as the confidence to knock them dead.

Guiding you is Erik Lingvall of Catapult Acting Studios who is one of the go-to coaches for TV and film actors throughout the country. You've seen Erik's clients in projects like STRANGER THINGS, OZARK, THE WALKING DEAD, Disney's RAVEN'S HOME, CSI, THE HATE U GIVE, Nick's ALL THAT, SHORT TERM 12, TERMINATOR GENISYS, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN, and many more. Now, he's bringing his methods to the Stage 32 community.

In this jam-packed webinar Erik will help you master your mindset preparing for your Zoom audition, help you get your environment set up the best way possible and he'll walk you thorough all the potential pitfalls you should be prepared for and how to handle them. These are all crucial to ensuring you nail your Zoom audition.

Don't miss all this knowledge from one of the best acting coaches in the US!

What You'll Learn

  • Mastering the Mindset
    • How can you keep your energy high working virtually?
    • How do you stay authentically connected?
    • What should you expect?
    • What thoughts should you avoid?
  • Setting Yourself Up for Success: The Environment
    • How is your lighting/sound?
    • What’s your background like?
    • What camera are you using?
    • Where are your eyelines?
    • How’s your internet connection?
    • Does sitting or standing affect your audition?
  • Potential Pitfalls and How to Handle Them
    • What if your Internet goes out?
    • What to do in the waiting room?
    • Who should you look at if multiple people are there?
    • Should you have a reader?
    • ...and more!
  • Q&A with Erik

About Your Instructor

As the founder of Catapult Acting Studios, Erik Lingvall has established himself as one of the go-to coaches for TV and film actors throughout the country. He dedicates himself to guiding and connecting his clients to the right people path, constantly reminding them to enjoy the process as much as the product at the end. You can see Erik's clients in projects like STRANGER THINGS, SAMARITAN, THE BABYSITTER'S CLUB, OZARK, THE WALKING DEAD, Disney's BUNK'D, RAVEN'S HOME, CSI, THE HATE U GIVE, MAZE RUNNER, NOAH, Nick's ALL THAT, SHORT TERM 12, TERMINATOR GENISYS, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN, and many more.


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As actors, we're living in a whole new world. Self-audition tapes, online auditions, virtual acting classes...Things have changed tremendously over the last few years and those ahead of the curve are doing everything possible online to win more champions of their work and land more jobs. Many actors have embraced a "control what you can control" mindset. This includes creating short form content as a way to control and film their own material, build up a library of acting samples, and showcase their versatility and talents. The idea of creating and filming your own content, especially for actors accustomed to only being in front of the camera, can be daunting. But seriously, it doesn't have to be. In fact, if you can knock down the mental walls associated with taking the step toward controlling your own content, and thereby your brand and the course of your career, you will find yourself with more freedom and creative inspiration than ever before. And we're here to help you take a sledgehammer to those mental walls and get you moving. Elisha has guest starred on the Emmy nominated/winning shows Better Call Saul, The Newsroom, Mad Men, Southland, Up All Night, The New Normal and CSI:NY and voiced the character of Jimmy Olsen and B'dg on DC Nation Shorts's Tales of Metropolis and Super-Pets. He was also in the highly acclaimed Sundance feature Frank & Lola starring Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots. Elisha is no stranger to creating content to help accelerate his acting career. He got his start writing web-series with his friends from Emerson College, including Downers Grove, which was picked up by Warner Brothers Studio 2.0. Aside from all the roles mentioned above, Elisha's content creation strategy helped him land commercials for Mike's Hard Lemonade, Time Warner Cable, Samsung, Wendy's, McDonald's, Nintendo 3DS and Hanes. In this comprehensive and detail filled webinar, Elisha will teach you how to create short form content to launch, accelerate, and expand your acting career. He will teach you how to identify your career blueprint by asking 2 simple, but important questions. From there, he'll ask you to get real and talk through your true goals so that you know exactly what kind of short form content you'll need to make. He will show you 7 examples of short form content to open your mind, spark your creativity and help you identify the direction you want to take with your content. He will teach you the 3 boxes you need to check to make sure your idea is a great one. He will then dive into how to make cost-efficient content and how not to overthink the process. He'll tell you how to build your team - again, on the quick and cheap. And of great importance, Elisha will teach you where to release your content, assuring that you get not only the biggest audience, but the most concentrated one based on your overall goals. PRAISE FOR ELISHA'S TEACHINGS: "Brilliant. In every way, brilliant." - Kim G. "So f****** inspiring." - Laura P. "Yes, yes, yes. So tired of giving away my power. Elisha, you're my hero" Samantha K. "This is a step I've always wanted to take. I've seen my acting friends create content to great success. I just didn't know if I could create content that mattered. Now I do." - Joshua W. "I'm inspired and ready to rock." - Montell S.

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For most writers and directors, securing representation represents a huge step forward in legitimizing the pursuit of their dreams. The right rep can help you make a living doing what you love - whether it's seeing actors speak your words on screen or managing a cast and crew and yelling "Action!" on set. It's a step that can get you one step closer to quitting your day job and concentrating on your creative career full time. Finding the right manager and/or agent will help you give you a member of your team responsible for helping you develop your creative voice or your distinguished eye, get you in the right doors to connect with the right opportunities, and to help you begin to get paid for your talent and effort. So, how and where do you find the right managers and agents? And, what makes you stand out among the thousands of creatives reaching out and vying for the attention of these representatives on a daily basis? For starters, there are many questions you need to ask yourself to make sure that you're prepared to be representation ready. Further, beyond putting the work into your craft, you need to do your research to assure you have the right knowledge to give you the best shot to stand out in an effort to secure a rep meeting. There's much work that needs to go into being a professional creative before you get your foot in the door. And, once you bust that door open and get the attention of a quality rep, there's an art to making sure that you are asking the right questions to assure that this rep is right for you and your career so that you can start working and keep working.  Antonio D'Intinio is one of the hardest working managers in the industry that represents screenwriters and directors at Circle of Confusion. He began his career at the agency APA before joining Jeremy Platt at Plattform, where you helped manage Plattform's first look deal with Amazon Studios. Antonio’s clients work across film and television, selling shows to Apple, Universal TV, eOne among others and their films have been recognized by numerous organizations and festivals including The Nicholl Fellowship, Cannes, Sundance and SXSW. He strives for excellence in his clients, and that is mutually reciprocated making it a successful client-manager relationship.  Antonio will teach you the best strategies to obtain representation as a screenwriter or director. You will learn what you need before you approach representation, how best to reach out to representation and most importantly what to do once you’ve obtained representation. Antonio will get down in the weeds to teach you what you must look for in terms of communication from your rep. What questions to ask to make sure you're making the right decision. What expectations your rep will likely put on you from time management to deadlines to the ability to receive and apply notes. You will learn how to achieve the ultimate goal with your rep, mutual respect and expectations. Antonio will demystify the representation landscape and give you the tools to have the confidence to approach potential reps with a clear understanding of what you're looking for, while understanding fully what they want in a client.   No matter what stage of your career you're in - whether you're unrepped or looking to change representation - you will benefit from the INSIDER INSIGHTS Antionio shares in this exclusive Stage 32 on-demand webinar!      Praise For Antonio's Stage 32 Education: "The lowdown you've been waiting for. Great Insights! -Jean B "Antonio really took us behind the curtain with a no B.S. approach. A straight shooter that tells it like it is. Eyes wide open for me now."  -Michael K. My goal was always to be repped. And I got my wish. And it went terrible. We weren't on the same page. I didn't know what to do. After watching Antonio's presentation, my last rep and I parted ways and I was able to secure a new manager. The change has been night and day. We work together for a common goal. Thank you, Antonio! - Steven L.  

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