How to Turn Your Film or TV Idea into a Podcast to Get the Industry's Attention

Hosted by Caroline Slaughter

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Caroline Slaughter

Webinar hosted by: Caroline Slaughter

Podcast Producer whose iHeartRadio podcast ASTRAY was ranked Top 15 nationally.

Podcast producer Caroline Slaughter's most recent iHeartRadio podcast ASTRAY was ranked Top 15 nationally which is now being developed into a TV series. She is currently working on podcast TOM SLICK with Andy Samberg. She is also executive producing the podcast TOM SLICK: MYSTERY HUNTER with ANDY SAMBERG and screenwriter JEB STUART (Die Hard, Vikings: Valhalla) attached, which will launch in Spring 2022. On top of this, her next non-fiction investigative podcast in collaboration with Trailblazer Studios and Reuters News, BODY TRADE, exposes a shadow industry every American will either fall victim to or benefit from in their life... or death. Through her experience working as a voiceover actor with brands like Holiday Inn, Subway, IBM and Facebook, Caroline has insight on the power of the voice and how to use it. Additionally, in 2018, Caroline’s award-winning short film LAMB was used as a vehicle to support the #MeToo Movement. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

This webinar includes a downloadable resource sheet that goes over a podcast checklist, equipment needs, platforms and voice over resources!

Podcasts are hotter than ever with hits like HOMECOMING, 2 DOPE QUEENS, and DIRTY JOHN and are a great way to get your film or TV idea noticed. Podcasts are much less expensive than shooting your pilot or making your film on spec so they help you test the waters with storylines and characters, while figuring out the tone of the show and even building a loyal fan base for an eventual film or TV series. If you’ve got a great film or TV idea and are stuck trying to figure out how to get the right eyes, then you need to consider turning your idea into a podcast!

This is such a new frontier, so it’s difficult for many to know where to even start. How do you tell the story you’ve imagined visually, through audio? Where do you even pitch a podcast? Not to mention, many creatives underestimate the power of audio, and making use of intimacy and soundscape to inform a story. Have you thought about getting into the podcast space? Or are you stuck with a film or TV idea that you can’t seem to get off the ground or have anyone pay attention to? With the guidance of someone who has found great success turning film and TV ideas into highly-coveted podcasts, you’ll be able to give your ideas a life you have yet to imagine!



Podcast producer Caroline Slaughter's recent iHeartRadio podcast ASTRAY was ranked Top 15 nationally and is now being developed into a TV series. She is currently working on podcast TOM SLICK with Andy Samberg. She is also executive producing the podcast TOM SLICK: MYSTERY HUNTER with ANDY SAMBERG and screenwriter JEB STUART (Die Hard, Vikings: Valhalla) attached, which will launch in Spring 2022. Her next non-fiction podcast in BODY TRADE in collaboration with Trailblazer Studios and Reuters News. 

There is no one better than Caroline who knows what it takes to teach you how to create a successful podcast!

What You'll Learn

  • A checklist to identify if your film or TV idea translates to a compelling podcast.
  • Determine what podcast format supports the story you want to tell.
  • Find out the time frame, equipment and team needed to pull off a quality podcast.
  • Explore the power and intimacy of audio storytelling and how audio story structure differs from the visual mediums.
  • Who are the podcast players? Find out who the platforms and companies at the forefront of producing notable podcast IP are.
  • Learn how to pitch to these companies and discuss next steps once your podcast is greenlit.
  • Uncover the pros and cons of working with a podcast company versus self-publishing.
  • Identify what to be aware of in a contract with a podcast company.
  • Discover how to take your podcast and develop it into film or TV series and find out what 3 successful podcasts did wrong in this process.
  • The 5 things your podcast needs to capture an audience and catch a film or TV studio’s attention.
  • Q&A with Caroline

About Your Instructor

Podcast producer Caroline Slaughter's most recent iHeartRadio podcast ASTRAY was ranked Top 15 nationally which is now being developed into a TV series. She is currently working on podcast TOM SLICK with Andy Samberg. She is also executive producing the podcast TOM SLICK: MYSTERY HUNTER with ANDY SAMBERG and screenwriter JEB STUART (Die Hard, Vikings: Valhalla) attached, which will launch in Spring 2022. On top of this, her next non-fiction investigative podcast in collaboration with Trailblazer Studios and Reuters News, BODY TRADE, exposes a shadow industry every American will either fall victim to or benefit from in their life... or death. Through her experience working as a voiceover actor with brands like Holiday Inn, Subway, IBM and Facebook, Caroline has insight on the power of the voice and how to use it. Additionally, in 2018, Caroline’s award-winning short film LAMB was used as a vehicle to support the #MeToo Movement.


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How to Start a Career in Line Producing

Learn the essential skills to enter the lucrative career of line producing from an accomplished line producer with over 25 years experience producing blockbuster films.    The job of a line producer certainly involves its fair share of number crunching and pre-planning, but it doesn’t end there. A large part of the job is to understand the ‘path of compromise’, which is especially necessary in the independent film and indie streaming worlds. The director will often have may have a vision or demands that exceed the resources and funding available, and it’s up to the line producer to find the middle line and retain the artistic vision without going outside of the project’s financial means. This is no easy task, and excelling in this area is what separates the great line producers from the rest. But how do you develop this skill? And how can you break into the field of line producing in the first place? For over 25 years, Michael Mandaville has worked as a line producer on countless projects, ranging from shorts and independent features to large blockbusters like the TAKEN, TAKEN 2 and TAKEN 3 starring Liam Neeson. His other producing credits include HAVOC with Anne Hathaway, THE KISS with Terence Stamp and Billy Zane and AMERICAN HISTORY X with Edward Norton. In addition to producing, Michael has directed commercials, shorts, a documentary and industrial films. He has also worked on MANAHI, an Arabic language comedy which was the first film shown in Saudi Arabia in 35 years. Michael’s long history in the world of line production makes him the perfect person to speak to this industry, and he’s keen to share what he knows with the Stage 32 community. Michael will walk you through the role of line producer, how to find opportunities and how to best to succeed in this position. He will begin by explaining the reason for the line producer position and how it differs from the role of unit production manager. He’ll go through common challenges of the line producer and how best to overcome, including mastering the “Line Producer Mindset”. Next Michael will explain what the career pathway looks like for aspiring producers and how you can find opportunities in the microbudget, independent and studio worlds. Michael will dive deep into the line producing process, going into scheduling, budgeting, and dealing with rates. Finally he’ll provide tips on how to find work as a line producer.   Through Michael’s rundown, you’ll leave with a much clearer idea not only to how to find work as a line producer, but how to succeed and build a career for yourself once you do.

What Makes Your Logline Attractive to A-List Actors, Producers, Directors, Managers, Agents, Financiers and Development Execs?

  Exclusive to Stage 32, Chris Lockhart, one of the most legendary and revered agency story editors in the business teaches for the community. Chris has read over 60,000 scripts in his career for WME and has the database to prove it!    A logline is the way your screenplay is introduced to the world. It’s rare that anyone will read your script without knowing something about it first. A-List Actors, producers, directors, managers, agents, financiers and development execs will often lean on hearing a logline before ever asking for or agreeing to read a screenplay. If your logline doesn't sing, the script usually doesn't get opened. Even more important, if the logline doesn't work, it's a signal to those who read screenplays for a living that the script probably doesn't either. Delving into a logline can help you identify problematic elements of a screenplay, enabling solutions to fix them. Simply put, there is no one better to help teach this subject than Chris Lockhart. As Story Editor at William Morris Endeavor (WME), the world's largest diversified talent agency, Chris has curated projects for A-list actors such as Denzel Washington, Liam Neeson, Mel Gibson, Matt Damon, Rachel McAdams, Ben Affleck, and countless others over the last 20+ years. He's accomplished this reading and exploring through piles of screenplays, magazines, books, old movies, TV shows, and pitches in search of potential film projects. If you've seen one of these actors in just about anything, chances are Chris was the first stop for the screenplay (of which he's read over 60,000), but only after he heard the logline and deemed it worth of a read! Chris began his career at International Creative Management (ICM), where he worked as script consultant to legendary talent agent Ed Limato, who represented industry giants such as Mel Gibson, Richard Gere, Michelle Pfeiffer, Liam Neeson, and Robert Downey, Jr. Chris later moved to the venerable William Morris Agency, which eventually merged with Endeavor to form WME. Chris is the Story Editor for A-list talent such as Denzel Washington, Michelle Williams, Richard Gere and more!  As an educator and consultant, Chris has lectured around the world on the craft and business of screenwriting, and he has advised on countless feature films. Chris graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with an MFA in dramatic writing and was awarded the school's Public Service Prize for his dedication to public education. He is an adjunct professor at National University's Professional Screenwriting Program. He has also taught at LA Valley College and UCLA. His writing workshop The Inside Pitch was filmed for Los Angeles television, earning him an Emmy Award nomination. Chris's creative counsel has been used on hundreds of hit films Chris is a member of the Writers Guild, the Producers Guild, and the Television Academy. In a jammed packed and often hilarious webinar (trust us, Chris is a character and a half), Chris will not only teach you how to write a logline, but how to tailor it in such a way that it is appealing to talent, representation and the money. He'll break down the mechanics of a logline to determine what makes one work. He'll show you what aspects A-List actors, directors, managers, agents, producers, financiers and development execs look for in a logline that makes them want to take the next step and read your script. Chris will then take you on a broader discussion of the elements of successful screenwriting and how your logline can betray what you've written or reveal the shortcomings in your script. As a bonus, Chris will then play a recording of an interactive logline pitch shop he recently held where he broke down several loglines to show what worked and what didn't. All this followed by a fun and informative Q&A filled with even more actionable information.   "Amazing seminar loved it. It was the best I have ever watched or ordered!" - Robert M.   "Chris was clear, concise, helpful, and focused. Loved his enthusiasm and humor." - Lori H.   "Oh my god, I was laughing all the way through. In between writing about 10 pages of notes. SO much fun and a wealth of knowledge." - Denise G.

How to Handle Guild Residual Payments For Your Film Production - with Free Agreement Downloads

If a film production is going to use talent that belongs to a guild, you will need to adhere to labor related matters when it comes to residuals. Residuals are how you pay your guild talent and a key component of any production. These payments have a strict way in which they need to be handled in order to make sure that your talent is being compensated properly - whether it's payment upfront or payment on the backend. Conversely, if you are in a guild you need to ensure that your contract lays out the correct components with residuals to make sure that you are paid properly.  Whether you are the person paying or the person receiving, we're talking about money here and you don't want to get it wrong. Understanding residual payments in some of the world's key film markets (US, UK and Canada) is vital to your production. As you are putting together your budget and ensuring that your production comes in at or under your budget you have to know how residuals work. Working with guilds can be tricky, but as long as you are clear upfront on how to pay their members and how that flows into your budget you can ensure success. And, if you're talent that belongs to a guild you want to ensure that you are getting every payment that is owed to you for your service on a project.  David Zannoni is an international business specialist for Fintage House in the US, Europe, Canada and Latin America territories. Fintage House, the world's most respected company for revenue and rights protection for industry professionals and companies. David negotiates agreements for films and television series and is involved in business development and relationship management globally on hundreds of productions. David is continuously present to make deals and speak at international film markets, festivals and conferences, including: the Cannes Film Festival, the European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin, the American Film Market (AFM), Ventana Sur, the Bogota Audiovisual Market (BAM), and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and travels regularly to the United States, the Netherlands, Europe, and all over Latin America. David will teach you what exactly residuals are and go over a comparison of them in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. He will go into a deep dive example on a US example where he will discuss options for payments of residuals and how the calculation works. You will understand how the payment for residuals is secured in security interest, the collection account or the payroll house. He will even go over the agreements you should know that are related to residual payments. He will even dive into residual and media allocation and the recoupment schedule. You will leave with a clear understanding of how residuals work and how to best protect yourself on both sides when dealing with them. With this webinar you will receive free template downloads: DGA Basic Agreement SAG AFTRA Security Agreement SAG AFTRA Standard Agreement SAG AFTRA Television Distributors Assumption Agreement SAG AFTRA Television Buyers Assumption Agreement WGA Theatrical and Television Basic Agreement Standard CAM Agreement International Multi-picture Rights Distribution License Agreement Sample Webinar Resource Sheet   Praise for David's Previous Stage 32 Webinars   "David is incredible and lovely and clearly knows his stuff." - Cynthia P.   "Eye-opening information. A no-brainer approach that wouldn't be so obvious to the uninitiated." - Gary O.   "By far, the best class I've seen on the subject." Kirk K.   "David is a fantastic teacher. And what a voice! I could listen to him all day. More importantly, I learned so very much!" - Isabella T.

How to Become More Organized as a Creative: Tips to Hold Yourself Accountable

You have goals, but how much of your life is getting in your way of achieving them? For writers, directors, producers, and other artists, motivation often must come from a very vulnerable place, and that doesn't happen easily. Let someone with over 100 scripts and productions under their belt show you how to get out of your way make your goals happen.  Are procrastination and blocks halting your creative work? Do you believe that you have to suffer to produce great art? How many days do you go to be disappointed that you didn't write a single page? Is a fear of failure holding you back? Your art requires an act of courage, and it starts with one step. Justin Rossbacher is a writer-director-producer who's worked on over 100 on-screen projects and won over 140 awards across 20 years. He has worked with countless artists in the entertainment field to support their passions by providing structure, community, and accountability. Justin has continuously generated great, award-winning work by keeping distractions, procrastination, and fear out of his path of producing fantastic results. So many self-help or motivational books and podcasts are from entrepreneurs or sales experts. How is that going to help you prep for your film or finish your screenplay? You need advice from a creative, just like you.  Justin believes the world is a genuinely better place when you commit to doing the work you often don't make time for. Whether writing a screenplay, directing that film, or just getting organized, you have a unique contribution to this world, and Justin will help you make it a reality. During this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, you will be able to ask Justin questions about your unique situation and dilemmas to create actionable steps you can implement immediately. You will also have the tools to: Reconnect with your goals Prioritize time for yourself and essential steps Justin's "time boxing" technique to get more done and save time Find a schedule that works for YOU Hold yourself accountable Know where to get support and create community After viewing, you'll have access to this information on-demand to revisit and inspire yourself if procrastination or other blocks get in your way again. So what's holding you back today? Why not let Justin know...  

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