5 Things Actors Can Do Everyday to Ensure Success

5 Things Actors Can Do Everyday to Ensure Success

5 Things Actors Can Do Everyday to Ensure Success

Sara Quiriconi
Sara Quiriconi
a year ago

As actors there are certain things that are completely out of our control period. We've been told, time and time again, that our successes and fate in film or TV are a heavy dose of talent, timing, effort, connections and further luck.

Some of those ingredients in our success pie are out of our control; however, some are in our control and we can do on a daily basis to ensure our careers moving forward.

These are five tips that I do daily to ensure my success as an actress and as a human; because, at the end of the day, being an actor is playing real life. If we can't be good humans, how can we be great actors? Let's jump into the tip list.

5 Things Actors Can Do Everyday to Ensure Success


So much of acting is physical that if our bodies aren't aligned and tuned, how can we portray the actual character.

In addition to portraying characters, physical movement can help on so many levels with the mental stress that can come with being an actor. Facing the constant rejection, working out nerves, or simply reaching a physical level of fitness (surprise, surprise, Brad Pitt wasn’t born with those Fight Club abs) to become the character. Moving daily can help with all of that.

In addition, working out can offer you more energy, better posture, confidence and authority that leads to better performance in theatre, commercial, auditions, and on-set.


Just like any other muscle to work, the mind and the acting body are muscles to be worked on daily. If we're only practicing a monologue once a month or reading and working scenes before an audition, we are not flexing that muscle enough to really allow ourselves to be prepared.

Think of your approach like the mind of an athlete. As an actor, we're working those muscles in our craft and our “sport” on a daily basis. That prepares us for the acting Olympics, as opposed to once twice or only when called upon. An athlete would never expect to win a competition if they only practiced right before it. Why should acting be any different?

5 Things Actors Can Do Everyday to Ensure Success


I am constantly taking in different styles of writing. From scripts that come in (thank you casting directors, producers, directors and writers who attach one in feature film auditions to prepare) to online articles, to novels to short form opinion pieces from blockchain analysis to cultural form — each adds another perspective or writing style that can add to character I may need to portray, write or pull from.

As I’m reading, I’m seeing in my mind how I would play a character form or conflict out, or embody that character’s mannerisms or tones. Another favorite exercise of mine is reading scripts that have already been produced, comparing with what I see on the script with what the actors have interpreted on screen.

I recommend pick actors similar character types to whom you would want to portray, or scripts that have really pulled you in and work to understand why. Why you're so intrigued and what draws you into that narrative, genre or character. That can help when selecting projects to audition for and that you want to work on down the line as well.

5 Things Actors Can Do Everyday to Ensure Success


I have always seen myself as an entrepreneur in my life. Acting is no different. I am the CEO, and founder of my own personal brand in business as an actor outside of the LLCs and business ventures that I do run.

I do view myself, as an actor, as a business. First and foremost, it is show business, and it is a business none-the-less if one really wants to make it beyond a hobby and into a career.

Constantly submitting on a daily basis, or reaching out to my agents and manager on a weekly and/or monthly basis to keep in touch, submitting for different projects to stay up-to-date and staying connected. I know that no one else will work as hard for my own business as much as I will; therefore, it’s a team effort where I’m in control and responsible for my career and connections and not left into the hands of anyone else out of “luck.”

It's also really helpful to find online communities to connect with, as it can get really lonely. Having resources like Stage 32, where you can connect to other individuals within the community and in the creative craft can not only help you build a network as a career, but also help you stay grounded as a person.

5 Things Actors Can Do Everyday to Ensure Success


This goes back to what was just shared above, that you are the CEO of your own brand and business. So, what can you do to develop and build that brand and business on a day to day basis?

That can be uploading fresh content that you're working on to your social channels. That can be writing blogs for communities and creative publications, like I'm doing here with Stage 32 (nice plug there, huh?). That can be working on a character type, or a new skill set, or an accent. Reviewing your online profiles and ensuring that they're all up to date.

You are the business owner of your brand so operate like one when it comes to your marketing and advertising.


While much of our acting careers can be left up to fate, divine timing and the demands of current trends in the business, what we can do on a day to day basis can greatly impact our potential outcome and opportunities to be successful when that right time and right opportunity arises.

I truly hope these tips have been helpful and would love to either connect with you on my own channels, including Instagram and YouTube @livefreewarrioir bridging our communities, and also helped to answer any questions you might have on branding, marketing, advertising, well being or building confidence on camera.

We're all learning as we go. But we certainly don’t need to do it all alone.

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