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Posted by Kimberly Faye Greenberg
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Today, the return of one the hardest working women both on and off Broadway, Kimberly Faye Greenberg.  This is Kimberly's 2nd guest blog for Stage 32.  Her first, Making It, was published in January of 2013.  You can read it here.

Kimberly arrived in New York 13 years ago with the dream of becoming a theater actress.  She hasn't stopped working since. She's a shining example that hard work, persistence and determination will get you where you want to be. Through her journey she’s learned a lot about how to navigate the waters of the theater scene.  I thank her for passing on some more of her knowledge with the Stage 32 community.



I'm thrilled that so many of you found my first blog Making It worthwhile. Today I bring you some Building Blocks of Success for the Theatre Scene. You can use these whether you’re based in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, London, Ireland, Australia….anywhere in the world. Now get out and make things happen!

1)The agent/manager dilemmas?

First, I'm more of a believer of an agent or manager coming to you at the right time; whether it be through a friend, them seeing you in a show, or a referral, etc. Trust me, I did my share of mailings and went through those first four agents early on in my NY career pretty quickly because I was just an easy addition to their lot. I wasn’t what they truly needed. An agent needing your type or someone like you will seek you out. Now, I’m with one I LOVE (who found me, by the way; their CLIENT had seen me in a show! See, you never know!). And, my manager was my former agent whom I’ve been with for YEARS. You ask “What makes these two so great for me?” Well, not necessarily because I get every audition in the book (but really, who does?!), but that they are my biggest cheerleaders. No matter the circumstances, no matter the bad audition days, no matter that I don’t book the gig after the final callback or get the coveted audition appointment they have been pushing for, they STILL support me and are in it for the LONG HAUL! They know each opportunity created is a building block up the ladder. As long as we all build them together, we are all a pretty great team! These types of agents and managers are out there! Relax. You will find yours!

BUT you are still crying out . . . I NEED AN AGENT/MANAGER!

WRONG! Think again. New York is an open market and casting wants the RIGHT people. Technically speaking, YOU are your best agent. You are always looking after you. An agent or manager is certainly juggling many clients. So what can you do? Are you attending all open call/EPA/chorus calls and auditions for parts you are right for? Are you doing creative mailing to people who can get you those jobs (casting, directors, writers, producers)? Are you making introductions thorough mutual friends? Are you taking classes where the people who make the decisions actually are in the room? And keep in mind, casting is just the “go between” -- they don’t actually say who gets the “gig”. Trust me, once you start getting gigs and building your resume, an agent/ manager will find you.

2) The TOOL of the trade: The Internet

The Internet is a Godsend in this biz. Use every networking tool you’ve got. It’s all at your fingertips! Stage 32 is an enormously helpful community that is dedicated strictly to our industry. It doesn’t get better than that! There are other networking sites, and yes, it is a lot of upkeep, but there are sites that do all the work for you -- where you plug in the data and it uploads to the other social networking sites out there. Promote, promote, promote what you have to offer. Let the world SEE IT! Isn’t that what performing is all about?

Make an awesome and unique personal website. It doesn’t need a lot of frills, but it better have some examples of the types of things you do. Videocameras and recording devices are at your fingertips if you don’t have performance footage. There is no excuse. Just make sure you take the time to put up solid material that the world can see. You never know who is watching.

3) Lastly, my piece of advice:

Never stop evolving. Surprising people and yourself about what you’re capable of is one of the most rewarding things in this biz. Don't let the chance of failure stop
you! In my experience, those are the risks that pay off the most! No one is perfect and no one expects you to be either.

 The Associated Press declared Kimberly a "Warm, Sassy Diva!" Kimberly is the first and only actress in New York City to have played leading roles in two legit Off-Broadway Musicals at the same time: Danny and Sylvia, The Danny Kaye Musical as Sylvia Fine; and the solo show, One Night with Fanny Brice, for which she received critical acclaim as well as a Patrick Lee IBTA Best Solo Performance Award nomination amongst fellow nominees, John Leguizamo, Michael Shannon and Michael Birbiglia.

Kimberly also played Fanny Brice in the Broadway-bound musical Ghostlight as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival and, having become the "go-to" gal to play Fanny Brice, Kimberly was commissioned to write her own solo show, Fabulous Fanny: The Songs and Stories of Fanny Brice, that recently premiered and is currently being booked across the country!

A graduate of University of California, Irvine, Kimberly has performed throughout the U.S. in national tours, regional theaters, cabarets and theater for young audiences. Other recent New York City credits include Gail Friday in Who Murdered Love? (NY International Fringe Festival 2012), Doris Walker in Miracle on 34th Street (Actors Fund Benefit), Nell Henderson in Mr. President (Actors Fund Benefit), and Mother Mary in Christmas Rappings (Off-Broadway). TV/Film credits include: Charmed, Between The Lions, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Singing Biologist, and Drek. This winter Kimberly is scheduled to shoot a supporting role in the upcoming independent feature film Made From Scratch, written and directed by David-Matthew Barnes.

Kimberly is also the Executive Producer/Creator of the educational Broadway Website BroadwayBlogspot.com.

For more information, videos, and links, visit KimberlyFayeGreenberg.com. and Check out Kimberly on Facebook, IMDb, Twitter and right here on Stage 32!

Kimberly is available for remarks and questions in the Comments Section below.

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