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Hello, Stage 32 Members! We are excited to introduce you all to Brian Patacca, a professional working actor, host, and the Founder of ActorSalon New York & LA. Below, are a few clips from his Actor Real Talk series that are sure to inspire and direct you to growth, wherever you are in your career. Though Brian primarily coaches actors much of his wisdom can be applied across creative positions. 

In this batch of short clips, Brian tackles the issue of waiting around for something to happen in your career. That's not how you make things happen. He dispenses a wealth of knowledge in these 60-second videos so pay attention!

First up, you are a business. You must know this. Acting is more than just improving your craft. Sometimes the transition to treating your career choice to be an actor as a serious job is a bit harder than expected. 

Question 1 - What is the toughest realization that actors come to in Hollywood?


Now in this second video, you need to self-promote! Each day you should be taking actions to keep your name in front of the right people.

Question 2 - Why do you believe in mailings and newsletters? 

I'm sure your dog loves your acting, though!


This third video, Brian speaks about how creating content can revolutionize your career as an actor!

Question 3 - What's the value in actors creating their own content?

Okay, there you've got it! A number of ways you can start taking control of your career. You don't have the time to wait around to be discovered, you need to put up a symbolic billboard in your life that directs attention to you!


About Brian:

Brian currently makes a living as an actor; working in commercials (70+), hosting, voiceover, television, theatre, and print. He has worked on both coasts and around the globe, including Dublin, London, and on the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, and Mediterranean Seas. He lives in Los Angeles, but called Manhattan home for 11 years. He freelanced with 12 agents before choosing his current representation. Brian spent his first two years in New York as an advertising account executive and copywriter for Broadway shows and subsequently worked as a career coach (leading to the creation of Actor Salon). Actor Salon is a career and life coaching organization for actors with locations in Los Angeles and New York City. Brian is a great fit for all unstructured professionals who seek rigorous accountability, marketing innovation, forward-thinking, goal-focused and soul-satisfying success (e.g., freelancers, entrepreneurs, writers, photographers, designers, etc). Most importantly Brian is holistic in that he believes in treating the whole person, this includes relationships and desires. He has found that success is often found in life and career simultaneously. He helps clients by alleging their actions toward the life that they want. You can connect with Brian here on Stage 32!

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